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Chapter 2127 Don’t Play A Fool

“If I don’t take care of Little Ye well, I’m really afraid that another discerning fellow will snatch her from you.” Commander-in-Chief Xia did not spare his energy to beat his son, but in exchange, he received Xia Jinyuan’s cold gaze, so Commander-in-Chief Xia also didn’t mention it anymore.

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Ye Jian believed in him; he believed in Ye Jian.

If he said too much, he was afraid that they would laugh at him!

Well, his kid was much more reliable than before, so he still wasn’t worried about it much.

As long as Major General Yang mentioned him, he would always add on, “Commander-in-Chief, thanks to your hard lessons back then, that made Xia Jinyuan who he was today.”


In fact, he had only taught him twice back then, and both happened to be encountered by Major General Yang.

As for “the Xia Jinyuan today”, to be honest, it was Xia Jinyuan’s own efforts; it had nothing to do with him.

Now Xia Jinyuan had found Ye Jian to be his girlfriend, in the future, they probably wouldn’t need him as a father to intervene; they could solve any problems by themselves.

But he would naturally still help whatever he could.

“Old Du, you and Ye Jian shouldn’t intervene easily.

Now the main investigation is about Martyr Sun Xueqing, Ye Jian’s mother.” Commander-in-Chief Xia believed that the most important thing was not to knock Ye Zhifan down first but to investigate Martyr Sun Xueqing’s matter.

“On the third day of the new year, the Military Commission for Discipline Inspection asked Ye Jian to visit Beijing.”

The words “Military Commission for Discipline Inspection” made Xia Jinyuan’s eyes jump, “Why did they ask her to come over”

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“A comrade of Martyr Sun Xueqing, surnamed Cai, is now a director of the Municipal Public Bureau, and he is also investigating the matter.

He returned to the original army and took away some of the investigation data that year.

It happened that the military department was also collecting the original information, so they found out about this director.”

“The military department wanted to be cautious, so they invited Ye Jian over to have a seat with the Military Commission for Discipline Inspection.

He wanted to know how much she knew about Sun Xueqing.

Ye Jian was very calm.

Originally, the Military Commission for Discipline Inspection wanted to tentatively ask her.

But she told them what she knew directly.

She suspected that there was a problem with Martyr Sun Xueqing’s sacrifice.

Her sudden and straightforward confession made Colonel Tan almost mess up his questions.”

Upon hearing this, Xia Jinyuan laughed.

Yeah, his Little Fox didn’t like to beat around the bush, especially when facing the leader of the Military Commission for Discipline Inspection, who was also investigating Martyr Sun Xueqing’s sacrifice.

Therefore, she wouldn’t hide the truth.

The Military Commission for Discipline Inspection was not an ordinary place.

It was counterproductive to hide and cover.

It was better to speak up and let the leaders of the Military Commission for Discipline Inspection see her unreserved cooperation.


Commander-in-Chief Xia thought about the events of that day, and his serious face also had a faint smile.

Soon, facing Xia Jinyuan, he put the smile away for a second and continued to remain serious, “Ye Jian’s affairs are very important to the military department.

Now, everything is on the right track; you just remind her not to make a move easily so as not to ruin her future.”

“The Military Commission for Discipline Inspection has already started to investigate Ye Zhifan’s affairs.

According to the current news, there are several minor issues, temporary there are not big issues.

We’re not in a hurry.

The investigation had only been carried out for ten days.

I don’t expect to find major problems immediately.

We have to give some to the Military Commission for Discipline Inspection.”

The military headquarters, the military discipline inspection commission, and the discipline inspection commission really responded fast.

In this way, Little Fox really did not need to do anything.

She could just sit and watch the videotape that was sent out to cause chaos.


Xia Jinyuan was very satisfied with the situation.

Seeing the slight smile on his son’s face, Commander-in-Chief Xia’s brows frowned, his face sank, “You still can smile, hurry back to the hospital, and stay in the hospital obediently for three days! Without my order, you are not allowed to casually walk around!”

“Perforating wounds are not bruises, don’t play the fool!”


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