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A Cold And Heartless Billionaire CHAPTER ONE

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Ethans Pov:

"Why do I have to come with you Dad? I just came back from the province can I just stay home and rest?" I beg my father.

"No dear. You

e going with us. Its a surprise party so, of course, you should be there. Come on, put on the clothes I made for you." I knew it wasn my birthday so my parents couldn attend a birthday surprise.

"Mom! Im not going. Just go without me. And I don care if that party has anything to do with me. " I protested to them.

"Whether you like it or not, you go. Now Im giving you ten minutes to get ready. Change now and meet me at the party?" Hes the one who wants to make me angry because hes forcing me to go to a party that I don want.

I spent my precious time sleeping. I know if Mom and Dad only gave me ten minutes but I don care. So they can start the party without me. I looked at the digital clock and an hour and a half had passed, my phone kept ringing and I didn look to see who was calling. Besides, I heard someone knocking on the door.

"Señorito Allen, have you gotten dressed? Señora has been calling you for a while now," asked Manang Lennie, one of our assistants at the Mansion.

"Please come in." she immediately opened the door.

"Señorito" he bowed and stood in front of me.

"Tell me, Manang Lennie, what is this party about?" I know Manang Lennie won lie to me.

"Señorito Allen? I don know. As long as your Mom said I will tell you to follow the event."

"Okay." I know something is going on in this family. I never had any voice in this family. I just follow the wishes of my parents.

I quickly went down to the living room and saw the two long bodyguards and the driver waiting for me. When I got close to them, they immediately opened the door of the house, and followed them to the garage. While we were in the car while crossing the road to town, I couldn lose my nervousness, especially since I didn know what the outcome of my day would be.

Oh well, I will just have to wait until I get there. I can say that this party is very social. But my eyes widened when I got inside. This is my dream, this design for my engagement party.

While I was walking inside, I was surrounded by black and gold ribbons and decorations hanging above the event hall when someone suddenly pulled me and surprised me.

"You stray cat!"

"Where have you been? Didn I say earlier that it was ten minutes? You are wasting my patience, Ethan Allen!" Mama whispered to me as she held my arm.

"Why? Won this fun start without me? I don understand why you

e acting like this Mom!

" I glared at him.

"Tonight is your engagement party. You

e getting engaged to Sebastian Vincent Juarez Alcantara. So just shut up because I know you won like what Im going to do to you." he threatened me which made my eyes widen when I heard him myself.

I can believe this.

"What?! Are you losing your mind? You need to see a doctor first. Whos wrong now." I was about to run away when he ordered the bodyguards to stop me.

"You have no choice. Your father and I have already made the decision. You will do this or I will take away all my inheritances." Im tired of listening to my good mothers threats.

"Really? Youll take everything away from me? DO IT! I DARE YOU, MOM!" I answered him.

"And...." he stopped and just raised an eyebrow at me." I will destroy all your friends family business." hes testing me. What did he think of me that he could knock me out? She is a demonic mother!

"Whats new Mom? Isn that the same thing you did to Kuya Max? I hope you

e not karma for what you

e doing. I regret it because you were my parent!" he slapped me, but whats new about that? He does not love me. A real mother does not force his son to marry someone he does not know.

"Fix yourself. Your fiancé waiting for you inside. Remember what I bought you. If you do something embarrassing tonight Ethan, you will regret everything." I just clenched my fists because I hate this girl. I hate HER!

"Stop crying, Ethan! I did this for you, this is for your future. I want you to live with someone who comes from a very good family. Someone who has a good background. This is not all about money honey." I don see his sincerity but I still don understand why he is doing this to me.

"Mom! Dad... I don want to get married." I protested to them. I tried at least.

"STOP IT! Youll thank me later. I know the Alcantaras are very well, they will love you. Did you think we were in love with your Daddy at first? We were also arranged marriages. But look at us we

e very happy. Very happy! Not once did your Dad or I cheated on each other. Its time for you to settle down sweetie." the other Alcantara guests were looking at me as Mama and I entered the venue. I just clung to my parents hands because I was so nervous tonight.

"Calm down...They love you, honey." Daddy whispered to me as he faked a smile. The guests they had tonight were almost their business partners. Some media were hanging around one side while a camera took video. I also saw my brother with his whole family and in the center of the event man was standing, I could see the irritation on his face that he didn agree with the agreement.

"Honey, this is Sebastian Vincent, Sebastian this is my son Ethan Allen Guevarra." I looked at him and he seemed to dislike what was happening around us. I know the feeling but why does he seem to hate me?

"Nice to meet you ETHAN ALLEN GUEVARRA!" he told me emphatically and held out his hand but I just stared at it.

"Allen!" mommy called me and I nodded.

"Oh. Im sorry. Very pleased to meet you too Sebastian Vincent." I grabbed his hand and to my surprise, he ushered me toward our chairs.

"Well then lets start the party?" I heard my mother exclaim.

The whole night Sebastian remained silent and I could sense the intention between the two of us but even if I wanted to stop this mess there was nothing I could do.

"You won be happy with me," he said as he looked at his phone.

"Excuse me?" Im not sure if hes talking to me or if hes just talking to someone on the phone.

"This whole deal was a huge mistake," replied Sebastian.

"Tell me about it." He looked at me with a frown.

"What? If you hate this so much, do something about it. Stop this nonsense! I didn even want to marry you!" I was about to leave but he immediately stopped me.

"Sit down!" he ordered me.

"Don tell me what to do!" I answered him.

"I said sit down!" I was about to leave my seat when he suddenly pulled me and immediately kissed me! He tried to appease me with a kiss, but I tried to push him away from me- but he was just too strong. Later he also broke our kiss.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?-" I was about to punch him when he suddenly spoke causing me to interrupt what I was going to say next.

"Excuse us. We have something to talk about it at my penthouse!" he grinned and immediately dragged me out of the hall.

"Are you really stupid! Or are you just really stupid!" I shouted at him when we got to the second floor of the hotel and he immediately let go of my hand. And when the elevator opened, he just left me.

"FUCKING ASSHOLE! WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOURE GOING?!" I threw my top sider shoe at him. Maybe he thought I couldn beat him.

"Seriously? You turned those cheap shoes of yours into stones?" his eyes narrowed even more. He came to me and squeezed my cheek.

"Don you dare do that to me EVER AGAIN FAG!" he said. I patted his hand to remove his squeeze on my cheek.

"ASSHOLE! Who do you think you are ordering me to do whatever the ** you want? If you don agree with this nonsense, this **ing agreement wouldn exist. Stop treating me like a little child because its enough Im one of those people who try to run my life like I can handle it myself. Also, don forget the fact that Im also forced to deal with the same crap you

e in! I advise you to think first and come up with a good solution to stop this because I would rather kill myself than marry someone like you." I shouted at him and got on the elevator.

And this is how our story begins...

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