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Sungwoo replied.

“I was just being realistic.

It’s good to be prepared well in advance so that she doesn’t regret it later.

It will be too late then anyway.”

Sungwoo sounded too nonchalant.

Glancing at him again, Sukyung asked hesitantly, 

“Umm… Is it still like that in the entertainment world…”

“Do female employees still have to sleep with their boss to get a promotion”

“What What are you talking about!”

Sukyung yelled in protest, but she knew better.

She has heard gossip in the office about these things.

She knew she would never be involved in a situation like this, but she couldn’t help hearing about it from time to time.

When she seemed thoughtful, Sungwoo replied,

“This is something that happens everywhere, not just the entertainment industry.

There will always be those awful abusive buys in every workplace.

And if someone wants to reach the top at any cost, he or she needs to be ready to do whatever it takes.”

 Glancing at her, Sungwoo added, 

“Of course, I know you wouldn’t be able to do things like that.

After all, you tremble just with a kiss.”

Sukyung became annoyed again, but she didn’t yell at him this time.

She only glared at him and replied,

“I don’t plan on becoming an actress, so this doesn’t apply to me.

All I want is to become a little prettier, that’s all.

So I don’t have to do things like that.”

“And are you going to cry and run away again when you kiss that man of yours”

“I told you I don’t have a man!” 

Her attempt to remain calm failed so quickly.

Sukyung screamed, and blushed immediately.

Why did this man keep bullying her And why did she keep coming back to him even though he teased her so much She was going to pay him so much money, so shouldn’t he be a little nicer 

But then, this was the guy who told a young girl to lose her virginity if she wanted to make it.

Smirking, she quickly added, 

“Besides, if I’m doing these things with a man I love, I wouldn’t be as scared or shocked.”

“And how would you know you love him”

“How could I not!” 

Sukyung turned toward him in shock and continued, 

“I would know if I loved him, of course.

Doesn’t it feel different to you when you’re kissing a woman you don’t love compared to when you do it with someone you love”

“Love is just a chemical reaction.

There is a hormone that tricks the brains to think they are in love.

This trick only lasts about two and a half years.

After that time, people just continue their relationship because they are comfortable with their partner.

This was proven scientifically.”

“I’ve never heard of this.”

Sukyung frowned while Sungwoo shrugged.

Thinking she needed to say something, Sukyung added, 

“Even if you’re right, that means that people still feel love for two and a half years.

So it has to feel different.

Doing it with someone you love has to feel different from doing it with someone you don’t love.”

Sungwoo narrowed his eyes and teased, 

“Well, try kissing that man you love so much first and tell me about it later.

Let’s see who’s a better kisser.” 

Sukyung wasn’t angry anymore.

In fact, she felt confused.

Sukyung asked,


Jin, do you really not believe in love”

“Love Of course I do.

But all I’m saying is that it feels better to have sex with someone who is good at ‘humping’ than the one you love.”

Sukyung finally surrendered.

Leaning back against the seat, she murmured, 

“Gosh, you’re so…”

“Smart Of course.”

When Sukyung smirked loudly, Sungwoo chuckled as he continued to drive.

Looking out the window, Sukyung realized that she was again being taken to a place she had never been before. 

“Where are we going today”

“The department store.”

“Right now For what I already have so many outfits now.”

Sungwoo sighed in frustration and stared at her.

He asked,

“And you’re only going to wear those for the rest of your life Fashion trends change constantly, yet you’re just going to wear the same things over and over again forever If you are, why are you bothering to learn about different styles and colors”

Hesitantly, Sukyung murmured, 

“But the department stores are so expensive…”

“That’s true.

Some women just try things on in the department store and later buy the similar things much cheaper at a discount store or online.

For today, we’re just going to get you a pair of jeans and a blouse.

If you don’t pick the right ones, I’m going to spank you again.”

“Oh my god, you’re such a pervert!”

Sukyung screamed at him, but all Sungwoo did was chuckle.

He slowly began to park at the department parking lot. 


The closing time at the department store was just around the corner, yet it was still very crowded.

But thankfully, the clothing section wasn’t very busy, so Sukyung didn’t find it difficult to look through the outfits and try them on.

One good thing about the department store was that the changing rooms were small and the employees were everywhere so Sungwoo couldn’t follow her into the changing room.

Feeling relieved, Sukyung tried on a pair of jeans and a blouse.

Just thinking about Sungwoo rubbing against her in this tiny changing room was… 


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