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“Boyfriend Youre a girl” Dragon Slaying Warrior was obviously surprised.

“Alright, its not important whether youre a boy or a girl.

What kind of product is your spokesperson endorsing Are you looking for a celebrity A boy or a girl Regardless of whether you need a male or female celebrity, I have quite a few people under me.

Just tell me which type you want.”

“I want a female celebrity, but… are you really that awesome” Jiang Tong didnt seem to trust him.

Dragon Slaying Warrior was anxious.

“You still dont believe me Its not that Im bragging to you, but Hong Tongfei is under me.

I can get her to come over with just a phone call!”

Jiang Tongs hand that was about to type paused.

She had been waiting for Dragon Slaying Warrior to say this! Dragon Slaying Warrior could indeed call Hong Tongfei back from abroad with just a phone call.

After all, he had been Hong Tongfeis sugar daddy for almost ten years.

Everything that Hong Tongfei had today was given to her by him.

No matter how successful Hong Tongfei was, she was still a sugar baby to Dragon Slaying Warrior, ready to be called upon at any time.

Since Dragon Slaying Warrior could make Hong Tongfei high and mighty, he could naturally make her sink into the mud and never get up again.

Of course… This was the logic.

However, it was definitely not possible to make the Dragon Slaying Warrior call Hong Tongfei back from abroad just because of a game.

It was not that he couldnt do it, but whether it was worth it or not to do so.

Jiang Tong pretended to be surprised as she asked, “You know Hong Tongfei”

Dragon Slaying Warrior: “Closer than that!” However, he didnt elaborate any further.

He wasnt stupid enough to tell others that Hong Tongfei was his mistress and that he was the one who raised her.

Jiang Tong: “Really But I really have to go.”

“What do you mean Ive already said so much and you still want to leave.

Are you looking down on me” Dragon Slaying Warrior was a little angry now.

“Its not that I dont believe you, but how can this be such a coincidence I happen to be in need of a spokesperson for something.

You have a female celebrity under you.

Are you running a management company” Jiang Tong explained.

Dragon Slaying Warrior: “Im not running a management company, but I have connections.

Look, there arent many people playing this game anymore.

Its fate that we met.

Fate, understand”


Actually, this was not a coincidence for Jiang Tong.

She told Zhou Jingyun to look for Hong Tongfei, so she used her intelligence to connect with the Dragon Slaying Warrior.

But from Dragon Saying Warriors perspective, he would not think that this was a coincidence.

However, if Jiang Tong talked to him too much, he would think that it was too much of a coincidence.

He might even suspect something, so Jiang Tong was the one who brought up how it seemed too coincidental! Then, the phrase thatthe two of them were fated to meet would be Dragon Slaying Warrior telling it to Jiang Tong!

“How about this Lets not fight for now.

Come out and meet me.

Ill look for you at a place of your choice, or you can look for me.

Ill arrange for the boss of the games private server to stop the game first.

After I settle your spokesperson matter, Ill let them recover.

Then, well continue to fight the war in the game.

Weve spent tens of millions of money on it.

We must determine the winner! Just you wait.

I must make things clear for you today!” Dragon Slaying Warrior had a short temper.

He was especially impulsive and willful.

Perhaps this was the legendary willfulness of being rich!

Jiang Tong understood Dragon Slaying Warriors personality.

That was why she had set up such a trap.

If Dragon Slaying Warrior did not take the initiative, she would use her words to provoke him into asking her for an offline meeting.

“Okay, Im really in a hurry here.

If you have a way, that would be the best,” Jiang Tong agreed reluctantly.

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Dragon Slaying Warrior sent her a cell phone number and typed, “This is my number.

If its convenient for you, come to the teahouse in the Western District to find me.

Ill wait for you there.”

Jiang Tong looked around the internet cafe.

Dozens of people were waiting for her orders.

Since she didnt ask them to leave, they naturally didnt dare to move.

Many of them didnt know Jiang Tong and only knew that her surname was Jiang.

However, their big brother, Guan Sandao, was respectful to Jiang Tong, so they naturally didnt dare to disrespect her.

“Everyone, please leave.

Its fine now.

You all performed well today.

Ill tell Guan Sandao about it,” Jiang Tong stood up and said loudly.

Letting people leave meant that they wouldnt continue playing this game.

Jiang Tong believed that after Dragon Slaying Warrior had met and chatted with her, he probably would not think about competing with her in the game anymore.

Hearing Jiang Tongs words, the people in the internet cafe stood up one after another.

“Thank you, Miss Jiang.

We will leave now.

Goodbye, Miss Jiang.”

Jiang Tong watched as they exited the game, turned off their computers, and walked out.

Some of them were slow and were kicked out of the game before they could exit the game.

It was obvious that Dragon Slaying Warrior had greeted the game owner and told the game creators to stop the game on this private server and save all their data.


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