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Everyone in the room turned to Gerald. They fell silent, hearing the name he called.

"Ehm... Master..." Tom said. "This girls name is Lumi. She shouldn be the person you

e looking for."

"She is just a servant and an orphan. Sorry if we brought her to you. If you want to replace her with a more elite one, we can help to find someone better for you." Tom continued.

Gerald was silent and looked at the girl.

Lumi opened her eyes wide as if she was confused. She looked left and right, then lowered her head.

She might just be a servant. But, Ill try to find out. Maybe luck is on my side. Gerald nodded and smiled.

"No, its okay. I don really have a problem with whom I work with." Gerald said, then chuckled. "I mean, Im used to working with anyone. So someones status doesn really matter to me."

Lumi raised her face again to Gerald. But no words came out of her.

Gerald stretched his muscles. "Hua.... I really enjoy the food at this place. And I think I need to take a walk for a while to help my stomach digest the food." He said and rubbed his belly.

"And..." He looked at Lumi. "Hmmm.... Im still new to this place. Can you accompany me to take a quick tour around the city?"

"Master." Lumi answered. She bowed. "Im ready to accompany you to go to any place you want."

Gerald walked over to Lumi.

Gerald had seen and met many beautiful women in his previous life. However, there was one interesting thing about the girl.

Maybe if she wore nicer clothes, she would look more attractive. Oh, what was I thinking? I have to be polite to everyone.

Lumi wore a short blue skirt and a yellow sleeveless top that matched her hair color.

"Hi, my name is Gerald." Gerald offered a handshake.

Lumi froze in place. She was shaking, looking at Geralds hand.

"Are you going to let me hold my hand up too long like this?"

"Ah, Im sorry, Master."

"Im just an ordinary person from a small village, so theres no need to treat me so high. Im not a noble or anything."

Lumi, who looked doubtful, slowly raised her hand and accepted Geralds handshake.

"Ill be ready in a while. Wait for me outside, okay?"

"Allright Master." Tom answered.

Everyone then took turns leaving Geralds room.


Gerald walked the streets of the city at night, accompanied by Lumi, who walked slowly, following the tempo of his steps from behind.

The city at night was illuminated by the lights from crystal stones installed along the way.

The colorful lights made the night in the city feel filled with excitement.

Several small shops sell all kinds of goods on the side of the road, food, toys, clothes, and other needs.

This city can be considered quite advanced. Many people look pretty good, but its not uncommon to find a homeless person in every corner of the city.

Gerald looked back. "Come on, don walk behind me. I need you to tell me about this city. Come, walk beside me."

Lumi looked at Gerald with clear eyes. She nodded slowly and quickened her pace.

"You don need to treat me so highly. Im not a noble like I said. Im just a son of an ordinary merchant. So, I don mind if you get to know me better. Actually, hehe... Actually, Im the one who didn have enough social life. So I need someone else to talk more about anything to me."

Lumi turned to Gerald. She nodded slowly. "Okay, Master, Ill try to be more casual."

"So, tell me, Lumi. What is good about this city? You have lived here since your child, am I wrong?"

"Yes, Master."

Gerald slowed his pace to still be next to the girl. He looked at the street filled with children running around, looking happy. He smiled too.

"This city is the capital of The Kingdom of Dorosea. The kings castle is located here as well. This city is always busy. Many people from outside the kingdom come to this place to trade, or stop by if they want to go to other kingdoms. Its very nice to be able to meet a lot of new people. Uh…" Lumi covered her lips with the back of her hand. "Im sorry Master, I talk too much."

"Well, its okay. Thats what I really need from you. Tell me, is there a place you like here?"

"Hmmm, I don really have a favorite place. However, I can show you any place you want to go. Hmmmm, and the favorite of most of the adventurers is… They mostly congregate in the citys biggest brothel. There are lots of beautiful girls in that place. They are elite girls who possess extraordinary beauties. I can guide you to that place. Eh..." Lumi stopped walking. "What did I say?" She covered her face. "Im sorry Master, I said something inappropriate."

"Ahahaha... Well, its okay. We can go to that place another time. Of course, many men would like that place, yes. I can imagine how pretty the girls are there, haha."

They continued walking down the city streets.

"You didn get to eat with us before. How about you show me something delicious and we can try it together?"

Then the two walked slowly until they arrived at a food stand that seemed to sell some snacks Gerald had never known or seen before.

"Roadside food, mostly cheap food eaten by local people, Master. However, I like this kind of food. I hope you don mind trying it."

"Oh, of course."

The two of them then sat down on a wooden chair. A young male seller then explained the various foods in his food stand.

"Tell me Lumi, which one do you like the most?"

"This is called klepon. It tastes sweet."

Gerald grabbed a green food like a mochi sprinkled with grated coconut.

Gerald threw the little balls into his mouth. The sticky texture was really like mochi. But the mixture of brown sugar on the inside and a grated coconut sprinkle make the sweet feel unique in his mouth.

Gerald nodded. "I like this one."

Lumi smiled, though she didn look directly into Geralds face. "Im glad Master likes it."

"I really like it." Gerald answered with a smile, then took another one and offered it to Lumi.

"Come, take it."

Lumi, who looked doubtful, accepted Geralds offer and ate the food he offered. Still was awkward, but trying to cover it up.

After some time.

"Tell me, Lumi. Do you know someone named Lumiona? She has a similar name to you, which I thought was you at first."

Lumi took the drink, paused, and seemed to think for a while.

"Im sorry Master. If I may ask, for what purpose are you looking for, someone named Lumiona?"

"I have something important to do, which I can only discuss with her face to face. So if you don mind, Id like you to help me find her."

"Im sorry once again, Master. Did this person do something wrong, or are you looking for her for some reason?"

"Not for a bad thing, of course. More precisely, Im looking for her for a big assignment I got. If one could say, the reason I came to this place was one reason to meet that person." Gerald explained by hiding some information he didn feel the need to say.

"Im sorry sir, in case what Im about to say made you hesitate, and sorry if you feel I was impolite. But the name my parents gave me when I was born was Lumiona, just like the name of the person you are looking for."

Gerald smiled at Lumis answer, which was exactly what he expected.

"But maybe the person you

e looking for isn me. Ill help find someone else with the name Lumiona."

"You have the same name as her. Is there any chance that you

e Lumiona?"

"No, Im not her." Lumi answered with a sad expression. "I don think the one who you are looking for is someone like me. I mean...."

She hesitated. She didn know how to continue her explanation.

"Well, lets leave it like this. You

e not Lumiona. I will ask around the city about her. I need you to accompany me until I find someone else with the name Lumiona, deal?"

Lumi looked up at him with a serious face. "Ill do my best to help, Master."

"Thank you very much."

"Uh, Master, where will we go now?"

"Hmm, lets go to a place with more people. Maybe theres someone with the name Lumiona. Lets go." Gerald suggested.

With a nod from Lumi, Gerald and Lumi started walking down the street again.

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