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A Cold And Heartless Billionaire CHAPTER FOUR

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Its been four weeks since my group mates and I drank, and I haven heard any news about Sebastian. Today is our wedding day, the saddest day of my entire life. Because I never dreamed of getting married in an Arranged Marriage. When I was young, I dreamed that my wedding day would be the happiest day of my life to marry the man I love. But not! Because I have to marry an arrogant billionaire.

It is a beach wedding and in the afternoon the ceremony will begin and will be held at one of the most beautiful resorts in Australia owned by the Alcantaras themselves.

"Take a deep breath! Ethan," said Hanjie.

"What am I? Breathe? What are you talking about?!" I just looked at him. I was very nervous because I didn want this day to happen. I need to come up with a plan on how to escape this nightmare but I will only fail if I do.

[ Flashback ]

A week ago...

"Did you hear the news about Gutierrezs Industry? Its slowly losing money because of their low sales every month?" Mama said before she took a sip of the tea she was holding.

"What about it?" I widened my eyes at him.

"Try to do something stupid on your wedding day Allen! Im going to make sure your friends businesses will fail. Not only the Gutierrezs Industry but also the Beautique and the" I stopped him from what he was going to say next because he just kept telling me that he would do everything to make my friends family businesses fail.

"Seriously Mom! You did all of that? Do you hear what you

e saying!!!" Im shaking with anger... Hes exaggerating! Its to the point that I want to run away but I can ! Because many employees will lose their jobs if Mama destroys my friends businesses.

[ End of Flashback ]

"Thirty minutes and the ceremony will begin." my wedding coordinator said. After a while, I heard Mom enter the room.

"Omg! My honey is so gorgeous!" he hugged me tightly. "Honey, wear this necklace. This is from your great-grandfather Hernando. This is a lucky charm darling." I swear my mom is Bipolar. "I also wore it on the day your Daddy and I got married. Look at your father and me, we have been blessed with two very handsome children and we

e very happy!" he added.

"I think you

e happier now because of that necklace. And Im more sure that this family was successful because of Dads hard work!"

"Ethan! Thats not the way to talk to your mom." I was shocked when I heard my fathers voice as he just entered the room.

"Hi, Dad." I congratulate him.

"What are you two talking about again? I could hear you from the outside!" He patted my shoulder, he was still angry with me. Its life!

"Elizabeth, I need to talk to Ethan alone please," Daddy begged Mommy to get out of the room. What a surprise!

"AMORSOLO GUEVARRA!" Mommy yelled causing Hanjie to stop fixing my necktie.

"I just need some alone time with my handsome son before he gets married. Thats all and don worry Ill bring him back to your side, Darling!" Daddy kissed Mommy on the cheek and Mom and Hanjie quickly left the room.

"First time you did that to mommy!" eyebrows arched.

"Sweetie, you look very handsome. You look exactly like your dad when I got married many years ago. Come here hug your old man." I hugged him very tightly

"Dad?..." my tears started to flow.

"Shhhh... Don cry! I know how you feel son. Trust me Ive been there... Do you know that I didn want to marry your mom before? But as time went on I also learned to love him, patience and understanding are all Ethan needs. Both of you will learn how to love each other eventually. Stop crying itll ruin your makeup! You are still very handsome in what you are wearing a white tuxedo." he carefully wiped my tears. "I love you, Allen, we

e doing this for you, not for anyone else. Sooner o later I hope the time will come when you realize how much your Mom and I love you." he kissed my forehead.

"I love you too, Dad" I stopped crying and I was left alone in my room. Many thoughts are running through my head. Should I run? But if I run where will go? They will also find me, with the many transactions my good mother has had, she will surely know where I am hiding. What will happen if I run? My mom will destroy everyone I care about.

I heard the Priest ask everyone to stand. As the music started playing all the flower girls lined up by the red carpet with white rose petals. As for me, I seem to have become ice in my current position, because almost those who attended my wedding day turned their attention to me, some smiling, waving and some taking pictures of me.

I immediately saw the man I was going to marry as he stood in front of the priest and he was also wearing a white tuxedo. The man I wish I could call my future, the love of my life, or my everything. But who am I kidding, Im marrying the Cold and Heartless Billionaire. Sebastian stood up straight with self-confidence and looked at me seriously as I approached where he was standing.

No one made any noise as they waited for me to continue walking. The attention felt too much for me to handle. I don know if I should continue walking or run away from the wedding venue or just keep going. I see confusion in their eyes...

The place faces an amazing view of the sunset. At the end of each seated aisle, white roses hung from white heart-shaped arched floral stands. White roses were strewn down the aisle from the flower girls who had marched earlier.

I saw Dad approaching where I was, he was just a few steps away from me so I could match him. "Here comes the groom music" started playing.

My dad escorted me down the aisle, which seemed longer than before. When we reached the end of the aisle Dad gave me a very tight hug and he kissed me on my forehead causing me to hug him.

