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I was summoned to another world, but I abandoned my hero mission Chapter 3

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Going back in time a little

-Well, before we merge, can you say why you chose me over one of the other 4?

-Oh its simple, your soul, among all 5, is the most compatible with mine

-Compatible souls?

-Yes yes, basically each soul has different frequencies and amounts of energy, as our souls have these similar factors, you are the most compatible with me among the five

--Yeah, thats explained, anyway, before trying to make this bizarre fusion, can you explain to me about your "magical powers" and the energy you absorbed?

-don worry, just like me, when you unite with her, youll instinctively know how to control her... but well, I can try to explain, basically its like an energy that can be condensed,you can create physical and liquid things

-How do you know they are physical things if you yourself said that there are only our souls here?

-Only our souls are here, but this is not a completely spiritual environment, it even has a floor if you go down continuously for a few years.

-Oh, Ill pass, thank you

-Otherwise, its just ordinary energy, if there is magic in the world you

e going to, youll probably be able to use that energy as magical power, or mana, if you prefer to call it that

-Clear, manna, its really a lot of fantasy at once,I think the first thing Im going to try is flying

-Depending on the gravity of the world, its not that difficult, just concentrate mana in the opposite direction to the ground... speaking out loud makes it seem even easier

-Okay, fine, I don have any more suspicions against you, and even if I did, probably only you can get me out of here, so I don have much to do, lets merge our souls then

-Alright, here I come

Suddenly I felt something in my whole body (which I didn have at that moment), a cold heat, my thoughts were confused for a moment.I had received so much information at once, it was as if that energy there, the energy of that emptiness was imprinted in my brain, I instinctively knew how to use it.it was as simple as moving an arm, you do it normally, but you don know how to explain the process

The voice was gone, well, if he lost all his memories and merged with me, that would happen, but at that moment I felt lonely, sad, as if the voice had died.

In that void, I stayed a few minutes with time slowed down.With the fusion, I understood that this was a power that I could only use there, in that place filled with the same energy as mine.

After these minutes of thinking, reflecting on what the world that called me would be like, on its selfishness, on the past of the voice, on my family that I left behind,I finally decided to take courage, and go face reality

-Well, maybe I don find a cliché situation, it could be an accidental invocation, or it could be someone really desperate, if thats the case…


As I flew through the night sky, already far away from that Kingdom, I thought to myself

-No, it really was the same cliché situation I expected

Looks like its going to be a long, long journey, wherever Im going


Im sorry if this chapter was short, I wrote it when I was about to sleep, but the next one will be better elaborated, thanks for your consideration

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