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Chapter 992: Your Opinion Is My Opinion

Needless to say, every episodes competing guest was a popular idol, and even the four judge-consultants were very famous in the entertainment circle.

The main thing was that the four judge-consultants were always there in every episode.

No matter what, the status of their celebrities was better than those of Classic X Files.

“Director Ge, do you want to consider switching out Ni Xue and Lu Qi Its alright to move her to the second episode to air.

Now we should hurry to bring all the big-shot celebrities to film an episode.

And we can edit it into the first episode in time.

Wu Guan and Xu Jingfeng, Jiang Yuhan and Xu Jingfeng, every one of them is a popular celebrity.

Ni Xue and Lu Qi are not enough,” Assistant Director Wang said.

Ge Guangzhen pressed the center of his brows in irritation.

“Do you think I dont know But our main sponsor right now is the Lu Corporation, and Lu Qiyuan said specifically that he wants Lu Qi to be in the first episode.

Yet Lu Qis acting skills are not enough, and her popularity is not enough.

If we let other actors compete with her, she would definitely be suppressed.

If Lu Qi gets too embarrassed, we wont be able to explain it to Lu Qiyuan.”

Ge Guangzhen sighed in irritation.

“Hes providing the money so he has the biggest authority.

What can we do”

Assistant Director Wang mocked, “He took out just a small amount of money yet he has so many requests.

Its just 40 million yuan.

Our production team had to request for more from the station, and only then was it enough.

We still had to find more money to make up for it.

This sort of main sponsor, its embarrassing just hearing it.”

“What other method is there We cant not have a main sponsor, right” Ge Guangzhen said helplessly.

“Itll just depend on the viewership ratings of the first episode.

If it becomes an explosively popular variety show, this seasons cost of main sponsorship will increase.

At that time, no one would care about the Lu Corporation at all!”

Even the cost of the main sponsorship depended on the price.

It would need to be discussed.


At night, Lu Man received Xia Qingweis phone call.

“Mom,” Lu Man called.

“Man Man, I… I have something to tell you.” Xia Qingwei felt it was a bit tough to say.

To actually have to tell it to her daughter, she was too embarrassed.

“Go on,” Lu Man said with a smile.

She had asked Han Zhuoli in the daytime whether Wang Juhuai was reliable, and she now felt better.

But Xia Qingwei did not speak for a long time, and Lu Man could only say, “Mom, how did the car-hunting you went to with Mr.

Wang today go”

Xia Qingwei talked about it but skipped over the situation with Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi.

“I asked Zhuoli already, Mr.

Wang is not bad,” Lu Man said as she smiled.

“How was it with him today”

Xia Qingwei felt that Lu Man already made it so clear, so she could only directly say, “I… I want to try with him.

Not marriage, I just want to try getting together with him to see how it goes.”

She had alreaday started the conversation off, and the words after seemed easier to say.

“After all, we have both not seen each other for many days.” Over twenty years… it seemed like it was half a lifetime.

Lu Man naturally respected Xia Qingweis opinion.

“Mom, no matter what you decide, I will support you.

I can tell that you really like Mr.

Wang and that you care about him.

Since its like that, you need to keep a hold on him, dont leave any regrets.

You dont need to care about my opinion, your opinion is my opinion.”

Because of this, Lu Man returned home on the second day.

And in the end, she had just entered the door when she saw that Wang Juhuai was also there.

Lu Man looked at the time, and then looked at Wang Juhuai.

It was only 9:30 in the morning right now.

“When did Mr.

Wang come over” Lu Man asked with a smile.

Wang Juhuai was scared that Lu Man would misunderstand that he had stayed overnight, and then explained, “I came around nine, I just entered the door slightly earlier than you did.”

Lu Mans lips twitched.

It was like he was coming here for work.

“We have a guest room in our home.

It was originally prepared for Zhuoli, but he had never used it before.

If Mr.

Wang doesnt mind it, when its inconvenient for you to leave, you can stay in the guest room,” Lu Man said, still smiling.

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