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Gu Jingyu’s peaceful life passed by satisfactorily.


It was not until this day that Gu Jingyu saw an unexpected guest when he returned home.


Song Ningxuan actually visited their home.

When she first showed up at their home, Su Hangyu was doing psychological counseling.


Su Hangyu looked at this beautiful girl who couldn’t hide her haggardness and couldn’t figure out what Song Ningxuan wanted to do when she was there.


With her traditional upbringing, Su Hangyu greeted her politely and called Gu Jingyu, saying a friend was coming to see him.


Song Ningxuan sat cautiously on the sofa, feeling out of place in her surroundings.


She looked at the great environment around her, with maids around.

When did Gu Jingyu become so wealthy


That …..


A glimmer of hope surfaced in her heart: Gu Jingyu seemed to be doing well here.

If he is willing to help, the greater the possibility of her getting rid of Ou Xiuyuan’s family.


That was right.

She was forced to leave the country by Ou Lingtian.


She still had illusions about Ou Xiuyuan.

She was the one who was fed up with Ou Xiuyuan’s distrust as well as his lack of care for her.


She felt like a plaything, not getting any respect at all.


Ou Xiuyuan treated her like a typical sweetheart, flirting with her and dating her fiancée at the same time.


Ou Lingtian sent her out of the country forcibly, and she was very willing.


She was unwilling to stay by Ou Xiuyuan’s side anymore.


She knew very well that if she was in the country, she would not be able to hide for long.

It would only be a matter of time before she was found.


Once he found her…  She inwardly recalled the time when she was imprisoned.


Song Ningxuan met Su Hangyu by chance, but she didn’t think tailing her to Gu Jingyu’s house would be easy.


Song Ningxuan figured he could not bear forsaking her, especially since she was already so miserable.


When Gu Jingyu returned home, he saw Song Ningxuan sitting on the sofa and couldn’t recover for a while.


How did the female lead find him There was no such scene in the plot.


“Brother Gu.” Song Ningxuan had lost a lot of weight compared to before.

The strange thing was that she actually had a small stomach now.


“Brother Gu, hi, long time no see! I’ve missed you a lot this time.”


Gu Jingyu saw Song Ningxuan trying to walk to his side and hurriedly took a few steps back.


That obvious dislike made Song Ningxuan’s following words stuck in her throat.

She watched dumbly as Gu Jingyu sent Su Hangyu inside the room.


With Gu Jingyu’s cold expression and the obvious dislike on his face, Song Ningxuan stood aside somewhat cautiously.


“Brother Gu.”


Gu Jingyu raised his eyebrows, “Miss Song if I remember correctly, I made it very clear to you before I left the country.

What are you doing here in my house now”


Gu Jingyu was not as nice as the original body.

He was, by nature, a very cold and ruthless guy who didn’t even think about showing mercy.


Song Ningxuan’s brain was very troubled.

She couldn’t imagine that Gu Jingyu was progressing so well now, leaving her at a loss for a while.


Song Ningxuan looked sorrowfully at Gu Jingyu.

She felt that something was gradually getting out of her control.


Gu Jingyu was uncomfortable with this kind of stare.

He really couldn’t understand Song Ningxuan’s strange brain circuit, but he couldn’t make a move on the woman yet.


Gu Jingyu directly asked the maid to throw Song Ningxuan out and instructed the maid not to let her in the next time she saw her.


She felt an unprecedented humiliation.


But she now wanted Gu Jingyu’s help.


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