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"Lilith" Lilian called from outside her room as she knocked lightly and came in. She saw her lying on her bed and sleeping peacefully. Of course she wasn aware that it was morning already and the beginning of the most wonderful day of her life so far.

"Wake up sleepy baby" she drew her curtains to give the peeking light more right into the room as the beautiful world of Triven came into view. She tapped her a bit, trying to wake her from her slumber. "Wake up baby, its morning already".

"Hmm, hmm" Lilith groaned as she fluttered her eyes open like the wings of a butterfly, turning round her bed like she wanted to feel every part of it.

"Wake up baby its morning and your first day at the institute".

The institute! Lilith opened her eyes immediately and stood from her bed. "Mommy l need to get ready for my first day at the institute!" She squealed.

"Of course baby" Lilian chuckled "lets get you washed up first". She carried her straight to the bathroom, to get her showered.


After getting her ready in her favorite color, a purple top and purple crossing belt shorts. She tied her purple long wavy hair into a beautiful ponytail, and her feets were covered in black boots.

"You look great darling" Lilian admired her own daughter, giving her a sweet peck.

"Thanks mommy" Lilith smiled sweetlyprinc mom and turned to her mirror to look at her own reflection. She believed she looked beautiful and loved the fact that she was looking good in her favorite color.

"Mommy where is my backpack?" She asked suddenly as she turned back to her mom.

"Oh baby sorry l forgot, l will go get it now its in my room". Lilian hurried out of the room to get her backpack, leaving her alone in her room to keep admiring herself in the mirror.

"You look gorgeous Lilith".

Lilith felt her soul jump out of her flesh from fear as she saw that her reflection wasn the only one visible in the mirror. It was Andreas, he squatted right behind her and his head was peeking from the crook of her neck with his eyes staring directly into hers through the mirror.

"Andreas!" She turned to him immediately and gave him a tight hug. "You scared me to death, don ever do that again" she pouted.

"Sorry dear Lilith" he said with a smile.

"Its ok" she drew away from the hug. "Its my first day at the kid rangers institute of north east Triven, my region. I want to study and become a powerful ranger in the future, just like my daddy" she said proudly with her hands on her waist and her nose in the air.

"Well thats thrilling" Andreas breathed. Of course she wanted to be one of the people that had him and his people lost in a star. However, she was just a little girl and didn yet understand alot of things. This was just her big dream and the only thing she probably desired from him was support, and he was sure to give it to her awaiting the day she shall be able to understand the real world, as it really was not from the pages of her story book.

"I am happy for you, and l am sure you will make a great ranger even better than your daddy".

"Thank you so much Andreas. I will not let you, my daddy nor my mommy down" hug him again but drew away quickly when she heard the sound of her mothers voice, she was approaching her room.

"See you later Andreas" she whispered, waving at him as he just disappeared into thin air winking at her.

"Honey l have your backpack!" Lilian announced as she entered the room. She put the bag aside on her bed and carried her straight to the dinning table. "Time for breakfast darling. Your ride will be here soon".

"Oh yes the air bus" Lilith was very excited. She has always wanted to take a ride on the air bus, everytime she saw the other Triven children that were of age for kids institute hop in to be taken to their institutes. Well now, she was going to enter the bus herself and ride on the air Cool!. She thought with a smile.

She rushed her breakfast, it was pancakes and milk. "Easy baby. You might choke on your food" Lilian teased. Lilith didn bulge at her words as she munched on the last piece of her pancake and rushed to her room to carry her backpack.

"l am ready mommy!" She railed down the stairs, standing before her mother with pride.

"Good baby girl because the air bus is here!"

"Its here!" She ran to the front door and swung the door open to behold the bus waiting at her doorstep.

"Hop in Lilith Amnell" the bus driver beckoned, and she didn waste time to hop into the bus.

"Good bye mommy!"

"Bye baby! Have a splendid first day!".


The kids ranger institute of north east Triven was a sight to behold. They were children here and there that were dropped by the air buses that came in and out of the institute. Within minutes, all the children formed a single file by the institute staff, as they stepped into the main building by the order of the sensei in charge of taking in new kid rangers and assigning them to their various classes.

"Attention children" a voice echoed from the loud speaker that was high up the main building. Everywhere went calm as the sound caught the attention of all the children. "Please step forward to bare your ranger names and take your level up bracelets".

The staff of the institutes helped them remain in the order as they walked to the sensei one after the other.

"I am so excited to be here" a boy behind Lilith spoke by her ear.

"Me too" she turned to him with a bright smile. "I am Nexine" he offered his hand to her in friendship. "Oh ok, l am Lilith" she took his hand. Their discussion was about to go futher but Lilith realized she was directly before the sensei.

"Hi" she smiled at him but he didn return the smile.

"Lilith Amnell" he called sternly. "Here is your level up bracelet" he put the black bracelet on her small wrists. "Your progress in this institute during your stay here will be projected from it through your level up bars. Enter the kid rangers institute, get assigned to your class and determine to be a ranger of Triven"...

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