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Chasing Love (We fight for love and we dont give up) 13. Decisive Feelings

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I HATE IT, the way she looked at me, the way she couldn say a word, her stares full of doubt, this is how kate exactly looked at me.

"Jerome" she mentioned and it made me stop. "Why did Jerome hit you?" she added asking. I let go of her hand, took a deep breath, stood up, and smirk.

"He saw kate and I talked to each other as I touched her, Jerome knows that I am kates childhood friend who keeps chasing her" I stated then I looked at her. "Yes, Jerome knows that I love her" I added.

Emi also stood up and was kind of shocked. "You did not tell me," she said.

"Cause you did not ask" I replied then she opened her mouth like she wanted to say something but it won come out. I don know but I find it cute.

"Whatever" she ended up saying. "Just explain to me what happened that time cause I only saw Jerome hit you and then kate restraining him, after that, I left" she added. She sat down again and acted like she was ready to listen. I put my hands inside my pockets.

"I told kate That I am giving up on her like what you did," I said. Her eyes widened. "And I told her I will do that if she accepts me as her friend again, then our conversation ended cause your Jerome came out of nowhere" I continued.

Emis expression changed to a big smile, it looks like her hopes up.

"Then, they must be fighting at this time" she looks excited and happy. The first time I met her, she couldn even smile like this.

"So do your best this coming Saturday, Jerome will be with you all the time" I spoke teasing her. She changed her expression again to confusion.

"Wait, Ho-how did you know? I haven told you about that yet" she asked shockingly. I took a step in the doorway while her eyes followed me.

"I heard it, see you tomorrow" I raised my hand saying goodbye, and opened the door.

"Hey! Wait!" Emi quickly stepped forward but it was too late, I exits and closed the door. As I left she opened it again and I let her yell. I smiled like making her for fun. She is really far from kate but I will consider her a special one.


I opened my mini refrigerator to check if there are any foods to eat but the only thing that I saw was bottled water. "hmm? I should at least eat there before I left the apartment" I complained to myself. I closed the fridge and I unintentionally looked at myself in the mirror built on the wall on top of my fridge. I saw myself with a wound in my mouth, I touched it as I remembered how kate defended me from Jerome.

"Jerome stop now!" kate begged him while restraining him. "What are you doing here?!! I told you to stay away from kate!!" An angry expression of Jerome.

"I said stop Jerome! He is a student here!" kate yelled at him which made him stop. He looked shocked. "Kyoto did not do anything wrong, we were just talking!" she added. Jerome turned around on her with confusion.

"What? Tell me, is this your first time seeing him here?" Jerome asked kate but kate couldn answer him directly so I stood up. "Why you don answer me directly?" he madly asked.

"Its her first time seeing me here" I brokenly answered what Jerome wanted to know. Kates reaction was surprised while looking at me. I know she did not expect this. Jerome turned his sight on me. "I approached her just to tell her that I am giving up on her and hoping I can still be her friend" I added. I lied, just to save her and just to save my plan, I want to convince her that I am changed and willing to save their somewhat relationship.

"Be her friend? But I still don trust you" Jerome responded. Kate quickly looked at him with a mad expression.

"Thats what I feel," she said then Jerome confused looked at her. "I still don trust her, but you still choose her to be your sisters maid of honor and I can believe this Saturday you will be with her" kate complained to Jerome then she walked out. My eyes get small from what I heard. "So emi will be with Jerome, that would be interesting" my mind mumbled.

"kate wait!" Jerome shouted. He looked at me intensely. "Im warning you, this would be the last time" he threatened.

"Its not your decision, its Kates decision" I noted. His angry expression makes him want to hit me again but I can see how he controlled himself then he decided to follow kate.

I smirked in front of the mirror thinking that it was not the first time he did that. He hit me before when he caught me hugging kate while begging him to love me. It happened again but I will make sure that I will succeed to get her from him, I will. 

As I walked into the hallway most students are glaring at me and murmuring at each other. I guess its about what happened yesterday. Emi and I are now the same, the same being their topics.

"Is it true that you like kate?" said Janelle as she and Denise blocked my way. I did not answer but looked at her. This girl has all the qualities of being nosy. "Am I that pretty to look at me like that?" She asked while stroking and twirling her hair around.

"No, I am wondering how the nosy person like you living on this earth" I spoke which made her feel irritated.

"Awe! I am so disappointed, I liked you but I don like the way you talk" she said annoyed.

"Then it would be great if you stop liking me, I was not born to impress someone like you, if being nosy is your hobby, keep it up" I stated and they were so pissed.

"What?!" she followed by her words and I ignored them. I have known myself of being mean but I have so much respect for girls, if they don respect me same goes for them.

Climbing upstairs going to the rooftop and the door is a little bit opened again. Emi is not being aware of what will happen and I don know what to do to that snooty girl. When I reached the top her eyes looked afar in a hate-filled gesture.

"Stop thinking too much, it will kill you" I brokenly said. She looked at me while creasing her forehead and I know already it is about the rumors.

"Its your fault!" anger appeared.

"If its about the rumors ignore it, you used to do that yet, you were happy yesterday" Clearing my point.

"Yes I was and my bad that I smiled. I am worried because of the drama scenes you created here inside the university! They are gossiping about you" she complained irritably.

"Hmm, so you are acting like you realized that it was my mistake? Your Jerome created a scene not me" my response and it made her looks really mad.

"If you did not approached your slut girl it won happen!" she said and my jaw starts clenching from what she said. "Take back what you said" warning her while looked at her intensely for calling kate a slut.

"No, because its true" she insist. She also intensely looking at me like she is willing to have a fight with me. I grabbed her arms tightly.

"I said, take back everything you said!!" i yelled at her but she looked aware and still looking at me intensely but suddenly,........ she looked in the other direction and got surprised. I wondered why so I turned my head and Theres a girl standing in front of open door.

"E-emi?" mentioned emis name so I recognized her and from out of shocked emi mentioned her name.


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