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“Hey, are you ignoring me She’s my girlfriend.

She has nothing to do with you.

Understand” Any man who encountered such a thing could not be around without saying a word.


“Do you feel the same way” Ou Xiuyuan looked straight at Song Ningxuan.


Song Ningxuan was standing right behind her boyfriend, and her behavior had already expressed everything.


“Then don’t blame me.” After saying that, he pulled the fruit knife behind him and stabbed directly at Song Ningxuan.


The boyfriend next to Song Ningxuan saw this situation and subconsciously pushed Song Ningxuan away.

Then the fruit knife plunged into Song Ningxuan’s boyfriend.


Ou Xiuyuan saw that he had failed.

He pulled out the fruit knife, and blood sprayed out, spraying him all over.


At this point, he sobered up, saw what he had done, and was drenched in a cold sweat.


He had killed someone, and it was in a foreign country.


Just when Ou Xiuyuan was lost in thought, the good people nearby had long ago called the police.

It didn’t take long for the police to come over.


Ou Xiuyuan was directly arrested.


Song Ningxuan hugged her boyfriend, not glancing at Ou Xiuyuan.

Her heart was full of anxiety.


Ou Xiuyuan went to jail just like that, and there was no one outside to help him hire a lawyer and no more money to fight.


Song Ningxuan must hold Ou Xiuyuan responsible.


All of Ou Xiuyuan’s property was confiscated, and he was also sentenced to ten years in prison.


After Gu Jingyu learned about what happened to the man and woman, he didn’t say anything.


He was now so used to that blue screen behind him that he could even ignore it.


Now Gu Jingyu was seriously turning the pages of a book as if reading some critical information.


If you looked carefully, the book was actually the “Parenting Guide.”


Not far from Gu Jingyu, there was a little radish crawling around in the living room.


This little turnip was Jack’s daughter.

He was given a daughter late in life, and Jack cherished this child so much.


“Gu, we encountered something in Africa.

I am leaving my baby to live with you for a while.

You have to take good care of her.” After saying that, the phone hung up.


Gu Jingyu looked at this little radish with large eyes.

He didn’t know how this fragile life was surviving.


On the other hand, Jack, who said he was still in Africa, was at a particular spa with a great view.


“Do you think it’s appropriate to give Gu the baby”


“Oh, honey.

You have to trust me.

Gu can do absolutely everything right.

And don’t you think Gu is just too cold You have to believe that our baby is something that can melt Gu’s cold heart.”


“Gosh, I always feel like you’re not very reliable.”


“Believe me.

Gu and I have known each other for so many years.

He will never be beaten down by this.”


“Well, I can only believe you too.”




When Gu Jingyu called Jack, it was no longer available.


He picked up the computer next to him and located Jack’s phone, which was actually really in Africa.


And at this moment, an employee from one of the African branches was holding the phone to report the situation.


“I have put the phone in the office and will charge it daily.

Rest assured, the vice president will complete the task.”




Gu Jingyu continued to stare at this little radish with big eyes, and for a while, he didn’t know what to do.


The “Parenting Guide” said that children need a certain amount of companionship to grow healthy and strong.




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