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Chapter 72: ILYP

On the day of No.

1 Middle School’s graduation ceremony, half a month had passed since the end of the college entrance exam.

The graduation ceremony hadn’t started yet, so the third-year students were waiting in their classrooms for the announcement. Duan Jiayan had just opened the door to Class 10 when he heard the sound of noisy laughter accompanied by the coolness of the air conditioner.

When they saw Duan Jiayan enter the classroom, the boys who were chatting deliberately raised their voices.

“When I arrived at school today, I saw a Maybach parked in front of the school gate. No.

1 Middle School sure has a lot of rich people.

Just as I finished thinking, I saw the class leader. I put down my lemon halfway and thought it was normal to drive a Maybach, but then I saw Duan Jiayan get out as well.

The boy paused for a moment and asked,” What does that mean “

The person next to him chimed in and chuckled.

“This means that Brother Duan didn’t spend last night at his house.”

“It means I haven’t seen you for half a month and you’re itching for a beating.” Duan Jiayan patted the boy’s shoulder.

“You’re making fun of me as soon as you arrive”

“Hey, Brother Duan!” The boy turned his head exaggeratedly and smiled mischievously.

“I didn’t see you.

You didn’t hear any nonsense just now, right”

Duan Jiayan threw his bag on the seat and laughed.

“Alright, let’s put it away.”

“Duan Jiayan, I heard you got into a top university behind our backs.”

“The night the results came out, I was scolded by my parents until I was dizzy.

I was looking for someone to hug and cry, but when I asked, I found out Duan Jiayan had already succeeded in bagging a good spot.”

 The boy started narrating like a storyteller when he suddenly realized there was no one next to Duan Jiayan.

“The class leader didn’t come with you”

“He was called away by Teacher Zhao.

I think he wanted to take a picture.”

Duan Jiayan sat down as he spoke.

As soon as he sat down, there was a burst of cheers from the classroom door. Duan Jiayan opened his eyes and saw Lu Xingci walk in.

Chen Yue casually grabbed a draft book and wrapped it into a microphone.

He said excitedly, “Everyone, can you see that This year’s top scorer is walking towards us. Ah, I can’t believe it, Dog Lu is so dazzling today.”

“Zhuangyuan, tell me, should we sit or kneel”

“Sit down,” Lu Xingci saw that these people were very restless and smiled, “If you want to kneel, that’s fine too.

Just kneel neatly.”

“What’s that saying again When will the second joyous event be confirmed”

As soon as he said this, Class 10 burst into laughter.

The girls smiled and lowered their eyes in embarrassment. Seeing that Lu Xingci was also laughing, a few of the boys wailed and howled.

“Did you see that Even the top scholar smiled.

This marriage must be arranged.

“Lu Ge, let’s close the classroom door and tell the truth. It’s been half a month since the college entrance examination.

Don’t tell me you two have already gotten your marriage certificate “

“F * ck.” The Duan Jiayan couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“What’s going on Why are you all so excited today “

The atmosphere around them was particularly lively.

Song Yi turned around with a smile, “We haven’t seen each other for half a month.

Aren’t you excited”

“Excited.” The Duan Jiayan patted Song Yi’s face, “When I see you now, it’s like seeing my youngest son who I haven’t seen for half a month.”


Just as the noise was getting louder, Teacher Zhao entered the classroom.

She was wearing a dress today and seemed to have put on light makeup.

She looked very intellectual.

Looking at the classroom full of students, the corners of her eyes raised slightly, and there was some warmth in her eyes.

When Zhou Xingchen saw her, he couldn’t help but say, “Teacher Zhao, you look good today!”

The boy next to him immediately said, “What are you talking about When did the teacher not look good”

“We don’t have to worry about Teacher Zhao when she doesn’t have to work hard to take care of us.

Her complexion is definitely better.”

Duan Jiayan couldn’t help but joke, “Teacher! Are you happy to see us “

“Yes.” She smiled and nodded.

She looked around carefully, “It’s only been half a month, and you all look like you’ve grown up.”

As soon as she finished speaking, loose laughter came from the classroom.

    Seeing that these students were still trying to make trouble, Zhao Minjun stopped it in time: “Okay, we’ll talk about it later.

Everyone is queuing up in the corridor, ger ready to go to the auditorium.”

    The light was exceptionally bright, and the rows of seats were filled with year three graduates.

    Because they had a provincial champion this year, in addition to the teachers of the graduating class, the principal and vice-principal were all present, as well as reporters.

    Duan Jiayan glanced at the slowly moving overhead camera, which was facing the podium, where Director Jiang was filming his speech.

    “Isn’t it time for you to go up after Lao Jiang has finished speaking I’ll cheer you on from below.” Duan Jiayan pointed to himself: “Professional cheerleader.”

