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Chapter 150: Raptor Ring

After logging in, Ling Xue followed Ling Yue.  The beautiful twin sisters left Sunset City and headed to the east to find monsters.  Although most players were already level 40, there were very few players that could go into areas with level 50 and above undead monsters, so Ling Yue and Ling Xue’s team was one of the few teams that could level in high level areas.  Moreover, with Ling Yue’s powerful attacks, their team had enough damage output that even if I went, it would be useless.

So I chose to head to the Dead Wood Coast.  The ships there had already respawned and it wasn’t realistic to go into the ocean to fight monsters.  The time that players could stay in the ocean was related to their level and the max level in Spirit of Grief was level 250.  With my current level of 50, I couldn’t stay in the ocean for long, so my goal this time wasn’t the monsters in the sea, but rather the forest near the coast.  The monsters there were over level 60, so normal players couldn’t go level there and high level players wouldn’t come this far.  There were definitely quite a few secrets in this Dead Wood Coast!

It seemed like some players could reach level 60 in just a day or two and enter China’s main cities, so this was my final trip in Sunset City!

Outside the city, in the beautiful morning sun, there were quite a few players that had prepared their potions and were going out in groups, heading off in different directions to level.  There were also people standing in open areas with a large group shouting, “Ten man team to head into the forest to kill wild bears for Bronze Equipment, we need a high damage DPS and a high healing cleric!”

Many players looked over, but weren’t willing to join.  The wild bear set wasn’t useful to them at all.

At the same time, there were three sparkling swordsmen standing there angrily shouting, “Sunset City’s Three Musketeers are willing to carry the Raptor Ring quest.  Those friends that haven’t done the quest, please get on the train.  We guarantee that you won’t die!  Trade 3000 gold coins before the boss dies!”

I couldn’t help being surprised before coming forward to ask, “Brothers, what Raptor Ring quest  What quest is it  Can it be done easily  Killing a boss is three thousand gold coins, isn’t this too dark”

The one with a small beard looked at me and saw that my equipment’s glow was hidden.  He revealed a surprised look before saying, “Don’t you know  It’s the forest by Dead Wood Coast, there’s a raptor boss there.  As long as you get the quest from the NPC nearby, you can get a level 40 Silver Ring after killing the boss that has quite the decent stats.  But the boss isn’t easy to kill, even a ten man team might not be able to do it.  Only our three brothers can barely kill it by ourselves!”

I was surprised.  There were several players that came by and asked about the price before shaking their heads.  They said to each other, “Three thousand gold coins is equal to five thousand RMB.  I won’t do it, we’ll go kill it ourselves!”

The three swordsmen were surprised before turning to ask me, “Brother, do you want to go”

I shook my head and said with a smile, “No need, I’m poor, I can’t kill it……”

So I left the forest while thinking: Since those three second class experts could kill that boss to make money, why can’t I  Whatever, I’ll take a look first since I’m going to the Dead Wood Coast anyway.

Half an hour later, when I arrived at the Dead Wood Coast, I found several players in the forest in front of me with dejected looks on their faces.

Not far away, there were several Sunset City soldier NPCs standing there.  I went forward and after initiating their dialogue, their leader said, “There are many dangers hidden in the forest of Dead Wood Coast.  There were several merchant ships that have been attacked near the sea, it was done by that damn raptor!  Young man, can you kill that raptor for the kingdom”

I clicked confirm and there was a sound from the system.


System notification: You have accepted the quest [Blind Raptor]!  (Current quest difficulty: 250)

Quest details: Kill the Blid Raptor that has been running around the forest by the Dead Wood Coast and bring the head back to the soldier team leader, Michael.  You will receive the reward [Raptor Ring] (Silver Equipment)!  You are the 97th player to accept this quest!  This quest is limited to 100 people!


I was a bit surprised.  Interesting, before the quest was finished, the reward was used to draw people in.  This quest wasn’t bad.

