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31. Military Gains and Holy Flame


I was guided by the devil butler, descended a long staircase, and left the palace.


The one who had been waiting for me was my educator, Sofia.


Sofia, who spent her time floating around in the air, was smiling delightfully upon seeing me.

That smile might be not because she was happy to see me, it might be because she didn’t have to spend her time idly anymore.


「Welcome back, Jilbagias-sama.」


Sofia descended to the ground and bowed politely toward me.


I hesitated for a moment when I wanted to ask the whereabouts of my mother.

For some reason, it felt like if I asked that question the first time I left the palace, it felt like I―― Am an extremely pampered child――


「Where’s my mother」


But, I had no choice but to ask that question.


「Milady has an urgent job.」

「Urgent huh…」


Sofia nodded as if agreeing with me.


「Severely wounded warrior just returned from the frontline.

Because even amongst the member of Reiju clan, not that many people can heal the deep wound from holy attribute…」


I see.

I muttered as I walked along with Sofia.


Holy attribute―― It was the trump card of the Holy religion and humanity.

It was special attribute magic usable only of the one chosen by the God of Light during the ceremony.


Its light gave power to humankind, on the other hand, it hurt the enemy of humankind.


And the magic warrior who awakened to this special attribute had come to be known as a hero.

The human race-save for special exceptions who were born with monstrous power- wasn’t that powerful.

But then, the magic warrior(Hero) was blessed with holy attribute to combat the devil or demon race.


But well… It was meaningless against a genuine monster like the demon king though…


『That sounds like a curse.』


Ante who resides within me voiced her opinion.



『I’m talking about that Holy attribute.』



What are you talking about, Ante-san That was the blessing from the God of Light to humans, right


『I mean look, both blessing and curse is actually just the different side of the same coin.

And speaking of being granted by the God of Light―― How specific the “Granted” part is』


There was no record about the exact year of that event.

Even the elves had no idea about it.

We were just being told that the legend of 『Hero』 or 『Holy Warrior』 had existed since the ancient time―― The oldest record about it was around four or five thousand years ago.


『Honestly, it feels too weak for something given by a God.』


Ante chuckled lightly as she spoke.

It’s more like sarcasm rather than chuckle.


『Though there’s legend about it in the Hell, that existence has already become a concept, and lost their ego.』


And you’re just one step short from reaching that state.


『… Yup.

I’m not doubting about the God of Light or such.

Those gods might be the one who give birth to this world but they might’ve long since become concepts, and lost their ego.

At this point, they’re nothing more than existence that make the world turn――』


The God of Light and the others… Didn’t interfere with this world.

No matter how much the humankind suffered due to the darkling, no matter how much more powerful the darkling has become, he can only bless the humankind with this power… Since he trusts that humankind can solve their own problems as he watches over us from the heavens.


That was what Pope-sama’s had taught us but…


『Well, it isn’t wrong.

If we’re talking about watching over the entire world with empty eyes, that’s it.』


I raised my face, looking at the night sky.


The moonlight was shining gently with its light.


… Then, what about God of Darkness and others


『They are actually quite similar.

Hi’s veil of darkness that is gently covering this world but, he isn’t going to help the demon race from their suffering and wounds.』


… That revelation was a huge shock to me.


『You should get a grip on yourself rather than using your mind in this kind of situation.』


… To be honest, I wasn’t a devout believer despite being a hero.

I mean, I just felt enraged when I saw my village was set ablaze by the demon king army.

No salvation came no matter how much I prayed for it.

And it wasn’t just once or twice I cursed the gods.


You know what I felt when I awakened to the holy attribute It wasn’t gratitude, in fact I was really pissed off since the growth of my power was 『Too Slow』, see there was not an inch of gratitude toward gods in there.

Thus, I was really surprised upon finding that an infidel like me―― Had actually been chosen by a god.


But now I realized that it wasn’t because I was chosen by god huh…


Then, what in the world was a holy attribute


『It’s some sort of curse.

See, all humankind believe in the existence of a holy attribute, right』


… Believe aside, it did exist.


『Yes, and that’s the essence of the magic.

The way of the world changes by believing in some sort of existence or conviction.

Originally, it’s supposed to be impossible without the original source and a huge amount of magical power.

But, the population is not what  humankind is lacking, their power might be small but, when it’s combined together――』


――The human soldiers combined a thin membrane of magical power to form a strong one.