    “Okay.” Lu Xingci rubbed his head and said gently: “When you’ll go up in a while, I’ll also cheer you on from below.”

    Gu Li in the front row heard their conversation, turned her head and raised the camera: “Are you all going to speak today I’m ready.”

    “So I borrowed the camera just for this” Zhou Xingchen leaned over qnd swiveled his head: “I thought you were going to photograph me.”

    On the night of the college entrance examination, Zhou Xingchen didn’t play with them, but ran halfway across Ningcheng to find Gu Li.

    The two chatted until the middle of the night, and they still couldn’t let go of each other, and finally decided to give it another try.

    When Chen Yue heard this, he interjected: “I won’t ask Mr Lu, but Brother Duan, have you written your speech”

    “Do I need to prepare a speech” Duan Jiayan was very confident: “I improvise.

    “Stupid.” Chen Yue laughed.

    Applause broke out one after the other, and Director Jiang got off the stage. The hostess picked up the microphone: “With the joint efforts of all teachers and students, in this year’s college entrance examination, No.

1 High School has achieved the most outstanding results in recent years.

Among them, Lu Xingci, a student from Class 30, won the provincial championship in the science subject with 703 points.

For the champion, let us applaud and invite the student representative to give a speech.”

    Almost as soon as the hostess finished speaking, there was an astonishing outbreak of shouting from the sports class: “Father Lu!”

    Duan Jiayan was not to be outdone: “Brother Lu!”

     The announcement was followed by a lot of chaos, and the boys continued to applaud and whistle.

Deafening applause came from all directions.

Lu Xingci couldn’t help laughing, and since the overhead camera was facing him, the projection screen behind him captured the change of his expressions clearly.

    Duan Jiayan heard several bursts of screams all around him at the same time.

    To came back for the graduation ceremony today, everyone was required to wear school uniforms. The boy who came to the stage had clean eyebrows and a very good-looking figure. Ordinary school uniforms also have a pleasing effect on him. Among thousands of students, his appearance was particularly outstanding.

    Duan Jiayan pushed his tongue to the back of his teeth, and suddenly raised his voice: “Lu Xingci! You are so handsome!”

    Hearing what he shouted, the surrounding atmosphere boiled.

    Lu Xingci on the podium was stunned for a while, and the smile in his eyes gradually deepened.

    He looked in Duan Jiayan’s direction, and his voice was transmitted to the entire auditorium by the microphone.

    “Hello, teachers and classmates.

I am honored to stand here and speak as a student representative.

During the three years of high school, I have received help from many teachers and classmates…”

    He gave a speech from above on the the podium, and the boys in class ten cheered from down below at the seats.

The children whispered among themselves, eager and restless.

    “What slogan to call after the squad leader finishes speaking”

Someone had an epiphany: “666!”

    “What are you saying Lu Xingci 666”


    “Shouting a slogan is not interesting enough,” Duan Jiayan said while taking out a stack of white papers and highlighters from his schoolbag: “Come on, someone help me take it out.” 

    “What is this”

The surroundings were silent for a second, and then they all started laughing crazily.

    Duan Jiayan spread out the sheets of paper: “Write down a compliment one by one, and then hold it up.”

    “I’m convinced, brother.

Brother Duan, is that what I think it means”

    “My mother, this is too showy.”

    “Duan Jiayan, you are so well prepared for star chasing Hahahahahahaha!”

“Chen Yue, why are you decorating every word It looks like a movie poster!”

   On the podium, Lu Xingci finally said: “I hope that in the days to come, every classmate can move forward towards their established goals.

I wish you all a bright life and a bright future.”

    “Is he finished Get ready, brothers.”

    “Three, two, one— —”

    “Raise it, lift it up.”

    Thunderous applause filled the entire auditorium. Lu Xingci on the podium put down the microphone and was about to step down.

From the 10th class of high school, students quickly raised their manuscript papers one after another.

    There were many sheets of white paper, each with fluorescent words written on it.


One High School congratulates the study god. ]

    [Class 10 has you, it’s amazing. ]

    [Lu Xingci! Outstanding! ]

    [703, go top student! ]

    [Ningcheng Yizhong Street, who is our father ]


    Because of this change, the applause in the auditorium became more and more enthusiastic, and the laughter and cries of the students could almost overturn the roof. Lu Xingci was stunned for a second, then the corners of his eyes raised slightly, and a smile appeared on his lips.

    Duan Jiayan raised his head and smiled: “We are so good at praising.”

    “It is quite good.” Chen Yue shook the manuscript paper in his hand, and laughed along: “It’s okay, it will only be like this once in a lifetime.”

    In the end, these graduates were in high spirits, and no teacher came out to stop them.

    Amidst the laughter, Duan Jiayan asked casually, “Where is Mr.

