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Wang Teng followed Grandmaster Mo De to the smithery studio.

There were four grandmaster blacksmiths overlooking his assessment.

All of them were lofty and muscular.

They looked like four towering bodyguards when they stood around Wang Teng.

Their attitude made him feel as if he was surrounded by bodyguards too.

These four grandmaster blacksmiths were extremely warm-hearted.

They even seemed a little careful.

They treated him like a treasure, afraid that he would run away when they werent looking.

Triple-grandmaster title!

Once Wang Teng passed the smithery assessment, he would be a triple-field grandmaster.

Only one triple-field grandmaster ever appeared in a million years.

It was understandable why the grandmaster blacksmiths were treating him dearly.

As he chatted with the four grandmasters, Wang Teng counted the gains during his lightning calamity.

Besides training his physical body, the lightning calamity also provided some attribute bubbles for him.

Constellation Force (Lightning)*1250

Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning*50

There were 1250 points of constellation lightning Force, allowing Wang Tengs lightning Force to increase.

His constellation lightning Force was currently at the fifth-level planetary stage.

1250 wasnt a large number, but this was an unexpected gain during the lightning calamity.

It would be a waste not to take it.

Other people would get nervous when they experienced the lightning calamity, but he had bubbles to gain.

He felt good just thinking about it.

Of course, the constellation lightning Force wasnt the main benefit.

The important attribute was in the second bubble—Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning!

This was a huge surprise!

He received a lightning calamity attribute bubble when he overcame the lightning calamity.

He wondered if heaven would release 99 bolts of lightning to strike him to death if it knew about this.

Although 50 points were quite little, Wang Teng managed to gain a new attribute.

A silver-white bolt of lightning was dancing happily in his mind.

It shuttled back and forth and even ran to the Emerald Glazed Flame and the Holy Flame to provoke them.

It kept giving off sparks as it twirled around the flames.

Fortunately, Wang Teng gained this bolt of lightning by picking up the attribute bubble.

It automatically recognized him as its master, so it didnt wreak havoc in his consciousness.

If not, his soul might have been destroyed instantly.

The Dark Flame also received a similar treatment.

The bolt of calamity lightning didnt seem to like the Dark Flame.

Once it got near, it turned violent.

Wang Teng felt that the calamity lightning was like a rowdy little kid.

It threw its sparks at the Dark Flame and wanted to beat it up.

The Dark Flame wasnt something easy to bully either.

It might be a little small, but the calamity lightning was of a similar size too.

The Dark Flame wasnt afraid of the calamity lightning.

It formed a tongue with its flames, attempting to extinguish this brat.

Wang Teng hurriedly pulled them apart when he noticed their situation.

In the past, the same situation had happened between the Holy Flame and the Dark Flame.

Light and dark were never on the same line.

If he didnt place them in two different corners, they wouldnt be able to exist harmoniously.

Thus, he was well-experienced in such fights and remained exceptionally calm.

After pulling the calamity lightning away, Wang Teng had the chance to study this fellow.

The more he looked at it, the more he liked it.

This was the Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning!

It might be the lowest class of calamity lightning, but it was still calamity lightning.

Normal lightning couldnt be compared with it.

Wang Teng had experienced the power of the lightning calamity personally.

Although he managed to destroy it, it still caused him trouble even when he was already so powerful.

This proved that this bolt of lightning was extraordinary.

This is good stuff! Wang Teng was elated.

He comforted the bolt of calamity lightning.

It seemed a little unwilling when he pulled it over from the Dark Flame.

This calamity lightning wasnt a living entity, but it had a tiny hint of intelligence.

The Emerald Glazed Flame, the Holy Flame, and the calamity lightning all had intelligence.

This was what made them extraordinary.

Be obedient.

Ill find more calamity lightning and make sure you get thicker and fatter. Wang Teng formed an invisible hand with his spiritual power and patted the bolt of calamity lightning.

The calamity lightning immediately released some sparks to display its happiness.

Hahaha! Wang Teng couldnt help but laugh in his heart.

“Grandmaster Wang Teng, were here.” Grandmaster Mo Des voice pulled Wang Teng back to the real world.

They had entered a room that looked like a smithery studio.

There were many tools and facilities here.

Blacksmiths needed more tools than alchemists or runemasters.

The former only required a furnace while the latter just needed a rune pen.

This smithery studio was more high-class than the one on the QY-E63 spacecraft.

“Grandmaster Wang Teng, you just need to make one grandmaster-level weapon for this assessment.

Do you have any weapons you want to forge” Grandmaster Mo De asked.

“If you dont, the alliance can prepare the drawing and instructions for one grandmaster-level weapon.

Every participant receives such a treatment.”

“Oh!” Wang Tengs eyes lit up.

He understood.

No wonder he was given many things for free when he took the rune assessment and the alchemy assessment.

He was gifted three grandmaster-level rune arrays during his rune assessment and the ingredients for his dan were free too.

Both of them were precious and worth lots of money.

“Can I take a look at the weapons” Wang Teng asked.

Grandmaster Mo De smiled.

He tapped the table lightly with his right hand, and a screen appeared in front of Wang Teng.

There were all kinds of strange-looking items displayed on it, including long swords, bows, giant axes, and many more.

All their styles were different.

“These are all grandmaster-level weapons.

You can take a look first,” Grandmaster Mo De said.

Wang Teng nodded, going through the items quickly.

He only took a glance at the swords and blades because they had no special traits even though they were of high quality and were at the grandmaster level.

Thus, he didnt put much attention to them.

The screen could be scrolled using his finger.

The universe was highly advanced.

Everything was convenient.

Wang Teng flipped through the pages one by one.

Soon, he was on the last page.

The grandmasters glanced at one another.

Was he unsatisfied with all these grandmaster-level weapons

At that moment, Wang Tengs gaze paused on an extremely unique weapon.

This was a square seal.

It was purple and gold in color, and there were lightning patterns and beasts carved on it.

There was a short introduction below.

Lightning element spiritual kinesis weapon.

You can make it bigger or smaller if you carve the relevant runes on it.

It contains lightning energy and you can hurl it out using spiritual kinesis.

Its extremely heavy and can release lightning too.

This is an extremely powerful weapon.

(Note: This is a ruthless weapon.

Its used to slap ones forehead.

The person who gets slapped will die a gory death.

Please use it carefully! Use it carefully~)

Wang Tengs expression turned strange as he read to the end.

For some reason, his hands started to get a little itchy.

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