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Su Hangyu followed Gu Jingyu back home, and he contacted a particularly famous local psychologist.


There was also her leg, which had not walked normally for years.


According to her age, Su Hangyu was already in her 50s but looked like an old woman in her 70s or 80s.


She should have enjoyed a carefree life, living at her parents’ side, perhaps becoming a great designer.


Now, because of the traffickers, her life was wasted inside that mountain village.


A video of the trafficker’s arrest was being shown on TV, and it happened that the camera went to the people of the village.


On TV appeared a person who was particularly familiar to two people, the big brother of this body and also the first son of Su Hangyu.


“We can’t help it.

No one wants to wed us, and we can only spend money on it.

The bride is too expensive, and we can’t pass on the family if we don’t take a wife.

We really have no choice.”


Su Hangyu looked at this man on TV and listened to what he said; her eyes were red.


She casually picked up something from the table and threw it towards the TV, and Gu Jingyu hurriedly turned the TV off.


“Yu’er, turn it on.

I want to see what will happen to this group of demons.

I want to see.” Su Hangyu said with gritted teeth and a vicious look in her eyes as if the people over there on the TV had nothing to do with her.


Gu Jingyu turned on the TV, and the footage reappeared.


Most of the people in the village have violated the law.

Some were sentenced to death, while others were sentenced to life imprisonment.


Gu Jingyu already knew this.

He had given the police chief the information that most people in the village were traffickers’ underlings and had more or less trafficked many children.


With the outbreak of the trafficker case, the whole country became aware of the importance of abduction prevention and the protection of women for their safety.


It could be seen that most of the people abducted by traffickers were mainly women and children.


It didn’t take long for the online orders for those anti-mosquito sprays and anti-pepper devices to skyrocket.


Even many adults began teaching their children.


“If a stranger gives you something to eat, never take it.

You should not follow strangers.”


The most shocking thing for the country was that some abductees became traffickers.

They followed the traffickers and grew to become one on behalf of those who pushed them into the abyss.


Cases like this were countless.


Su Hangyu looked at the news of human traffickers being ambushed as reported constantly on the Internet, and her mouth kept chanting.


“Well deserved, well deserved ……”


Gu Jingyu looked at those disabled people on TV, unsure what was going through his mind.


With Su Hangyu’s treatment and adjustment, her body and mental health gradually stabilized.


Gu Jing Yu didn’t know how to get along with this woman, so he hired a nanny to take care of her.

He rarely returned, and she didn’t know what he was doing outside.


Su Hangyu also seldom mentioned Gu Jingyu.

The mother and son didn’t spend much time together, and now she didn’t know that her son’s spirit had changed.


On this particular day, while the nanny was on the phone with Gu Jingyu, a woman suddenly appeared at the door.


This woman acted as if she was familiar with Gu Jingyu, indicating that she knew him very well.


As soon as the nanny heard this, she invited this woman in.


This woman was Song Ningxuan, the female lead.


After Gu Jingyu resigned, Song Ningxuan and Ou Xiuyuan’s relationship progressed quite well.


The two even got along ambiguously for a while, but Ou Xiuyuan got engaged some time ago.


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