Chen going in the future”

    “I guess it’s the same school as Brother Lu.

Do you want to apply for the place opposite us Come out and surf the Internet together later.”

    “Okay.” Duan Jiayan lifted his head: “When I get to know a good-looking omega, I’ll introduce you to someone.”

    As he was talking, someone sat down beside him.

    Lu Xingci looked at the white paper with fluorescent words written on Duan Jiayan’s leg, stretched out his hand to pick it up, and glanced at the words written on it.

    [Kowtow to you, dong dong dong! ]

    Lu Xingci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “What were you thinking”

    Although compared to his speech, the movements under the stage were not very big, but while Duan Jiayan was distributing the paper and writing, he watched all his little actions very clearly.

    Duan Jiayan nodded with a smile on his face, and was about to take credit when Lu Xingci’s fingertips touched his face and pinched half of his cheek, neither lightly nor heavily.

    “It’s quite creative, I almost couldn’t hold back on stage.”

    Duan Jiayan pinched his face, and his voice was a little vague: “Are you satisfied.”


How should I repay you later” Without waiting for Duan Jiayan to speak, Lu Xingci smiled and pointedly said: “You have run out of paper, i can’t repay you by cheering and applauding…”

    Duan Jiayan saw him leaning close to his ear and thought that he wanted to behave unscrupulously again.

Just as he wanted to remind him to pay attention to his actions in public, Lu Xingci lowered his voice and asked very modestly, “Is it okay to pay with the body”


    “If you don’t dislike it, then tonight.”

    Duan Jiayan saw that after he had finished speaking, he very naturally put down his hands and sat back.

The whole process went over smoothly.

    Duan Jiayan waved over to him, motioning for him to come closer, and asked in a sincere andgentle voice, “Can you switch freely between a person and a beast”


    “Thank you for the wonderful speeches from the student representatives.”

The hostess on the podium had a smile on her lips: “In the past three years, many students have been studying hard.

Compared with their entrance scores, their college entrance examination scores have improved dramatically.

Let’s invite Duan Jiayan from Class 30 of Senior High School as the progressive representative to give a speech.”

    Duan Jiayan suddenly heard his name, but he didn’t react, Lu Xingci patted him lightly.

    Probably because of Lu Xing’s noisy speech before, the atmosphere in the auditorium this time was very relaxed.

    Seeing Duan Jiayan go up, it was unknown who shouted: “School bully!”

    “Come on! The school bully will show us how to be a prodigal son.”

    Duan Jiayan took the microphone and said: “I started studying hard since my sophomore year of high school, and after finally getting this grade, I feel incredible.”

    His eyes swept across the auditorium and across familiar faces: “Like everyone else, I was upset at myself whenever I failed an exam, and I also find it troublesome to write the questions.

To be honest, the Internet is still more fun than studying.”

    As soon as these words came out, there was scattered laughter from the students.

    “But if I really went to play online for the past three years, I would definitely be regretting it right now.” Duan Jiayan said, turning his head in the direction of class ten, and finally meeting Lu Xingci’s eyes: “I would regret not living up to my own expectations, but the opportunity to choose would already have been lost.”

    He looked straight at Lu Xingci in the crowd, who seemed to sense something and raised his eyebrows slightly.

    Duan Jiayan was silent for a moment and made up his mind.

    He opened his mouth again:

    “If you have someone you like, or someone you have a crush on.”

    “If he is very good, to the point where ordinary people can’t match up to him…”

    Hearing what Duan Jiayan said, the audience was in an uproar.

    Even after graduating, it was really unconventional to publicize love in front of the principal and teacher so blatantly.

    Lu Xingci reacted and looked at Duan Jiayan on the podium, only to feel his heart softening, and the corners of his lips couldn’t help but raise in an arc.

    He could clearly see that Duan Jiayan’s ears were red.

    He was obviously embarrassed, but his eyes were bright and clear, looking straight at him.

    The student in charge of the scene arrangement hesitated for a moment, then looked at Zhao Minjun: “Mr.

Zhao, the students in your class… do you want to cut off the microphone”

    Zhao Minjun looked at Duan Jiayan on the podium and said nothing.

    The students didn’t get a response, so they tried to cut off the microphone.

    Zhao Minjun suddenly stretched out a hand to stop it and shook hes head: “Let him talk for a while.”

    “—Then take the college entrance examination well and be with him in his future.”

   By the end of June, flowers had climbed all the way around the iron fence of No.

1 High School.

    The heated wind blew, and the shade of the trees along the roadway gathered and spread out, the cicadas continued to chirp.

    In a short while, they would officially bid farewell to the school.

    “I’ve arrived at where I want to be, and I hope everyone can reach that place too.” Duan Jiayan stopped and smiled: “Happy graduation.”

    Happy graduation.

    In youth and love.

    Everyone was happy.


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