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A Cold And Heartless Billionaire CHAPTER TWO

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Ethans Pov:

"Allen, get up! Sebastian is on his way to pick you up." I heard Mom knock outside my room.

"Allen wakes up there and get ready!" He kept knocking on my door. Why did that man come here so early in the morning? It disturbs sleep, even including this one that my mother conceived in Armalite because of its excessive noise.

"Mom, give me six minutes!" I yelled at him.

"Ethan Allen get up there. If you don want me to dress you!"

What the seriously? HELL NO!

Even if I want to sleep, my good mothers patience cannot be exceeded, because she will do everything to wake me up.

"This is about to get up," I answered annoyed.

Im wearing an oversized black t-shirt with a print on the back. Sister Chloe gave it to me on my birthday back in Japan. I gently combed my hair and applied a little foundation. I want my makeup to look natural, like someone living a normal life.

When I went down to the living room, I immediately saw the man I hated today, he was the only reason why my sleep was interrupted. Sebastian was sitting while he was talking to Mama, they only stopped when they noticed me standing in front of them.

"Hi Ethan," he grinned at me. He is very plastic indeed.

"Hi," I just looked at him, of course, Mom might scold me if I ignore this guy.

Well go first, Tita." he said goodbye to mom and kissed her on the cheek which made mom smile. He dared to do that.

Alright, be careful." Mama led us to the outside of the gate. He opened his car door for me and immediately went to the drivers seat. He didn even close the door before getting into the car, this man is very not so gentlemanly.

We didn say anything in the car but out of curiosity, I asked him where we were going.

"Where are we going?" I asked him. But he didn even answer me.

"I SAID WHERE ARE WE GOING-" he immediately stepped on the brake causing my lips to hit the Dashboard of the car." DONT YOU KNOW HOW TO DRIVE?" I said to him in disgust but his attention was still on the front.

"SHUT UP! IF YOU DONT WANT ME TO KICK YOU OUT OF THE CAR!" he hit the steering wheel which surprised me and made me close my mouth.

"ARE YOU OKAY? I HOPE YOU DONT JUST VISIT THE HOUSE SO NO ONE ASKS YOU WHERE WERE GOING." I dared to ask him even though I knew he would get angry again.

"I want to tell you and you know. Do you know that I just came back from the province and Im still awake! If you feel sorry for my curiosity, where are you going to take me? Its a debt of gratitude if you

e having a hard time with our situation even more its me! So stop acting like you

e the only victim here!." I just held my breath. I feel like a crazy man for asking him.

"Get out!" he shouted at me. "I said get out!." he opened the door in front of her and went out. He immediately opened the door opposite me and dragged me out of the car. is he ok We are far apart and he will walk me? I don even remember this place back to us. Its good to beat this person.

"I HATE YOU! I WILL NEVER MARRY SOMEONE LIKE YOU! Fucking asshole! I hope you get into an accident and die so that the nightmare I have now will not continue." I said I started to walk away from his car. What did he think I would beg him for? HELL NO! He is stiff! He took care of his life, when I turned his back, he really left me and he drove his car quickly.

I stood in the shade of the tree for almost two hours. I don know where the hell I am. What if I wasn born unlucky? I even left my cell phone and wallet in Sebastians car.

I was so annoyed that I didn even realize that I didn have anything in my hand when I got out of the car. Oh my god, please help me, Lord. Im still wearing shoes and I don know the roads here.

Im on the highway. Im on a bridge but I still don know where Im heading besides, is the sun setting? Im going to pass out here. Im irritated by that gag! Get ready, I will never forget what he did to me.


After a while, I heard the sound of a car when I looked at it. I see someone familiar.

Hey stranger! Where are you going?" Liam asked me. My friend was sniffing an itch! "You came home, you didn even tell me, so I picked you up." its a man.

"Liam!!!!" I shouted his name as if I was still crying with joy. I gave him a tight hug. "I just arrived yesterday at midnight eh? Thats why I wasn able to chat with you right away." I added while still hugging him.

"Hey, are you okay? And why are you walking alone on the highway?" he asked worriedly.

"That bitch Sebastian just left me on the road!" I answered disgustedly as he shook his head.

"The rumored fiancé of yours? Hes a fool! That fool is ready for me when we meet!"

"Liam, Ive been hungry and tired for a while." I gave him puppy eyes. "But how did you know about my stupid fiancé?" I asked him out of curiosity.

"Cmon! Ill take you to my condo. You can rest there. I just came from the office, lets just talk there." he opened the door of his car for me and closed it slowly. If he wasn straight and a woman, I probably would have married him a long time ago.

Liam is one of my childhood friends, someone I trust so much. He accepted me even though he knew I wanted a boy. He considered me as precious gold to take care of. I don just trust anyone anymore. After Cindy and Matteo scandal. They are the reason why I came back here, if I had only known that mom would set me up in an Arranged Marriage, I should have stayed in the province and faced all the pain those two caused me.

I didn realize that I fell asleep during the long flight. I just woke up in an unfamiliar room. I looked around the entire room and my two eyes widened slightly when I saw the clock hanging on the wall of this room.

SHIT! Its two thirty pm, by the way, I just jumped and grabbed my chest when someone moved slightly next to me. When I turned around, I immediately felt relieved to see Liam, who was fast asleep. That man is handsome. I put my head on his chest to go back to sleep.

I just felt him put his hand on my head and stroke it. My eyes widened while we were both in such a good position.

"Hey, Gorgeous awake?" he said as he continued what he was doing.

"Uhmm..." I moaned.

"I want to know now what Matteo did to you in Isabela. Why didn you tell me when I was there too?" he said with frustration.

"Im sorry. I don know how to deal with the situation at that time. I know that I can approach you, but where else? To disintegrate the friends."

"I promised you before Ethan, you always have my back no matter what the situation is!" at this point he seems to be angry because the tone of his speech is almost different.

"Liam, can you take me? You need to go home as well, to forget the past and to forget what happened." I hugged him as tightly as I could. I miss him!

"Did you know that your and Sebastians engagement party was reported all over the world? Before you found out about Matteos cheating on you?"

"I believe that. Because if you make a deal with Mom, you think Im an expensive item that can be redeemed at any time." I just sat on the edge of the bed. Speaking of Sebastian, I still haven lost my annoyance with that gag because earlier. DAMN BASTARD!!!

"Hey lets go to my club later tonight. I will invite everyone. Sam, Nikko, Chris, and Kuya Jethro will be able to attend. The Ka-Kalos are always there." he said while she smiled causing her dimples to appear on both of her cheeks. Shes really cute!!! Oh my!

"Oh? Really when?"

"A week ago. They were looking for you. I also learned from them what happened to you in the Province. They all told me that the other men weren happy with what Matteo did to you, so don let that fool show up. Because I will kill him and dig his grave." he explained while his forehead was furrowed in anger.

"Ouch...Now I feel guilty. I shouldve contacted them before I left the province. I went to my Aunts Mabelle because its in Ilagan. I stayed there for three months." I explain to him.

"Its okay, at least you

e here now and we know you

e okay." I caught a glimpse of him from ear to ear. "Get ready for tonight. I got you a t-shirt, its hanging inside my closet," he ordered.

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