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Ou Xiuyuan was really annoyed recently.

That incident at the engagement party directly caused his position to be shaken.


In some hidden cafe, Ou Xiuyuan’s fiancée was sitting in a private room with Wen Huan.


“I didn’t expect Ou Xiuyuan to be so stupid as to let his woman come to the engagement party to cause trouble.” Su Qing said carelessly while stirring her coffee.


She hadn’t wanted to cooperate with Wen Huan.

Still, she just didn’t expect Ou Xiuyuan would not take her seriously at all and directly gave a big slap in the face at the engagement party.


Su Qing had been proud of her whole life, but the most humiliating thing was related to Ou Xiuyuan.

Then she should not be blamed for not being merciful.


Wen Huan was also amazed at what Ou Xiuyuan had done.

Song Ningxuan had really given him a big surprise.


He did not spend too much energy on Song Ningxuan, but he did not expect a small favor to bring him a perfect partner.


“Then, happy cooperation!”


“Happy cooperation!”


Su Qing and Wen Huan reached certain agreements in the tiny cafe.


Gu Jingyu was still desperately trying to develop his career in addition to eating melons.


Su Hangyu had gradually let go of her heart and slowly returned to normal under the psychiatrist’s treatment.


After her life got better, Su Hangyu started to worry about Gu Jingyu’s life affairs.


Gu Jingyu was almost 30 years old but didn’t have a woman around him yet.

The closest he had ever been was his partner, Jack.

She thought he had some interest in Jack.


If Gu Jingyu was a little older, she wouldn’t want to be stuck in that situation.


But some time ago, she heard that Jack had found his true love and was now in a relationship with his girlfriend.


She was afraid that her son would not be wanted.


Gu Jingyu was eating with Su Hangyu, who looked at him worriedly and was at a loss to say anything to him.


“Mom, what’s wrong with you” Was it the Square Dance where she didn’t grab the leader’s position


How could Su Hangyu not see the meaning in her son’s eyes Her heart became even more worried.


The son looked like a straight man.

When would he bring home a soft and sweet daughter-in-law


“Son, when are you going to fall in love You’ve earned enough money.

I want to have grandchildren now.”


Gu Jingyu was stunned.

Was this the legendary marriage rush he encountered


It was the first time he experienced such a novel feeling, so he subconsciously did not refute it.


“See Grandma Jiang’s granddaughter next door.

She’s a teacher, and her grandmother says she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet.

Take a look and meet her for dinner sometime.

If you would not like her, there is also Auntie Hu’s daughter.

Do you want to see the photos first”


Su Hangyu held the phone and scrolled through the photos one by one.


Gu Jingyu saw a half of them and hurriedly took his bag and left.


The marriage urge was terrifying now.

It was too much to understand.


After walking on the road and thinking for a moment, he sent a message to his mother.


“I do not have the idea of getting married and falling in love.

If you like children, I will adopt one for you.” There was no way to get married in this life!


Su Hangyu sat there wondering what this message was about when she saw it.

After a while, she sent a message to the group.


“I want to be the leader today.

Hurry up!”


The group name was ” Goddess of Square Dance “!




Gu Jingyu’s company was growing increasingly large.

His business was now expanding to China.


It was just as well that he suddenly remembered the leading characters, which he had forgotten for a long time.


He brought up the blue screen and instantly saw a very explosive scene.


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