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Butler Xiao Wang: “…”


 “Wait, I saw Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He just now,” Lu Man said as she was carried back into the bedroom by Han Zhuoli.

 She was carried with her head closer to the ground in front of Han Zhuoli and could only see a glimpse of Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He just now.

 “You saw wrongly, the two of them arent here,” Han Zhuoli said, obviously just to pacify her.

 Lu Man: “…”

 Who was he trying to trick!

 Han Zhuoli released his hold, and Lu Man directly landed on the soft bed.

 “I havent changed my shoes yet!” Lu Man said in surprise.

 Han Zhuoli directly pulled off her shoes and threw them aside.

He then lay on her, his two hands holding him up by Lu Mans sides and his fingers pressing on her buttons.

“What else havent you changed yet Your clothes”

 Lu Man: “…”

 If you wanted it, then you should just directly say it.

Whats the use of talking in circles

 Lu Man looked at him speechlessly and directly hugged his neck, raising her head to kiss his lips.

 Han Zhuoli did not dare to kiss too freely at first and asked her, “Arent your lips still painful”

 “Yeah, but its much better now,” Lu Man said.

Seeing the burning fire in Han Zhuolis eyes, however, she could not help but remind him, “But please still be gentle.”

 “Alright,” Han Zhuoli responded, then excitedly started to kiss her.

 Lu Man was practically relying on him.

Her four limbs were weak and Han Zhuoli was just moving them around.

 Her whole body was relying on him.

 He carried the little girl in his embrace again, and Han Zhuoli finally felt satisfied once more.

 Just a night of not being with her and he already felt very unused to it.

 Last night, he almost threw aside his work for today and wanted to fly to Dong Hua to find her.

 Lu Man also missed him.

 Normally, when he went out to work, she was also home alone.

 But she was either sleeping on her own bed at Xia Qingweis side or here, on the bed with him, in a familiar environment where she did not feel that lonely.

 But on the bed of the hotel yesterday night, no matter what, she could not sleep.

 Shed wanted to call him, but she was scared that she would interrupt his rest.

 At that moment, as she hugged Han Zhuoli now, she could not control herself and kissed his lips, his shoulders, and kept kissing.

 It was rare that this time, Lu Man did not say she was tired and had him stop.

 Even though she was actually already tired and could barely hang on, she insisted on hanging on, wanting to feel him more and to be with him.

No matter what, it was not enough.

 While they were messing around, Classic X Files already released the name list of the guests for the third epiode on Weibo.

 In the end, they even added, “Im taking the risk of being fired by my boss to expose this to you guys.

During the classic component of Classic X Files, which is the last round wherein famous movies are saluted, the third episode will usher in unprecedented super big-shots! You wont guess who they are at all! Heres a hint: three of them have never been to any variety show, and Classic X Files is their first.

I cant tell you guys anything more, here comes the boss!”

 The netizens refreshed Weibo when they had nothing to do and just happened to see this.

 A lot of netizens were fans of Classic X Files.

 Seeing this post, they all asked, “How super”

 “As super as Gao Zishan”

 “As super as Sun Yiwu”

 “As super as Ji Cheng”

 Classic X Files‘s official Weibo replied to every comment, “I cant tell whos more super.”

 “Didnt your boss come Why did you come back on”

 Classic X Files replied, “The boss went away again.”

 “I lose to you in terms of randomly saying things.”

 “A super big-shot It isnt an exaggeration, right Dont make us anticipate for so long if, in the end, it would turn out that its not like that at all.”

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