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Extreme Pampering Young Master Lus Beloved Wife. Stay Out Of My Matter!

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"Welcome home, young miss" the housekeeper of the Meng family villa greeted as Meng Xi sauntered in. She muttered a word of thanks to the lady and gave a small nod.

The housekeeper lady smiled in turn, she had always liked the young miss like her own daughter. She had been with the family since Meng Xi was a child so she knew her personality best and she also knew that Meng Xi was a very good child.

"Is father home, sis Wang?" Meng Xi asked emotionlessly as she grabbed a glass of water from the table.

"Yes, master had been in the study with the second miss, they seem to be discussing some important matters" the housekeeper lady explained respectfully.

"Father is with Meng Su now? Very good, I was hoping to meet them both" she muttered with a snort.

The housekeeper lady did not notice the sarcasm in Meng Xis tone, she nodded and helped Meng Xi put away the glass she drank from. "Young Miss, will you eat first before meeting Master and the second miss?" the housekeeper asked politely.

"Maybe later, this is the right time to see my father and good sister," Meng Xi replied and waved the housekeeper lady off. She picked up her steps and climbed the stairs that led to her fathers study.

She reached the door and knocked a few times out of curtsey before leaning against the door while she waited to be permitted to go in. She stuck her hands into her pant pockets and leaned on the door, she grazed at her sneakers briefly before knocking on the door again.

"Come in," she heard a muffled response from within. Meng Xi adjusted her clothes before walking into the study.

Sitting behind a desk was a man dressed in a formal black suit, his sleek back hair was neatly kept and he appeared younger than his age. A young lady sat in front of him and upon Meng Xis entrance, the two people looked up.

"Why have you come to see me without telling me beforehand?" Master Meng uttered with obvious displeasure.

Meng Xi looked nonchalantly at her father and then at Meng Su, her adoptive sister. Of course, in her fathers eyes, Meng Su who was not even his biological daughter could always return to the villa and even still had her room whenever she wanted it while she who was the rightful owner of the house had to be permitted before she visited. It was obvious that her father never really wanted her around.

She scowled inwardly not caring about these things, she shrugged and parted her lips, "This is my home isn it, father? Anyway, it skipped my mind" she uttered casually.

"You must remember to inform me beforehand next time" Master Meng responded coldly and brushed off his daughter like a pesky annoying fly.

"Why are you here by the way?" Master Meng dropped his pen and looked at Meng Xi with an arched brow.

"I came to sign the transfer documents" Meng Xi answered frankly.


Meng Xinjiang slammed his palm on the table and shot a cold look at Meng Xi who also met his gaze with the same intensity.

"You foolish child, what transfer of documents are you talking about?!" he blurted out angrily and acted as though he was ignorant of what Meng Xi meant.

Meng Xi glanced at her father and snorted in her heart. She was certain that her father knew exactly what she was talking about and he must have even awaited her arrival. If he had not been waiting for her, he would not have invited Meng Su over. She bet the man was already cooking a plan a step ahead of her but this time, she would do her best not to make him win!

"Sister, please, be patient, don make father angered, his health has not been so good these days" Meng Su patiently instructed Meng Xi.

Meng Xi sneered and looked at Meng Su who was standing up to move over in their fathers direction. Like a prim and proper workaholic lady, Meng Su was dressed in a grey formal suit that blended with her business lady style. Her pointy face was solemn and she appeared very smart. Nothing about her seemed delicate and when she looked at Meng Xi, it carried a hint of reprimanding and arrogance as though she was looking down on the latter.

"Father, please, be calm a bit, you know your health better than anyone here. If there is anything you have to say to sister, the both of you can sit down and discuss" She said to Meng Xinjiang with a slight frown clouding her perfect face.

Meng Xinjiang nodded obediently and smiled, he did not mind being corrected by his other daughter. In his eyes, Meng Su had always been a likable daughter. Although she was not his biological daughter, she was walking in his steps and it made him proud.

Meng Xi was already used to scenes like this, she was almost immune to things like this. She watched the duo a while longer before she eventually opened her mouth to speak.

"Now that we are calm, can I sign the papers now?" She muttered carelessly and immediately the words slipped out of her mouth, her father shot her a cold look.

"Sister..." Meng Su let out a disapproving sigh as she muttered but before she could complete her sentence, Meng Xi interrupted her coldly.

"Stay out of my matter!"

"Be quiet!" Meng Xinjiang could no longer listen to Meng Xi, he looked at her with a disappointing gaze and stood up in fury.

"Since you are hell-bent on taking over the assets that your mother left you, I remembered we had an agreement, you are still ignorant and have only clocked twenty a few days ago. I don think you could have gotten married now either so how do you think I will transfer the papers to you without you performing your part of our agreement?" Meng Xinjiang enunciated harshly.

Meng Xi heard her fathers voice ring in her head and it made her heart grow cold, she clenched her fist and a bitter sad smile curled up on her face.

Great, her own father was not even sparing her!

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