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Chapter 71: ILYP

As June approached, the temperature started rising.

   Since it had rained heavily the previous night, the air was clear and the dust had settled. The plants outside the corridor had let down their branches and leaves, and the wind was surging with the unique heat waves of summer.

    There were still a few days left before the college entrance examination.

A notice had been posted in the grade announcing that it would be a holiday after class that day onwards, and everyone should go home to review for three days, and to prepare for the college entrance examination.

    In the classroom of Class 10, the air conditioner made a soft sound as it functioned.

    It was a self-study class, Duan Jiayan lowered his head and wrote the questions. Probably due to the holiday approaching, his focus was getting harder and harder to maintain, and thoughts that had nothing to do with learning popped up in his mind from time to time.

    He tried solving this math problem for more than ten minutes, but he was still unsuccessful. Duan Jiayan glanced to the side and saw his deskmate was playing on his mobile phone with his head down.

    Duan Jiayan decided to trouble him in order to entertain himself: “Do you look down on the college entrance examination, or are you looking down on this self-study period”

    Lu Xingci paused, and just as he was about to speak, Zhao Minjun hurried into the classroom.

    “Everyone, get ready, our graduation photo will be taken an hour earlier.” Zhao Minjun glanced at them distractedly: “Quickly put on your school uniforms and line up to go downstairs.”

    As soon as he finished speaking, discussions immediately erupted from all around and numerous voices mingled together. Duan Jiayan threw the pen down, and exclaimed happily: “Liberation has come”

    Lu Xingci put back the gel pen that was thrown on his desk with a smile. Not only Duan Jiayan, but others were also putting on their school uniforms with great enthusiasm.

    At this time, most of the students were filled with joy.

They were caught off guard, finding out that the holiday actually arrived an hour earlier.

After all they were under a lot of pressure from the college entrance examination.

    “I announce that my college entrance examination holiday starts from this moment.” Chen Yue put on his school uniform and glanced behind him: “Hey Duan Jiayan, this seems to be the first time I see you in a school uniform.”

    “Don’t make it so exaggerated,” Duan Jiayan arranged his collar: “I used to wear school uniforms occasionally.”

    “It really looks quite…” Chen Yue originally wanted to say ‘pure’, but the words didn’t sit right in his mouth.

In addition, Lu Xingci also looked over at him, and Chen Yue changed his words: “Youthful, looks very full of youth.”

    “Thank you, Mr.

Chen.” Duan Jiayan nodded, and his eyes fell on Chen Yue’s school uniform: “President Chen also looks like a young man.”


    While queuing in the corridor, Duan Jiayan noticed that several girls in his class were secretly putting on lipstick.

    He was curious and glanced over there.

The girls upon being stared at by him, stopped their actions, feeling a little embarrassed. Duan Jiayan smiled and said, “It looks beautiful.”

    As soon as he finished speaking, the group of girls burst into laughter, and one of the girls was enthusiastic in her response: “Duan Jiayan, would you like to have a little try”

    Looking at the lipstick in her hand, Duan Jiayan had the rare feeling of being unable to answer: “…Thank you, no need.”

    The students of each class gathered in front of the third grade teaching building. Zhao Minjun saw that the students in some of the classes were messing around, so he raised his voice a little: “The students in Class Ten don’t continue to make trouble.

Line up to take pictures first, there are other classes waiting.”

    He said while signaling to the students to go up the steps.

    The positions were in order of height. Zhao Minjun stood a little further away, carefully looking at the students in each column, and his eyes paused when he saw the last row: “Duan Jiayan, Chen Yue is a little taller than you, you and him change positions.”


Zhao,” Chen Yue suddenly said: “I stood on tiptoe just now, take a closer look, Duan Jiayan is taller than me.”

    With a low laugh, Chen Yue shrunk down a few centimeters, just a little shorter than Duan Jiayan.

    Zhao Minjun could see at a glance what tricks they were playing, and then looked at Lu Xingci next to Duan Jiayan.

He understood immediately and raised his chin at Chen Yue: “Okay, no need to hold back.

Just stand there properly.”

     In the graduation photo, teachers of various subjects were sitting in the first row, and everyone’s expressions were very serious.

