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Chapter 40: The Internal Situation of The Strongest Clan

Tokyo, Otemachi.

One of the huge company buildings in the centre of that district.

This place was the location of the headquarters of DeNA Elcid, the biggest dungeon company in Japan.

Two men were walking in the corridor of the 8th floor of the building.

One of them was Honda, the chief of the main HQ of Elcid.

He wore a neat suit and his gray hair was swept back.

He was the textbook example of a neat and experienced office worker.

The one who followed Honda was a high-school student, Amasawa Rui.

After formally signing the agreement to join the company after graduation, he was currently visiting the company to confirm his schedule.

Honda spoke to Rui as they walked.


「How high is your current ‶Mana Index″」

「I’ve raised it until 321.」

「Hou, it’s really rare for third-year high school students to have that much mana index.

Is it still colourless mana」

「Nope, I’ve dyed around 50.

I planned to use the rest for later.」

「Uhm, you save it for the ruby magic gem huh.

But, you need to dye it a bit more to raise your mana index more efficiently.」

「I’ll leave that decision for my trainer.

I believe in Elcid know-how training after all.」

「Hahaha, that’s a wise decision.」


Honda stopped, and then placed his ID card into the card reader installed right beside the door in front of him.

The gate then opened up along with the unlocking sound.

Upon entering the room, three people turned out to have been waiting inside the room.

They wore the official Explorer uniform, chatting merrily with each other as they sat on the sofa.

Upon seeing the arrival of Rui, one of them stood from his seat and walked toward the two.

He was a short-haired man wearing sports sunglasses with a mirror lenses.

His peculiar slit eyes could be seen once he took off his sunglasses.

Despite his slender figure, he didn’t seem like a thin person.

His limbs had well-toned muscles devoid of unnecessary fat.

An ideal figure of an athlete.

「Sorry for calling you guys right before the exploration.」

Honda smiled apologetically to the man.


「It’s not a big deal.

I also want to meet the super rookie.」


After a firm handshake with the man, Honda turned around toward Rui.


「Let me introduce to you, He is――」

「Of course, I know him!」


Rui stepped forward with a gleaming look on his face even before Honda finished speaking.


「Mana Index 3957.

Japan’s strongest Explorer, the ‶Thunder Beast″, Tennouji Hayato-san! I’ve never missed the news about your exploration in the magazine.

「Hahaha, I’m honoured to be recognized by you.

So you’re the rumoured super rookie eh.」

「I feel honoured too!」


Rui stretched both of his hands for a handshake with Tennouji.


「Since you recognise me, does that mean you recognise them too」


Tennouji pointed at the other people sitting on the sofa behind him with his thumb.


「Of course! Anyone who is aiming to become an Explorer will naturally know about the member of Tennouji-san’s party, the 『Howl of Thunder Beast』.」


The two people who sit on the sofa then walk up toward Rui and co.

The one who came first was a tall, brown-haired woman, she observed Rui and then opened her well-shaped lips.


「Hee, does that mean you know about me too」

「Yes, Mana index 2549.

User of the Radiant enchanted sword, Misaki Bluewell-san.

As the same fire user, you’re my target of admiration.」

「Fufufu, thank you, I’m honoured to hear your praise.」


Rui’s face was beaming with a smile as he shook his hands with Misaki.


「Oi, don’t forget about me.」


The smile on Rui’s face broadened the moment he saw the man with the biggest physique.


「Of course, I won’t forget about you! Mana index 3077.

Japan’s second strongest Explorer is also known as the ‶Railgun″, Taizen Akira-san!」

「I see, you’ve remembered all of our latest data huh, interesting!」


Rui did a solid handshake with Taizen.

Tennouji was smiling pleasantly upon seeing that situation.


「We’re about to depart to the 『White Dungeon』 in Hokkaido.

The other members had already stood by over there.

We’ll stay in there for few weeks… or should I say, for the exploration.」

「That sounds… Tough.

I will pray for your safe return.」

「Hehe, thanks.

You should raise your strength quickly to help us too.

Well, you’ve decided on 『Fire Magic』, right」

「Yes! That’s my intention.」

「Are you aiming to surpass ‶Flame Emperor Albert″」


Rui’s face flushed red upon hearing Tennouji’s question.


「Y-Yes… It might sound absurd but I want to become the best in the world.

Mana index 8211, Albert Muller-san, I shall surpass him.」

「Great! It’s nice to see our super rookie have such a high goal.

I look forward to your future.」



After exchanging pleasantries with Honda, Tennouji and the other two left the room.


「Well then, how’s your first impression about our Explorer best team 」

「I was really nervous.」

「Is that so You look like really relaxed from my perspective though.」

「No way, I’m really nervous a while ago.」


Honda let out a smile upon seeing Rui’s humble reaction.


「This will wait for after you graduate but, I planned to have you to go to Fukuoka right after your graduation.」

「Fukuoka Then――」

「Yes, you’ll go to the 『Green Dungeon』.

I want you to train and raise your mana index in that dungeon.

The seeker clan will give you undivided support.」

「From Fukuoka’s branch huh… Thank you very much but, are you sure that I’m not going to be a burden for them」

「Hahaha, the man who scouted you, Ishikawa said that you have a higher potential than even Tennouji.」

「How can someone like me have more potential than Tennouji-san…」

「If you really feels that way, then you must break the wall of mana index and become stronger as fast as possible, Amasawa Rui.」

「Y-Yes, I’ll do my best!」


Rui could feel the expectation placed on his shoulder.


He renewed his determination to do his best to answer the expectation placed on him.


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