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“Do you plan to live like this forever” Jiang Tong seemed to know what Xie Wenkai was thinking.

She grabbed his hand and said, “Youre in your twenties, not ten years old.

Youre an adult with independent thoughts and personality.

Youre not a puppet or a pawn.

Sooner or later, youll become depressed if you continue like this.”

“But I…” Xie Wenkai understood what Jiang Tong was saying, but he still hesitated.

“I estimate that your mother will be here in ten minutes.

I can leave, but have you thought about how to explain it to your mother” Jiang Tongs question hit the nail on the head.

“I…” Xie Wenkais mouth opened and closed, but he couldnt say anything.

“Lets go first.

Lets hide first.

Its not too late to explain when were done thinking.” After Jiang Tong said that, she looked into Xie Wenkais eyes.

She slowly said, “Just like what you wrote in the forum post, you feel like you live in such an exhausting manner.

You should put down that pressure and take the first step bravely.

Do you want to keep suppressing it Do you want to live for others forever Do you think your parents will always be right Do you think you can really run the company well in the future with this kind of you” Jiang Tong kept staring into Xie Wenkais eyes.

One second, two seconds, three seconds, Jiang Tong let go of Xie Wenkais hand.

“Forget it, Ill leave first.” After saying that, Jiang Tong turned around to leave.

However, before Jiang Tong could take a step forward, Xie Wenkai suddenly raised his hand and grabbed her clothes from behind.

Jiang Tong turned around and looked at him.

“I… Ill go with you.” Xie Wenkai mustered up the courage to say these words.

After saying that, his expression also changed from the initial panic to calmness.

It was as if he had overcome his inner turmoil and completely had a change of heart.

“Lets go together,” Xie Wenkai repeated it again as if he was cheering himself on and strengthening his resolve.

He took a couple of deep breaths, turned his head to look at the two bodyguards in the distance, and took out his phone.

It looked like he was going to make a call.

“What are you doing” Jiang Tong pressed Xie Wenkais hand.

“Im going to send the bodyguards away,” Xie Wenkai turned his head and said to Jiang Tong.

“Dont you feel that youre still afraid Are you still thinking about the others and finding a reason for the bodyguards not to keep an eye on you At the same time, youre also afraid to face them directly.

Youre afraid that theyll stop you and you do not dare to leave directly.” Every word Jiang Tong said struck Xie Wenkais heart.

Xie Wenkai frowned and asked, “Then what do you think we should do”

“Run.” Jiang Tong smiled and said, “Just run like this.” After saying that, she pulled Xie Wenkai and began to run! Running meant literally running! Xie Wenkai was suddenly pulled by Jiang Tong to run.

Xie Wenkais physical fitness was not bad.

In the early years, he did not like to exercise, but in the past few years, he grew to like it.

He could completely keep up with Jiang Tongs footsteps.

The two of them ran toward the intersection on the other side of the golf course.

The two bodyguards in the distance saw this situation and were stunned for a moment.

Then, the bodyguards began to chase after them like crazy.

Jiang Tong pulled Xie Wenkai to the intersection.

There was a row of electric open-top buggies parked by the roadside.

They could drive here at will.

They could drive by themselves or let the staff drive.

The keys were all in the car, and Jiang Tong pulled Xie Wenkai into the buggy.

She twisted the keys and stepped on the accelerator.

The buggy suddenly drove out.

The bodyguards rushed over and also drove a buggy to chase after them.

A few minutes later, Jiang Tong and Xie Wenkai returned to Jinsha Private Clubs building.

The two of them were still running.

Jiang Tong pulled Xie Wenkai through the hall and ran to the large parking lot before entering the door.

They got into the car again.

This time, it was Jiang Tongs Lamborghini.

The roar of the engine suddenly sounded in the parking lot.

The Lamborghini reversed and swung its rear.

The car drove onto the main road and swung its rear again after entering the main road.

It drove straight to the main entrance! When the two bodyguards ran out of the main entrance of the clubhouse, the Lamborghini had already rushed out of the courtyard of the Jinsha Private Club and left.

The two bodyguards were about to go crazy! The two of them paused for a moment.

One of them said they would get the car and drive, while the other was trembling as he dialed a number.

The call was immediately picked up and the bodyguard anxiously said, “Madam, the Eldest Young Master ran away with that woman.” The bodyguards voice was trembling.

“What did you say” The voice on the other end of the phone was almost shrill.

The road conditions in the suburbs were very good.

There were not a lot of cars on the road too.

Because the place was very remote, the road was extremely smooth.

Jiang Tong stepped all the way down on the accelerator.

The Lamborghinis car speed increased rapidly in the most violent way.

In less than ten seconds, the Lamborghinis car speed exceeded 200 kilometers per hour.

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