    After a few clicks, the photographer nodded to Zhao Minjun.

    “Okay,” Zhao Minjun said, “We’ve taken the official graduation photo, everyone, relax a little, wear school uniforms if you want to, and do whatever you want.”

    Almost as soon as she finished speaking, all the girls in the first row began to take off the school uniform and straighten the hems of their skirts. Seeing that everyone was looking for a partner to pose with, Zhou Xingchen was also very excited: “Chen Yue, let’s make the shape of a heart together”

    Chen Yue looked disgusted: “Can you behave like a normal alpha”

    Suddenly someone said: “Why don’t we all pose with Brother Lu and Duan Jiayan, just like that, like a wedding photo.”

    “Hahahahahaha, you just think your side profile is more handsome than the front, right”

    “I don’t mean that! It’s just that they just standin right in the center.”

    “There are so many teachers here.” Duan Jiayan tutted with a smile: “Don’t behave so unrestrainedly.”

   As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xingci reached out and hooked his shoulders, pulling him in his direction.

    Seeing Lu Xingci’s cooperation, the atmosphere became more and more enthusiastic: “School bully, don’t be afraid, put your head on Brother Lu’s shoulder!”

    “Trust your brothers, when the photos are printed out later, this will be a good memory of three years in high school.”

    Seeing that they were all coming up with crazy ideas, Lu Xingci also laughed and joked: “Put your head over here”

    Duan Jiayan shook his head.

    When the photo was about to be taken, he suddenly stretched out his hand and rubbed Lu Xingci’s hair into a mess.

    “…Careful.” Lu Xingci tried to avoid it at first, but later he was afraid that he would fall, so he didn’t move at all, and instead grabbed Duan Jiayan’s arm: “Don’t fall.”

    The photographer captured this scene, asked Zhao Minjun, “The two boys in the last row of your class are lovers, right”

    Zhao Minjun paused: “You can tell”

    “Ican tell at a glance.” The photographer muttered: “Now high school students puppy love is becoming quite serious.”

    After the two graduation photos with completely different styles were taken, Zhao Minjun explained to everyone and asked them to take pictures and play around the school in private for a while. When the school bell rang at 5 o’clock, they could leave school by themselves.

    Just after the disbandment was announced, Chen Yue patted Duan Jiayan on the shoulder.

    “Mr Duan, come over, come.” Chen Yue pointed his phone at him: “Let’s take a photo.”

    “Also turn on the beauty filter.” Duan Jiayan teased: “Mr.

Chen, as an idol, you have a heavy burden.”

“You guessed it.” Chen Yue was very frank: “The dark circles under the eyes have been heavier recently, so I have to take care of my skin.”

    Duan Jiayan turned on the video recorder and prepared to record a short video just after they finished taking pictures.

    Lu Xingci came up behind him and asked, “Take a photo”

    Chen Yue turned his head to look at him: “Are you also coming”

    “Wait,” Duan Jiayan turned his head and whispered, “Don’t tell him we’re recording a video.”

    When Lu Xingci came over, Duan Jiayan and Chen Yue tacitly gave way to the side so that the camera could fully capture Lu Xingci.

    “Brother Lu, don’t move, keep smiling.” Duan Jiayan began to fool around: “Fuck, Brother Lu is so handsome, even the original camera effect is comparable to the effect of a beauty camera.”

    Chen Yue followed his lead and said: “Fuck, President Lu is so handsome, you don’t need to even take care of your skin.”

    Lu Xingci listened to their nonsense for a while and felt puzzled, belatedly reacting: “Isn’t it taking pictures Why are you two talking”

    Duan Jiayan and Chen Yue looked at each other, almost dying of laughter.

Lu Xing Ci suddenly felt that something was wrong: “Are you taking pictures or recording”

    “Hahahahahahahaha!” Duan Jiayan was the first to lose it.

“Aren’t you tired of laughing for so long You’ve been laughing for almost fifteen seconds

“Hahahaha Hahahaha!”

    Seeing that Lu Xingci’s serious expression gradually faded, Chen Yue sighed while holding his stomach: “Duan Jiayan, this is the greatest work of your life.”

    Lu Xingci glanced at Chen Yue, who was out of breath with laughter, and couldn’t even feel the serious threat to his life. 