『It’s the act of the wisemen of humankind of ancient time.

Whether it’s intentional or not, they happen to notice the special trait of humankind, and bundled it together in the form of faith and humankind’s will.

And the user of that power is chosen via a ceremony.

Though blessing from each individual might be weak, when the bundles of such blessing given to a specific chosen individual――』


Even the weakest race had the power to contend against the strongest race…


『That ceremony is――The requirement to find a specific individual.

Yes, for example ―― People who inherit a special bloodline――』


Majority of royal families in every kingdom or family of pope was the user of holy attribute――


『Strong will is necessary, a strong hatred toward the enemy of humankind――』


Yup, that’s me.


I see… So that was the reason huh.


『Are you shocked』


How dare you ask that after causing my world view to flip around.

But well, I understand now.


『You must be dissapointed, right』


Though I don’t really care about ancient wisemen whatsoever, the one who made this whole holy system was worthy of my respect.


In fact, our human race would’ve long since ceased to exist if not for this power.

In addition, there was no need to explain its true origin to the masses either.


The real mystery was how to raise the effect of the magic… right


But still… Ante, I’ve one last question.


What was the origin of holy attribute magic


Is it flesh or soul


I mean look… I was reborn as a darkling, properly speaking I should be considered as an apostate of the god of light.


『About that… Let’s test this after we’re in safe place.』


――I sent a sidelong glance at Sofia who was walking beside me.


「Is something the matter」

「I’ve a request.」


Sofia snapped her fingers, creating a barrier that covered us when I spoke in a low voice.

That moment, the air within the barrier stagnated―― It was a soundproof barrier.


Thus, I spoke while thinking about asking to learn this useful magic from her next time.


「I want to know the details of military exploits of my siblings.」



Sofia’s eyes opened wide.


「Yes, everyone.

No matter how seemingly trivial they are.」


For example―― The destruction of a small village in a tiny country.


I had low expectations in this regard though.


I mean, the memory about the name of my hometown in my previous life was lost.


「There was so many of them though.」

「Is it that difficult」


Sofia showed a daring smile.


「If you do it yourself, As for those kinds of documents―― At least I kept the record about it.」


Sofia tapped her forehead as she spoke.


「Everything is kept in my head.

Well, everything but the latest one though.」


… I guess I had no need to investigate anymore.


「But, it will be troublesome to convey it orally… I need a lot of paper.

And you understand that it gonna take some time too, right」



Rather, that was my aim.

Just the right reason to keep her away from my room.


We regrouped with Garounya in the residential area of the demon king castle.

Sofia went to fetch some paper while I returned to my room.


「Garounya, I need to talk with my devil for a while.

Can you stand by outside of the room for a while」



Thank god Garounya was such an obedient girl… I doubt that the wall was enough to keep her from hearing our conversation though.


『It’s not like there’ll be a sound.』



I should be able to use it by chanting the aria in my mind if I only need weak power.


My―― No, just to be safe, let’s use my left hand.

I raised my left hand, focusing my magical power on its tip.




My heartbeat quickened.


I had never expected that it might be possible for me to use the god’s 『Divine Protection』 that I thought impossible to be used again.

Currently, I was scared that I might place too much expectation on my theory only to be betrayed by reality.


Heck, I had nothing to lose anyway.


I’m a hero.

Hero Alexander.


【O Divine Light, Light My Path.】


When I recited this chant, I felt the vanity in this aria.


But, well… It wasn’t a lie.

Gods’ eyes were overlooking the world.


At least, their vacant eyes could still reflect the scenery below.


【O Holy Light, Come To This Hand( Hi Yel Lampus, Sut Hyel Mo)】


A tiny light appeared on my fingertip with a pop.


It was a really tiny one.


It was shining in silvery light.


And then―― My fingertip was assailed by scorching pain right in the next moment.




I almost shouted in pain.

But holding back right away to prevent Garounya from jumping into my room.

After confirming my theory, I dispersed my magical power at once to snuff out the holy shine.


『I see, so that’s the case…』


Ante muttered with a really interested look on her face.


The holy attribute was coming from the soul.

That was the reason why I could use it.


But, my body was that of a demon race.

The body of the enemy of mankind.


―― That’s why the holy light scalded my fingertip.


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