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Song Ningxuan and Ou Xiuyuan finally got married.


After their marriage, Song Ningxuan found that Ou Xiuyuan was completely different from what she had imagined.


Ou Xiuyuan was arrogant and had a tendency toward domestic violence.


Whenever he got angry at the company, he came home and smashed things everywhere.


Song Ningxuan did not dare to go over for fear that Ou Xiuyuan would take his anger out on her.


She had talked to him before, and then Ou Xiuyuan threw all his temper at her.


“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be in this state.

You bitch …..

Bitch ……”


Fist after fist, without the slightest glimpse of what it was like when they were in love.


Song Ningxuan felt Ou Xiuyuan’s awfulness for the first time.


She thought about getting a divorce, but what could she do afterward


She could not find a job as she could not do anything now.


And she was also used to a luxurious life.

When it came to worrying about food, oil, and salt again, Song Ningxuan understood that she couldn’t do it.


So now she could only endure.

No matter how painful it was when Ou Xiuyuan punched her, this was all she begged for.

She had to walk on her knees.


On that day, Ou Xiuyuan brought back a set of smart professional clothes and asked Song Ningxuan to change into them.


But she didn’t expect to see someone she couldn’t even imagine.


Gu Jingyu didn’t expect to see the main characters when he returned to discuss cooperation.


Ou Xiuyuan looked at the person who was once not on his mind but was now a world away.


He became the one who had to smile at Gu Jingyu instead.


“President Gu, long time no see.

I didn’t expect to see you here!”


Gu Jingyu smiled faintly; his eyes did not care for Song Ningxuan, who was next to him.


Song Ningxuan’s eyes were complicated as she looked at Gu Jingyu.

The person was completely different from the person she remembered.


She remembered how Gu Jingyu talked about design while with her.

His eyes were full of love.


Now Gu Jingyu’s eyes were cold, and he was dressed in a very corporate manner.

At a glance, one could tell that he was a successful person.


If she wasn’t completely science-based, Song Ningxuan would have thought that the Gu Jingyu she knew before and the one she met now were two different people.


Song Ningxuan did not dare to speak.

She understood that the current Gu Jingyu was no longer someone she could just talk to.


Ou Xiuyuan also followed Wen Huan, becoming someone he had never paid attention to.


The cooperation was smooth.

As Wen Huan sent Gu Jingyu off, he watched Gu Jingyu with a complicated expression.


“I didn’t expect President Gu to develop to this point.

At that time, I still wanted to cooperate with President Gu, but I didn’t expect that things would be unpredictable.”


Gu Jingyu did not have any expression on his face and said, “I don’t know what President Wen is talking about.

I don’t remember having any old relationship with President Wen.”


Wen Huan: “……”


Judging from Gu Jingyu’s look, he seemed to really not remember the time he hinted at cooperation.


He felt a little offended ……


After saying goodbye, Gu Jingyu was about to leave when suddenly a person came out from the side.


The Head of the Design Department looked at Gu Jingyu with a complicated expression.


He couldn’t accept that the soul inside his disciple, whom he treated as his son, had changed.


This made it hard for him to face Gu Jingyu, and he didn’t know how to handle it!


Initially, with Gu Jingyu’s talent, he could have made it big in the art world.

But now …….


Not knowing what to say, he went away again.


Gu Jingyu looked at this old man and could not understand how he looked at him.


He also didn’t want to look deeper.


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