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“Hubby, this b*tch is scolding me.

She said Im ugly! Shes saying that Ive had plastic surgery and that Ive been a prostitute!” Chen Xiuxiu threw herself into Qian Mangs arms and cried pitifully.

Qian Mangs eyelids twitched.

As a billionaire, a successful businessman, and a prominent figure in City Z, his legal wife was now called a prostitute, did he not care about his reputation Moreover, Qian Mang was a person who cared about his reputation.

If he did not lose his temper today, the outside world might think that he was afraid of the younger generation of the Zhou family and become the laughingstock of City Z!

At this moment, the people in the restaurant were all looking at them, as well as the clients brought by Qian Mang.

They were all watching from the side.

It was embarrassing enough that such a thing had happened.

If it was not handled properly, it would be even more embarrassing!

“Its okay, its okay.

Dont cry.

Ill handle it.” Qian Mang comforted Chen Xiuxiu, then pulled her aside and walked in front of Zhou Jingyun himself.

Qian Mang asked with an unpleasant expression, “Mr.

Zhou, is this lady your friend” He didnt ask Jiang Tong directly because he didnt know Jiang Tong, but he could tell that Jiang Tong was with Zhou Jingyun.

This time, Qian Mang was really angry, but with his status, he was able to control his emotions.

He had a good personal relationship with Zhou Jingyun, but Zhou Jingyuns acquaintance scolded his wife in public.

This was not something that could be solved with a good personal relationship.

Zhou Jingyun knew that Qian Mang was suppressing his anger.

He could tell from the way Qian Mang addressed him.

Qian Mang always called himBrother Jingyun, but now he called Zhou JingyunMr.


“Shes my girlfriend, and also the one your wife called ayoung sl*t andmistress.” Zhou Jingyun was expressionless.

He was not afraid of falling out with Qian Mang.

Qian Mangs expression changed slightly.

Zhou Jingyuns girlfriend From Zhou Jingyuns tone, it seemed like he was going to support his girlfriend…

“Yes, she is a young sl*t! She is your mistress! What girlfriend She is a lover that can not be seen in the light! Shes so young, yet shes already like this.

If shes not being a lover for a man, then what is she!” Chen Xiuxiu stretched her neck and shouted.

Qian Mang turned his head and glared at Chen Xiuxiu.

“They bullied me! They ganged up to bully me.

Their words were so harsh.” Chen Xiuxiu immediately cried out in grievance.

Once she cried, Qian Mangs heart softened.

He gently coaxed her, “Ill take care of it.

Be good, dont talk.”

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At this time, Jiang Tong stood up and walked in front of Qian Mang.


Qian, let me introduce myself.

My name is Jiang Tong.”

Qian Mang glanced at Jiang Tong and frowned as he shook hands with her.

However, Jiang Tong suddenly took a step forward and placed one hand on Qian Mangs shoulder, whispering a few words into his ear.

Qian Mang originally wanted to push Jiang Tong away, but Jiang Tongs words made him stop.

Not only did he listen to Jiang Tong seriously, but his expression kept changing.

Jiang Tong talked to Qian Mang for a full two minutes.

Not only did Qian Mang not push Jiang Tong away, but he even tilted his head and asked Jiang Tong a few questions.

Everyone present was stunned.

They were supposed to fight, but why did they suddenly start talking

Jiang Tong had a good impression of Qian Mang.

He was straightforward and did not care about trivialities.

He dared to do anything for his friend.

Although he had used many illegal means in the process of becoming rich, Jiang Tong did not care about it.

Which person did not have some illegal and unruly things in their hands In the past 500 years of the cycle, Jiang Tong enjoyed helping others for some time.

She had done things like donating all her savings to the orphanage.

However, because of the time reset, the money she had just donated was gone when the day restarted again.

During the 500 years of the cycle, Jiang Tong helped Qian Mang more than once and changed his fate.

Though she could not see the result due to the cycle, since there was no future in the cycle.

Qian Mangs problem was very big.

It did not come from a business problem, but himself and his family.

Qian Mang started demolition in his early years.

When he was young, he did things rashly and had many disputes with people.

At that time, he even took a knife for his brother.

It was that knife that caused his body to have a big problem.

He was sent to the hospital after being stabbed five times.

The doctor operated on him for more than ten hours before he was saved.

When he was discharged from the hospital, the doctor told Qian Mang clearly that because of the special location of the injury, it would be difficult for him to have children in the future.

The doctor was right.

Qian Mang had been unable to have children ever since.

He had once gone abroad to be a test-tube baby, but he had not succeeded.

This was also the reason why he had divorced his first wife at that time.

As Qian Mang became successful and famous, his value rose.

Not having any descendants had completely become a worry for him.


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