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Wang Juhuai changed into slippers and saw the living environment Xia Qingwei was in.

It was indeed very much better.

It could be seen that she was really doing quite well.

With Lu Man being such a good daughter, and with the Han Family, it was really after suffering that happiness came for her.

“Lu Man and Zhuoli are not here” Wang Juhuai casually asked.

“Lu Man is already engaged with Zhuoli, and not many days from now, they will be getting their marriage certificate.

I had Lu Man move in with Zhuoli a long time ago.

Otherwise, Zhuoli would not have gone home at all and would have just stayed here,” Xia Qingwei explained with a smile.

“You can go and sit first.

Ill boil water to make tea for you.”

Wang Juhuai did not say anything and watched as Xia Qingwei turned around to go to the kitchen.

He did not stop her, and he did not say anything overly polite.

After all, he did not want to leave after sitting for only a while.

Not long after, the hot water kettle in the kitchen was still boiling water when Xia Qingwei brought out the tea set.

“Do you drink it like that normally” Wang Juhuai asked.

“Thats right.

Normally, when I have nothing much to do, Ill play with it by myself.

Its quite interesting,” Xia Qingwei said.

The water boiled, and Xia Qingwei took the kettle over.

She first warmed up the teacup, then washed the tea leaves to make tea.

Wang Juhuai saw the violin placed at the side.

“I heard you playing the violin just now.”

Xia Qingweis hand trembled, and her tea almost spilled.

“I did not think that after so many years, you have yet to stop playing the violin,” Wang Juhuai said.

“Actually, I stopped playing for many years.” Xia Qingwei did not explain in detail.

“There were too many things going on, and I didnt touch it for years.

I just picked it up again last year.

The good thing is that I managed to pick it up again.”

Wang Juhuai felt horrible.

It was so tough for her in the past.

How could she have had the time to touch the violin

It was only because things got better slowly these last two years that shed had time to play the violin.

“Lu Man works and is normally staying with Zhuoli.

Youre alone in the daytime” Wang Juhuai asked.

Xia Qingwei placed the teacup in front of him.

“Lu Man mainly goes to school now.

Before this, she filmed Red Tiger to help out.

During the school term, she does not intend on filming any shows and uses the holidays to film suitable shows or take up some variety shows.

Normally, she goes to lessons, and after her lesson is over, she comes over.

At night when Zhuoli gets off from work, she will go back with him.

Now that its the holiday, when Zhuoli works, shell come over in the morning too.”

“Furthermore, Im teaching in the private arts school now.

Teaching kids how to play the violin, Im busy with my own things.

Its quite meaningful.”

Wang Juhuai realized that it was really true.

Even if she was alone, she could still have an interesting life.

She had been like that ever since she was young.

But such a charismatic woman had actually been stepped on by Lu Qiyuan, who did not know how to appreciate her.

He gave up on a pearl to like a fish eye1; he was really blind.

On the way there, hed used his phone to search about the situation with Lu Man and the Lu Family, and he got more and more angry as he watched it.

He even wanted to kill Lu Qiyuan.

She was such a good woman.

It was only that Lu Qiyuan, that horrible person, did not have the fortune.

Now that she was alone, she was living a more and more elegant life.

“What about you” Xia Qingwei said.

“I know that you are a famous musician now.

Youve reached your previous goal.”

Wang Juhuai was the kind of person who would head towards a goal he had, no matter how hard it was.

He would keep going forward to complete it.

Actually, Xia Qingwei had a whole lot of words that she wanted to tell Wang Juhuai.

She wanted to ask him a lot of things, but these words, she could not bring herself to say.

The questions she could ask were only these dry, polite words.

Wang Juhuai heard these polite words from Xia Qingwei and only felt worse in his heart.

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