"Im so proud of you" Papa gave my hand to Sebastian and patted him on the back which mean a sign of welcoming him to our family. Both Sebastian and I stood in front of the Priest.

Ceremony Begins:

[ Oh, maybe you intend to object to the wedding taking place today ]

"Dearly beloved, we gather here tonight so we can witness the union of Mr. Alcantara and Mr. Guevarra." began the priest. I couldn look directly at Sebastian. Why? I had no idea. The feelings that were raging inside me seemed to disappear like bubbles. As we exchanged our vows.

"Sebastian do you take Ethan Allen Guevarra, whom you hold by the hand to be your lawfully wedded husband, do you promise to be true to him to love him forever, to protect him in sickness and in health, in richer or poorer till death do us part?" the Priest asked Sebastian. It took several minutes before he answered the priests question to him.

"I DO" Sebastian answered to make the guests laugh, causing my cheeks to turn red. Wait, am I thrilled with this asshole?

"Ethan Allen Guevarra, do you take Sebastian whom you hold by the hand to be your lawfully wedded husband, do you promise to be true to him to love him forever, to protect him in sickness and in health, in richer or poorer till death do us part?" I just looked at him. I wanted to say I don but part of me will be a big shame for the people present today if I don answer I DO. Oh God, forgive me for the sin Im about to make. I heard the priest clear his throat.

"Hmmph... Ethan Allen Guevarra, do you take Sebastian whom you hold by the hand to be your lawfully wedded husband, do you promise to be true to him to love him forever, to protect him in sickness and in health, in richer or poorer till death do us part?" I just stared at Sebastian. I let go of his hands. Tears started flowing down my cheeks. Sebastian looked confused but did nothing. He remained standing right in front of the priest. "ETHAN!" I heard my moms voice. My heart is now beating so fast, that I might collapse.

"Ethan Allen Guevarra, do you take Sebastian who holds by the hand to be your lawfully wedded husband-" I cut him off and answered." I DO."

The reception is a blur... I am counting every second till ends so I can get hell out of this tuxedo.

I see that everyone who attended our wedding was happy except for Sebastian and me. He has that sad look in his eyes. Well, I don blame him, it sucks being part of the Alcantara and Guevarra clan. I excused myself, I needed to be alone! Theres this emotion building up within me. I need to release it somehow.

"Excuse me. I need some fresh air." I stood up from where it was sitting and headed to a gazebo far away from everyone.

I couldn help but cry when I remembered how Matteo and I used to plan our supposed wedding.

[ Flashback ]


e going to be the most handsome groom in the world, Bam." we are sitting outside the Patio looking over the wedding magazine.

"And you

e going to the most handsome groom in the world too, standing right next to me," I answered him. He gave me a sweet kiss.

"I will give you all that I have. Your love is my anchor, and your trust is my strength, may my heart be your refuge and my arms be your home. " as if hes saying his wedding vows to me.

[ End of Flashback ]

The raw pain came back to me. It felt like the pain was still an open wound. I can stop crying. My emotions overcame me and I completely broke down entirety not caring if someone was around or not. I don want to let the world know my pain! For where else? To tell me how stupid I am, for making a fool of someone I gave everything to.

"Whats a gorgeous groom doing in the dark alone and crying?" an unfamiliar voice snapped me out of my sad thoughts.

"Excuse me?" I wiped my tears and faced the man who suddenly appeared. Hes tall and Moreno attractive.

"Xavier Jade Alcantara, cousin of Sebastian " he explained.

"Oh! Im sorry I didn recognize you. What are you doing here?"

"Shouldn I be the one asking you that?" he has this confused look on his face

"Ah..eh... Nothing. I just want to be alone now. Its too chaotic inside the event because Im not used to that kind of fun." I just smile at him because I know hes just catching me.

"I know why you

e sad," he told me

"What do you mean that you know?" what does it say He wasn drunk and I knew he was in his right mind.

"Because. You married the wrong man." he turned his attention back to me. "I should be the one you married. I hope you

e not crying alone here in the dark." he joked.

"Hahaha.." I just laughed because of what he said.

"Hey, I was just kidding!" now he looked concerned.

"Whats going on here?!" Xavier just stood up to get away from me when we heard Sebastians voice.

"N-nothing" Xavier stammered. "He was crying, he was already crying when I got here," he explained.

"Can you leave us alone? I need a minute with my HUSBAND!" he said to Xavier Whoa! Fuck! HUSBAND!

"Why do you have to make things complicated?" he said.

"I just want to be alone okay? Just leave me alone!" I shouted at him

I froze when I felt his lips at the corner of my mouth. I wasn sure if I should pull back or protest but his lips has already brushed mine. He tugged me closer to him and my arms willingly slide around his waist as we deepened the kiss.

"I don like seeing you cry," he said with a cold tone of voice.

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