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Now his cell phone indicated 6:46 p.m. that same day and he had already eaten something to entertain his stomach, ending up sitting on the bench of the main square of that city, although he was fit because he used to run daily from 5 to 10 kilometers, between his exercise routine that made him have an athletic and well-formed body, He felt tired from having had to carry his luggage for the scheduled 5 kilometers that maybe 10, bought an unknown drink with an informal salesman and while drinking it opened his Facebook, out of curiosity and between the publications of his contacts and comments to his own publications, he began to review his friend requests that lately came to him from people on the other side of the world and from countries as far away as England, Ghana, Afghanistan and Nigeria among others, most were dark people and since there were no dark people in his country, since he lived in Mexico, he looked intrigued and curious at the requests for friends.

The night fell and although he never stopped thinking that everything was going to be fine, as always and without doubting his good luck, he began to believe that he was going to have to sit in that public square to spend the night, waiting for the police to throw him out of the park or assault him, the hours passed and the square gradually ran out of people and without cars in the streets, The informal salesmans also left and the church closed its doors, it did not want to activate its cell phone to see the time, because its Battery was already almost exhausted.

And decided to wait for the things that had to happen to happen, because his luck was no longer in his hands, and there came a time when he was so alone, that he secured his suitcase by passing the band by one of his legs, to prevent someone from taking it in case sleep beat him, And with the strap of his backpack securely on his chest, he prepared to stay awake and suddenly looked at a group of young boys passing in front, Some of them turned to see him, but most did not even take it into account and continued with their trivial talk for a few minutes, until the passage of a unit of the Local Police made them continue walking and leave the place, the officers seemed not to see him and followed his round.

Soon a group of strange women arrived in several taxis and positioned themselves the same, A few meters from him and the same, while some turned to see him, the others seemed unaware of his presence.

All of them seemed to be beautiful women, dressed in sensual clothes, as if they were going to go club, but no, they were looking for something more than a club, besides some were very tall and thats why they seemed strange, he was a very attractive man, but he did not really know the impact he caused on women just by seeing him and one of them, Not so tall, she approached him perhaps with the pretext of asking for the time, and when he told her that he did not have a watch, The girl also thanked him by saying goodnight and offered him a cigarette, which he accepted to mitigate the feeling of emptiness in his stomach left by past hunger.

- Whats your name Cute Daddy?

The girl tells him that she wore a sensual low-cut party dress, which with the red tight to her waist made her look very desirable, revealing her knees and her white shoulders, which made him remember for a few moments the soft tune of that classic in English by Chris de Burg, Lady in red.

I never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight.

I never seen you shine so bright.

Hmmm hmmm

I have never seen so many man ask you, if you wanted to dance.

Looking for a little romance.


But more beautiful was her smile framed by a beautiful young white face, adorned at the same time by a blond hair that reached the height of her shoulders, which made her look more youthful up close than she actually seemed from afar.

-My name is Martín , beautiful and thank you for the cigar and for that beautiful smile you have.

He answered her coming out of the nostalgic trance that sometimes he did not know how to hide, while the girl confused by her musical lethargy, only looked at him with the lighter in her hand and so that he would not notice, he put the cigar on his lips so that she could light it, and listening to his voice and seeing his manners, He understood that she was not one of those strange women in the group, who while making some cell phone calls and they agreed to do something, the girl asked him with the peculiar accent Port accent of the inhabitants of that South Island.

- Can I sit down? Oh, I can stand these shoes anymore.

And he, embarrassed by her discourtesy, took the suitcase off the bench giving her the place and she sat down, with the naturalness of a woman who trusted that she was not in any danger.

"Excuse me for my distraction just now, but seeing you dressed in red, a song came to my mind.

- Oh really, and what was it?

I never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight.

I never seen you shine so bright.

Hmmm hmmm

I,ve never seen so many man ask you, if you wanted to dance.

Looking for a little romance.

Giving half the chance.

And I never seen that dress you wearing

Or the hight lights in your air.

That catches your eyes.

I have been blind.

And the girl huffing to remove the remnants of smoke from the cigar she was smoking, raised her hand to ask for space in her singing, and she continued with the tune.

Lady in red.

Is dancing with me.

Cheek to cheek

Is nobody here.

Its joust you and me.

She sings to him in English and mimicking with her fingers and moving her shoulders pointing at him and then at her, to end the chorus.

I"ll never forgeet

The way you look tonight.

I"never forgeeet.

The way you look tonight.

"I swear.

Martín tells her already finishing with the song.

-Hello much pleasure and my name is Lolis.

She says smiling as offered her hand showing him the beauty of her green eyes, which he had not yet appreciated because of the darkness of that dimly lit park.

-Lolis or Lalo?

He asks her risking that she would be offended, because, although he was sure that she was not one of the strange women in the group with whom he had arrived, he wanted to be completely Sure, before accepting another cigarette and continuing with the conversation.

- Lolis! Why Lalo? –she asks smiling and Somewhat surprised. -Ah yes, I got it, do not worry, that I am a little girl by birth and original, not like them.

-Ugh. -he tells her making sure he understood the gesture. – From which I save!

- And what did you save yourself from? –she asks him still without understanding the intention.

-Its that since you

e so pretty that I already started to fall in love with you and you sing so beautiful that, if you were one of them, I think Id still fall in love.

The girl looked at him smiling exaggeratedly, thus showing him the whiteness of his well-aligned Teeth, But one of her strange friends approached them to ask for a cigarette and to tell her something about her plans, so Lolis got up taking the pack of cigarettes out of her handbag and giving it to him to take care of, got up for a few minutes while watching them.

The friend also seemed to be a very cute girl with a womans voice and manners, but she was also too tall to be, she even looked taller than him, already with the shoes on and that which measures more than 6 feets, and as soon as he saw her return and sit down, he was going to comment something regarding the height of her strange friends, more with the desire to establish a topic of conversation than a criticism, when suddenly the girls began to walk quickly, moving away from them due to the presence of a couple of patrol cars, from which several officers got off to follow and interrogate them; Lolis became nervous and as Martín felt as if she had the urge to flee, he took her by the hand telling her not to move while one of the officers walked to his bench.

- Is the lady coming with you?

The officer willing to arrest her asks him, since it was easy to assume that she was part of that group of strange women.

–Yes, right.

He replies by standing up and making the move to get an ID from his wallet, but pretending to be looking for it But pretending to look for her in his backpack, developing a very studied protocol to distract the officers attention, and concentrate on him so that he would forget about the girl, the officer said goodbye quickly and without asking more, since he had to support his companions who were arresting a part of the group of strange women from which some had already fled; Lolis remained motionless acting indifferent, smoking a cigarette to disguise and they only laughed together when they ended up being left alone in that public square, not knowing the time since neither of them cared about the hour at that moment.

- I had to keep them, but I think now I will have to stay with you!

The beautiful girl says shrugging her shoulders as if she has no choice, smiling at him promisingly.

-Well, welcome to my hotel.

He answers her by extending his arms as if offering him the park in its entirety.

- I don like this hotel because pigeons sleep in trenes, and wake up at dawn and believe me I don like being woken up at dawn! Plus, they

e going to mess up my dress.

Says the girl taking a couple of bills from her handbag to put them in the bag of her shirt, smiling convincingly and holding her hand, lifted her suitcase with the other and went to a family hotel not very expensive, but comfortable and close.

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