He turned to look at Duan Jiayan, his long eyelashes drooping slightly, and his tone dangerously gentle: “Is it fun”

    “It’s fun.” Duan Jiayan had no regrets: “I still want to continue teasing you next time.”

    Lu Xing Ci looked at the blatant smile in his eyes, and suddenly lost the will to continue feeling unamused.

    He reached out his hand helplessly and touched Duan Jiayan’s chin with his fingers, then sliding them up gently, scratched the tip of Duan Jiayan’s nose.

    Chen Yue was originally on the same front as Duan Jiayan, but now he suddenly started to pit him: “Kiss! Kiss!”

    Not only students from class ten, but also students from other classes were taking pictures here. Shen Chilie stomped over from nearby: “How can a kiss be enough! Make out!”

    “Xiao Duan!”

Song Yi followed with a cry: “Kiss, Xiao Duan!”

“Shut up, you all.” Duan Jiayan said.

He also laughed and added: “Director Jiang is over there, do you want to be dragged to the playground for ten laps on the last day”

    Director Jiang, who was named, was originally looking at this side, and suddenly saw a dozen pairs of eyes looking over.

He felt inexplicably choked.

    He shook his head and walked away from the spot.

    “Hahahahahaha! What does Lao Jiang mean by letting the two of you continue dating”     

    “Who doesn’t know the relationship between the two of you in the he entire school! Teacher Zhao even asked me in private.”

Suddenly Lu Xingci loweres his head.

    Duan Jiayan thought he was going to talk to him about something, and looked at him, waiting.

    There was a warm touch on the cheek.

    Duan Jiayan couldn’t help but widen his eyes.     



    Duan Jiayan only reacted once the screams of the girls and laughter of the boys registered jn his brain.

    Lu Xingci just kissed him on the face.

    The photo of the kiss was even sent to Duan Jiayan’s mobile phone.

    In the photo, the expression on his face was one of being stunned, while Lu Xingci, who was next to him, had lowered his eyelashes, his face was half turned, and there was a small smile in his eyes.

    Duan Jiayan saved the photo in his album.

    After school, he and Lu Xing went out from the classroom to collect materials, while chatting, and walked all the way to the school gate.

    Passing through the teaching building of the second year of high school, Duan Jiayan accidentally swept a glance across the flower bed and found a man and a woman standing in the shadows.

    It seemed to be Gu Li, huh…

    He wasn’t sure if the guy was Zhou Xingchen, Duan Jiayan glanced over, looking closely. The person next to him noticed his subtle movement and asked him, “What are you looking at”

    “Nothing.” Duan Jiayan retracted his gaze and muttered, “I’ll ask him after the test.”

    The driver of the Lu family had his car parked at the entrance of the First Middle School. Before getting in the car, Lu Xingci warned him: “It’s best not to stay up late these days, just work and rest normally.”

Duan Jiayan looked at him in silence.

   Seeing that he didn’t speak, Lu Xing rubbed his head: “Then I’m leaving”    

Duan Jiayan looked at him for a few seconds. Suddenly he leaned forward, tiptoed slightly, and kissed his face with his lips.   

Seeing Lu Xingci slightly stunned, Duan Jiayan smiled and said, “Come on, Brother Lu! You come back after ranking first in the exam, and then I will pull out a banner for you.”     

Lu Xingci looked at his smile, and his Adam’s apple bobbed.

He said slowly: “Kiss me again.”  

Duan Jiayan was taken aback.     He first glanced at the driver nearby, then glanced at the students around him, walking in twos and threes, and finally met the dark eyes that were stating at him.

    He heart was in conflict and he was just about to go over when Lu Xingci tapped his lips with his finger and coaxed him softly: “Kiss here.”

    Duan Jiayan looked at his fingertips with complicated eyes.

    Slowly, he leaned forward, his thoughts in chaos, and obediently kissed him.

    Seeing him acquiseing to his words, Lu Xingci moved, grabbing Duan Jiayan’s arm, and kissing him recklessly against the door of the car.

    Their breaths intertwined, and there seemed to be electric currents generating from where they touched.

