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35.1.If There’s a Hell

Good day… This is the exhausted Jilbagias…

After returning to my room, I slept with Ante’s lap pillow again.

Even though the training was really intense, there was not a single scar on my body.

Eventually, I failed to save all of them.

I couldn’t save them…

I will never forget the face of the old man who died first, it was the expression filled with resentment.

The voice of the child who was wailing nonstop.

Everyone died because of my failure.

I managed to withstand it for today but… No matter how convenient the transpose curse, or how much Ante tried to comfort me, it didn’t change the fact that this event left a deep, gaping scar in my heart.

A scar that wouldn’t vanish for my entire life.

No, this experience managed to make me understand one thing.

No matter how much I tried to avoid this kind of act, humans would still be sacrificed for me.

I mean, another day was only another necessary consumption of human slaves for treatment.

But even with that, it didn’t mean that I shouldn’t give my best shot.

I must never give up in trying to save them even if the odds were stacked against me.

And the most unforgivable thing was―― the fact that every time a human slave was used as a scapegoat for me, I felt an overwhelming amount of power flowing into myself.

I, a hero, broke the taboo of killing innocent people.

Worst of all, a child was also used as the scapegoat to treat my wounds.

And just like before, I entrusted the power I gained to Ante for safekeeping.

I mean, I wouldn’t be able to give an explanation to my mother if she knew that I, the contractor of the Devil of Constraint, gained a huge amount of power during the treatment with the transpose curse…

Just… Just how much power had I gained in the span of a single day

Hey, Ante

『 Let’s see…』

Ante’s phantom stopped brushing my hair, pondering for a while.

『 Let’s see, compared to your siblings… Your current magical power is about a third of that green-haired one.

It was quarter of that green-haired one till just yesterday.』

… Should I… feel happy with that much harvest

『Naturally, consider yourself lucky to be able to catch up that much against someone who has lived more than fifty years.

Well, the expansion of your power is going to slow down a bit from the next time though…』

So around a few more days huh… It sounds so easy to say.

I don’t think it was cost-effective if we compare it with the crime that I committed toward those innocent humans!

And the most terrifying thing of all was the fact that today’s training had no meaning at all.

Platy really just wanted to train me.

And she intended to continue to do so as long as there was enough supply of human slaves.

Though I tried desperately to fight back, Platy was really powerful even when she was just using her spearcraft.

My injuries wouldn’t be that bad if I used a sword and shield but…

… No, I knew that this was an unavoidable outcome.

The current me had no choice but to master the way of the spear as fast as I could…

And once I achieved that level, Platy said that she would start using underhanded tactics and magic.

I could only imagine that our training would become even more intense than before.

I might fail again tomorrow but I had no choice but to use a scapegoat again to treat my wounds in order to defeat Platy as soon as possible.


『You have no choice but to become stronger, so strong to the point that you don’t have to train again.』

That’s right… That’s the answer.

Maybe I had to consider just how much of my magical power that I entrusted to Ante must be returned when I really need it.

Anyhow, let’s put some restrictions in that regard.

『That’s possible.』


I… Have to learn demon race combat style as fast as possible from Platy.

Only by doing so, I would be able to prevent human slaves from becoming my scapegoat!!

… My heart couldn’t help but ache again thinking about such a future.

『Suffer and worry as much as you want… Do realize that those feelings were the source of thee power.』

Contrary to the affectionate look she showed as she brushed my hair, Ante’s remark was filled with some sort of majesty.

I know already that these feelings were the source of my power.



That’s why you don’t have to hold back.

Cry to your hearts content, shout as loud as you want, curse as much as you want.

For I shall accept those emotions.』

Honestly speaking, I couldn’t bring myself to curse at this kind and gentle Demon God.

Thus, I could only curse my fate deep inside my own mind.


Upon a closer look, the young demon race who was sleeping in the bed was truly alone in a sense.

The Demon God was trying her best to hear the invisible wail of the poor soul before her.


The Demon God muttered in her mind as her phantom hand brushed the young demon race’s hair.

(When you become extremely powerful.

Learn all kind of skills you have to learn, there will come the day when you don’t need to train anymore.)

She was looking at her adorable contractor who puckered his lips as he looked at the ceiling―― With a look of pity.

(What is waiting for you might be a cruel battle…)

But, she had no intention to tell him that.

He had to notice this fact himself.

She wanted him to find out that there was still a hope at the end of his suffering.


I spent hellish days after that.

You might call it fulfilling days in a certain way.

I eat delicious dishes upon waking up, do light exercise to help digestion, study magic and take lectures.

And lastly, mock combat against Platy.

Even I couldn’t believe it myself, the fact that I learned spearcraft of the demon race like a dry sponge absorbing water.

The condition called a mistake means the death of a slave behind me became a wrench that tapped on my full talent and overwhelming pressure at the same time.

The spear which had felt uncomfortable in my hands since it was the weapon of the hateful demon race, and the fact that its shaft was made from the bones of the soldiers that I killed… Started to feel comfortable in my hands.

I even started to feel that a spear wasn’t a bad choice of weapon.

Its long-range and unrivalled penetration power was the charm of this weapon…

But then, I still yearned for a weapon with a sharp and long blade like a sword.

The main use for the demon race’s spear was for 『Thrust』 and 『Strike』.

Naturally, it wouldn’t just end with a simple broken bone when the spear’s strike was combined with the demon race’s herculean strength―― A fact that I confirmed after Platy broke my bones too many times with her spear strike―― But, as a former hero, I wished for a weapon that could 『Slash』 on top of that.

I couldn’t help but yearn for that kind of weapon.

And then… The training would end once the scapegoat slaves were used up.

After I cleaned my body and put on my clothes, it would be my free time, on most occasions.

I usually used that time to read books, stroll around, or simply lay down on my bed, doing nothing.

This reminds me that in regard to other classes, to be specific, combat magic, she made me do hand-to-hand combat against Garounya.

The difficulties of that training skyrocketed since I had to do my best to hide my real abilities from Garounya.


Rubyfia… Barbarian onee-san… Dammit, she’s hot!


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