Moreover, the quest also stated that it could only be done once, which meant that each person could only get a single Raptor Ring.  There were only a total of 100 Raptor Rings, but if you were rich enough, it wouldn’t be a problem to buy two Raptor Rings for yourself.

After coming out, I saw several players that were walking around the forest.  One of the swordsman said, “What do we do  That Blind Raptor’s attack is just too high, I can’t tank it at all and our healer’s healing can’t keep up.  We already died once and if we die again, it would be a big loss……”

A magician said, “But, I can’t just give this up.  It’s a ring that adds 20 stat points, it definitely is a top grade Silver ring!  It can be sold for several thousand and moreover, if others kill it first, we won’t be able to finish the mission!  It would be too much of a loss!”

The group refused to leave, but not a single person dared to face the boss.  In front of them was a raptor that was chewing the corpse of a tiger.  It would raise its head from time to time as if it was listening around itself.  Its eyes were already blind, there were only black holes left.

I looked over with the Star Eyes and the Blind Raptor’s stats appeared.

[Blind Raptor]  (Silver Boss)

Level: 65

Attack: 650-800

Defense: 550

HP: 200000

Skills: [Rend], [Swallow], [Whip].

Additional: The leader of the raptors lost its eyesight after growing old.  It can only patrol the forest boundaries to protect its race.


It was no wonder they didn’t dare go forward, it was a level 65 boss.  There was no doubt that the level 40-45 players in front of me couldn’t take them.  The raptor’s 800 attack could instant kill any of the mages or clerics and the attacks of the archers weren’t enough to penetrate the raptor’s abnormal 550 defense.  This put the team in an awkward position of being unable to penetrate the boss’ defense.

So I came forward and said with a smile, “You want to finish this quest and kill the boss”

The swordsman nodded before asking, “This friend, do you have a way  Or do you want to join our team and kill it with us  Ai, forget it, even if you join, we can’t kill this boss whose level that we can’t see!”

I revealed a smile, “This level 65 boss isn’t something that players can currently deal with, but I have the confidence to solo it.  However, if you each pay me 500 gold coins, I’ll help your team finish this quest.  How about it”

The group was stunned before the swordsman said without holding back, “Friend, although we can’t see your level, to solo a level 65 boss, that’s a bit too hard to believe.  Moreover, to make us pay first, isn’t that a bit too unreasonable”

I revealed a faint smile before releasing the effects of my equipment.  In an instant, the Gold Fearless Chestplate released a dazzling gold glow, the Scarlet Cape on my back released a blood red demonic glow, and the Dark Gold Roaring Flame Spear in my hand was even more eye-catching as flames appeared around the blade.  In an instant, the group in front of me all had wide open mouths and not a single person could say anything.

With the effect achieved, I revealed my name and the three words Easily Angered Bookworm glowed with green light, looking very dazzling.  Moreover, I had the Xue Yue symbol as well, which was a half moon that was filled with silver glow.  Anyone could recognize that this was the symbol of the famous Xue Yue Guild!

“God!  You’re actually Easily Angered Bookworm!”  The swordsman was shocked.

The cleric girl in the back had wide eyes, “Wu, wu, wu, it’s Easily Angered Bookworm, he really is handsome and his equipment is so cool!  If I had this kind of boyfriend, then I wouldn’t be wearing Dark Iron Equipment……”

Seeing the shocked look of this group, I asked with a smile, “How about it  Can you trust me now when I say that I can solo this level 65 boss”

The swordsman gave an honest nod before saying, “Since Easily Angered Bookworm has accepted this quest, then there isn’t anything to say.  This is my five hundred gold coins!  Using five hundred gold coins to buy a Silver Ring is definitely worth it!”

The archer and the mage on the side also gave nods before saying, “Then we’ll do it together.  Anyway, we can do this quest together!”

So I opened the party window and each person traded me five hundred gold coins before I pulled them into the party.  There was only the cleric girl left who said to me with a red face, “That……I only have 234 gold coins, can you……”

I couldn’t help smiling as I said, “It isn’t easy for clerics to get money.  Forget it, you can just save that money to buy potions.  I’ll waive your fee!”