    When they parted, he rubbed Duan Jiayan’s lips with his fingers, and whispered against Duan Jiayan’s ear:

    “You too, do you best for the college entrance examination.”

    At the end of the two-day college entrance examination, on Ning Cheng’s ABO forum, an interview video went viral.

    [This college entrance examination interview really made me die of laughter hahahahahaha. ]

    [I don’t understand, and really have to ask, is Lu Xingci really that fearsome ]

    [He’s really very powerful, in Ning Cheng’s year-three college entrance examination, he has to be the first.

A big devil who has never missed a mark. ]

    [If you don’t know who the little brother who came out at the end is, you can look at this post for guidance ↓↓↓↓

    “From rivals to lovers, the love and hatred between the school top student and the school bully”. ]


    The reporter handed the microphone forward and randomly interviewed a student who had just left the examination room: “What do you think about the questions of mathematics from the college entrance examination this year Is it difficult”

    “It seems to be quite difficult.

Actually, I don’t know if it is difficult or not, you can only tell when the results come out.” Hei Pi said honestly: “It’s useless for you to interview me, you have to interview my father, ah no, you go to interview Lu Xingci, if he says it is difficult, then the whole province will be half dead.”

The reporter was stunned for a moment: “Is this classmate the top student in your school     

    Hei Pi: “Although he has only taken two exams, I absolutely feel that he has already been named in the gold medal list.”

    [What rubbish hahahahahahahaha ]

    [This brother is the only one who can turn the college entrance examination interview into a pre-match talk. ]

    [The reporter probably didn’t expect the young man to be so upright, so he deliberately picked a young lady for the next interview, but unexpectedly…]

    “Let’s see, this little girl, yes she looks polite.” The reporter handed over the microphone while talking and stepped forward: “You’ll be taking the exam in a while, how are you feeling now”

    “I’m a little nervous.” The girl smiled embarrassedly: “Every time I take the exam, I have to focus all the time, which is very brain-tiring.”

    “I saw that a lot of you were gathered together just now, are you discussing possible knowledge points”

 The girl shook her head: “Worshiping God.”

  The reporter was slightly stunned: “Ah, worship the buddha”

    “Worshiping Lu Xingci “


    [Hahahahahahahahahahaha, the **, why are you all so funny. ]

    [I also want to worship the god of learning! Maybe you can get more than a few multiple-choice questions right. ]

    The reporter’s voice appeared in the video again.

    This time, the camera was aimed at the main entrance of the examination room.

After the English test, many students came out of the examination room.

    There was a tall and thin male student, holding a stationery bag and walking while pressing down on his mobile phone.

    He was a pretty handsome boy.

    Seeing him leave the exam room, the reporter greeted him and handed the microphone: “The last exam is over, how do you feel now”

    “I’m in a good mood, very relaxed.

I think I’ll be able to play all night in a while, I’m looking forward to it.”

    “…” The reporter probably didn’t expect him to be full of thoughts of food, drink and fun: “Then what do you think about this college entrance examination”

    The boy pondered for a moment.

    “I’ll just follow fate, I’ve done everything I can.

I hope our squad leader can take the top spot and come back.”

    “Then your squad leader will have to compete with classmate Lu Xingci.” The reporter humorously said: “In the past two days, there have been many interviews, many people think this classmate can come out on top.”

As soon as the reporter finished speaking, the boy was taken aback for a while, and then he smiled at the camera.

    “Okay, he can compete.” His amber eyes narrowed slightly, and he said with a smile: “Whoever does better in the test will be my boyfriend.”

TN’s Note:

I know waiting for chapters to randomly get updated can be kind of annoying, but I really can’t stick to an update schedule right now.

*cries in commitment issues*

No but really, following a schedule is hard, I’ll be worried about missing the update, so then I’ll have the chapters translated early, but then I’ll be impatient to have it up already and my mental state would decline, and then I’ll start failing my classes, and then I’ll get kicked out by my parents, and then I’ll be homeless, and then I’ll have to beg for scraps, and then I’ll get bitten by a stray dog, and then I won’t be able to afford to go to the hospital and get myself injected, and then I’ll start behaving like a dog, and then I’ll pounce on some random person on the street, and then I’ll have to be jailed for assault, and then I might accidentally drop the soap in prison…omg


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