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Chapter 959 Victory

‘The only way you can destroy these things is if you use a strong attack. Voids voice sounded in Greys head.

‘I know.

But it seems like my current attack power will not be able to destroy them. Grey replied with a downcast expression.

Even though he wanted to destroy these things, there was nothing he could do at the moment.

He truly wasnt a match for a Ninth stage Sage Plane Elementalist if he didnt use the Fusion State.

Having so many elements naturally gave him some advantages, but now that Aldrin had used such a troublesome technique, it has almost wiped away Greys advantage of having multiple elements.

So what if he had multiple elements, if he couldnt even attack then they were useless.

Aldrin became more confident as the battle progressed, Grey was already backed into a corner, if he couldnt even beat up such an opponent then he was useless.

He wasnt the only one who felt like he had won the battle, everyone watching, except for Void and Sylvia felt that Grey had already lost.

What Grey was doing was only trying to delay the inevitable.

‘Why dont you try combining two elements The attack power should be good. Void suggested.

Grey also had this thought, but he was waiting for a chance to use the attack.

Even if he wanted to attack, he couldnt attack carelessly.

He had already fed these spatial distortions so much, if he continued, he would only bring about his own defeat.

‘Such a hateful technique! I have to learn it! Grey concluded in his mind.

Fighting against this was terrible, but being the user would make his battles somewhat easier.

Of course he knew a technique of this caliber would be one of three secret techniques of a powerful family.

Even if Aldrin isnt from a top Family like the Burchard Family, he was still from an above average Family, and he joined a top space elemental Faction.

Grey quickly implemented his plan, an orb formed on his hand, and it was made up of two destructive elements, the fire and the lightning element.

When the attack was sent out, Aldrin used the spatial distortion in front of him to block and gobble up the attack.

However, things were a little different this time.

The spatial distortion shook after the attack entered, but it soon stabilized.

Greys expression turned a little ugly when he saw this.

‘Ill have to put in more effort. He thought as he looked at the spatial distortions around.

Aldrin was a little shocked, but seeing that the spatial distortion stabilized, he laughed heartily, “Haha, even someone in the same stage as myself cant destroy it, and you think you can”

Grey didnt bother with the mocking words of Aldrin, he once again dodged the attack sent in his direction before preparing another attack.

This time, the orb had three elements in it, the fire, lightning, and the space element.

Although Grey didnt know too many space elemental attack techniques, he didnt have any problems with adding it to this orb to increase its power.

The orb shot out once again, this time, Grey aimed for the spatial distortion that swallowed the previous attack.

After unleashing that attack, he sent out another one, and another one, and another one.

In the space of a few seconds, over five orbs shot at the same spatial distortion.

When the first orb touched it, the spatial distortion continued its dominant attitude and gobbled it up.

It shook after the first attack was swallowed, just as it was about to stabilize, the second attack entered, then the third, then the fourth.

Aldrin, who had a smug smile on his face had a change of expression when he realized what Grey wanted to do.

It was already too late for him to stop it.

Moreover, Grey was still sending attacks at it.

After the eighth orb entered, the spatial distortion started to tremble as a powerful aura started to circulate.

At this moment, even Aldrin who was standing close to it had retreated.

He knew what was about to happen, and he couldnt stop it.


The spatial distortion exploded out.

With it, a chain reaction followed suit.

The other spatial distortions started to explode one by one.

Aldrins face was ashen at the moment.

Grey wasnt the only one who would be affected by this explosion, he would be affected as well.

He gritted his teeth as he prepared to block the attack.

Just as he set up a defensive wall with the space element, he saw a bright light shooting towards him, the next moment, his expression changed.


Grey attacked him at this vital time.

He thought Grey would be too focused on defending, but who knew that Grey not only defended, but he even attacked him as well.

The defensive wall was broken through by Greys attack.

From the strength of the attack, it was easy to deduce that Grey had been preparing this attack for a while now.

Those watching the battle from outside were stunned by Greys boldness.

Most people would be flustered by the explosion and think of only how to defend, but Grey didnt only block, but he also unleashed an explosive attack as well.

This was a true battle veterans move.

Even some of the old guys here didnt think they would be able to make such a move at a time like this.

The face of the Elder who brought Aldrin over was dark.

It was evident that he didnt expect this to happen.

He already felt that Aldrin had defeated Grey, but everything changed so quickly.

‘Useless. He complained internally.

Aldrin could only block the attack and rush back.

However, he was affected by the explosion and his clothes were torn.

His hands were injured and bleeding, while he also spat out a mouthful of blood.

On Greys end, he was relatively safer.

Compared to Aldrin who had to face two attacks, he only focused on defending against the explosion.

Even though the explosion was powerful, since it was covering a large area, its strength was limited.

Grey didnt expend too much effort to block it, and he even used an ability almost similar to Aldrins spatial distortions to block the effect of the explosion.

When the explosion died down, the two figures appeared in the line of sight of everyone.

Grey was still looking the same since he didnt have to go through much.

But Aldrin on the other hand was in a sorry state, his hands were bloodied, and his clothes were torn.

It was easy to see who suffered more.

Some people didnt catch the sight of Greys attack, so they were taken aback by Aldrins appearance.

‘Hehe, youre really vicious. Voids voice rang in Greys ears.

‘Of course, after making me go through such a stressful situation, do you think Ill let him off easily Grey sneered.

His facial expression was the same, he only looked at Aldrin who no longer had a smug smile on his face.


“No need to talk too much.

Only admit defeat or continue fighting.” Grey interrupted Aldrin who was about to talk.

He had already spent too long on the platform.

He originally wanted to end the battle quickly, but this guy was a little stronger than what he predicted.

Aldrins face showed anger before he launched an attack on Grey once again.

Grey knew the effect of his provocation would be strong on this genius.

Without delay, he instantly used the Fusion State and his aura shot to the Seventh stage of the Sage Plane.

He didnt want to go further than this.

Boom! Bang!

They started to exchange attacks.

This time, the attack power of Aldrin was higher, and so was Greys.

This was by far the most intense battle of the entire five battles.

The others were more stunned by Greys abilities.

They didnt think that Aldrin was weak, rather, they felt that Grey was just too strong.

Boom! Bam!

Grey drew closer and unleashed a fire attack, while Aldrin used the lightning element to counter.

Grey vanished as he evaded the attack, before attacking.

Aldrin was also a Space Elementalist, so he dodged with ease as well.

Having a higher cultivation stage, his control over the space element was actually stronger than Greys.

Three inscriptions soon lit up in the sky as they started to attack Aldrin as well.

With Grey also attacking, Aldrin was soon put in a passive situation.

Being attacked from four different sides, he was unable to hold on against Grey.

The fight continued, but Aldrin was continuously forced back.

Before long, Grey soon gained the complete advantage.

He exploded out with a fire blade that broke through Aldrins attack and shot at him.

He tried to block it but was sent flying.

Before he could recover, Grey was standing close to him as he unleashed a punch.

The punch sent Aldrin flying, sending him crashing into the platform.


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