After saying this, I pulled the cleric girl into the team.  It wasn’t because she was pretty, it was just that I sympathized with her.  Not to mention that this girl was only normal looking.  Not to mention Ling Xue and Ling Yue, even Summer and Zi Yue were a hundred times better than her.

After taking the money, naturally I got to work!”

The swordsman said, “I can help you tank the monster, but it’s only once.  I’ll die if I do it twice……”

I shook my head before saying with a smile, “No need, I can do it alone!”

After saying this, I headed out and greeted the Blind Raptor with a stab to the neck!


The Roaring Flame Spear exploded on the raptor and ice flew out, dealing “2341” damage.  The raptor’s speed was greatly reduced, but it still flicked its neck and bit at me with its bloody mouth!

My left arm came out and with a blue glow, there was a clear shield that appeared on my arm that blocked the attack of the raptor.  With my defense, the raptor’s 800 attack only dealt 125 damage to me!

“God!  He actually has such high defense!”  The swordsman was stunned.

I secretly laughed at this.  With two defensive Gold Items and the Dark Gold Shield, my defense was even higher than a knight.  It can’t be said that this boss’ attack wasn’t high, it was just that the defense of a Dark Gold Item was too abnormal.  To elaborate even more, killing a super powerful boss would give a broken item.  Of course, this raptor could only be considered a third rate boss, so it couldn’t break my defense……

When the players behind me were stunned, I had already sent out the Shield Break Slash and the Whirlwind Slash, dealing around 5000 damage to the raptor.  The raptor’s HP wasn’t that high to begin with, so it didn’t take long for its HP to drain.  It was already dead in less than ten minutes!

My HP was still at half after drinking a potion.  The cleric girl had planned on healing me, but I stopped her.  Cleric’s healing created the most aggro, so I didn’t want to cause trouble for myself.  If the girl was instantly killed by the raptor, this would hurt my prestige and even implicate the Xue Yue Studio.  Once the rumour that “Xue Yue Studio’s core member caused someone’s death during a quest” was released, I wouldn’t be able to take the criticisms!

Finally, I swiped down with a Shield Break Slash and the sharp tip of the Roaring Flame Spear pierced through the raptor’s neck, splashing blood all around.  This raptor that was twice as tall as a person gave a wail before falling down.  Leaves scattered around before it dropped some gold coins and a few pieces of equipment!

The players behind started moving forward.  After all, we didn’t discuss who would get the drops beforehand!

But I wasn’t someone who would give up benefits.  With a wave of my spear, I came forward and put the gold coins and equipment into my inventory.  Then I said to them, “Everyone can come and get a raptor head!”

They came forward and collected a blood raptor head in their inventory.  I took this chance to look at the gold coins and equipment that the boss dropped.  There were 450 gold coins and adding in the gold coins from the eleven of them, I had earned 5950 gold coins in less than half an hour.  Hei, hei, I earned another small fortune!

As for the equipment, it was two pieces of Bronze Equipment that was considered decent.  Based on the unappraised state, they would sell for around two hundred gold coins each, which would be converted to three hundred RMG.  This was the limit of Bronze Equipment that normal players could accept.

After the players finished the quest and received the Silver Raptor Ring, they all revealed happy looks.  The players asked, “What do we do now  We can’t kill the monsters here, so should we go back to the city and return to the Cool Breeze Forest”

The other people nodded and returned to the city together.  There was only me left at the Dead Wood Coast.

I went over to the NPC and after handing in the raptor head, I received two hundred thousand experience and two hundred gold coins, as well as three hundred prestige.  I used twenty thousand prestige to form the Xue Yue Guild, so now I had to slowly gather it again.

The main part of this quest was the Silver Ring.  There was no need to appraise it, I could see the stats already.

[Raptor Ring]  (Silver Equipment)

Strength: 20

Vitality: 20

Intelligence: 20

Agility: 20

Additional: Increase user’s attack speed by 1%.

Required level: 40


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