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When Yan Jingze asked someone to help make the video, Su Yanqing was already furious.

He posted Kang Xinhous video on the Internet, targeting Kang Xinhou, of course, not to attract traffic from self-destruction but to let others know Kang Xinhoustrue face and to see Kang Xinhou unlucky.

Kang Xinhou has always been afraid of his mental illness being known.

He felt that if he exposed these things, Kang Xinhou would definitely suffer.

In addition, Kang Corporate stock price will have problems.

Of course he might offend some people by doing this…but hes sick now, he doesnt care!

After Su Yanqing posted Kang Xinhous video, he was in a very good mood, but his good mood did not last long.

He didnt expect Kang Xinhou to accuse him in turn, and even released the photo of him and Ying Jialang together, saying that he cheated!

Of course, what made Su Yanqing couldnt bear the most was that many people turned around and scolded him while Kang Xinhou easily whitewashed Su Moxiu.

What is even more frightening is that Kang Xinhou also found a lawyer and sued him.

Su Yanqing read the statement issued by Yan Jingze over and over again.

He took a video in defense and posted it on the Internet.

He made himself very pitiful when he made a video this time.

In the video, he said that he never agreed to Kang Xinhous pursuit, saying that he was forced to get engaged to Kang Xinhou.

He also said that he had returned Kang Xinhous 50 million.

He also said that he had liver cancer and he wont live long, so he made a desperate attempt to tell everything.

It has to be said, Su Yanqings video is very well shot, very pitiful.

However, he just posted a video here, and Yan Jingze posted a video over there…

Yan Jingze watched the ghost animals video edited by the person he found and felt very satisfied.

Because his account just posted a clarification video, the traffic surged, countless people came to take a look…

When Yan Jingze saw this, he first made a statement: “I have resigned from Kang Corporation.

In order to support my family, I will start accepting advertisements to make money today.”

As soon as Yan Jingze released the news, netizens were stunned.

“Dad Kang, even if you resign, you are still the major shareholder of Kang Corporation, right Do you really need to advertise to make money”

“Sympathy for Dad Kang.

Not only was he cuckolded, he lost his job.”

“Are you serious, upstairs Even if Dad Kang resigns, his net worth is something we cant earn for a lifetime of hard work!”

“Receiving advertisements President Kang also wants to take the road of Internet celebrity

People were curious, and at this time, Yan Jingze released five ghost animal videos in one go, and also said: “All videos related to me are open to non-commercial licenses, you can repost and edit at will.”

Seeing Yan Jingze posted a video, someone clicked it immediately, and then…

Kang Xinhou pointed the knife at himself and repeated it over and over again, followed by the subtitles and voice ofBuy Kang Corporations, buy Kang Corporations, if you dont buy Kang Corporations, Ill die for you to see”, in addition…The background music is also have a very special sense of rhythm.

Netizen: “!!!”

Click on another one…Kang Xinhou prayed with a face full of tears: “Please buy Kang Corporations, please buy Kang Corporations!”

Another one… Kang Xinhou is smashing against the wall: “Let me go out, let me buy Kangs electrical appliances!”

Netizens are already laughing like crazy.

Their hands were cramping from commenting.

Most peoples replies are messy, only a few peoples messages are still smooth: “Post your own ghost animal video, President Kang, are you okay”

“Fuck, my stomach hurts from laughing!”

“I suddenly burst out laughing and was beaten by my mother!”

“I burst out laughing, and now my boss is laughing too…Can boss think of how I made him laugh and not deduct my salary”

“President Kangs speed is too fast…After my friend saw your video, he said that he wanted to edit to make a ghost animal video, but his finished product hasnt come out yet, and you already made five…”

No matter what happened… Today, the three wordsKang Xinhou firmly occupy the hot search.

“I wanted to buy a refrigerator.

I just went to see Kang Corporate goods and placed an order.”

“Brainwashing Divine Comedy, it is estimated that whenever I want to buy electrical appliances in the future, I will think of Kang Corporate.”

“Im thinking about buying Kang Corporates…”

“I couldnt hold back just now and bought some of Kang Corporates product…”

Some people say Kang Corporate, some people say Kang Xinhou.

“I used to watch ghost animal videos, even though the old man was cute after watching too much, but now he has become President Kang…I think he is so handsome!”

“Dad Kang is amazing!”

“Dad Kang! How could you come up with such an idea to bring benefits to Kang Corporate!”

“Its the first time Ive watched an advertisement repeatedly, and even made others watch along with it.”

“Dad Kang, you will become the number one ghost animal internet celebrity in the world!”

Its all like this, but Yan Jingze hasnt stopped.

He has posted a few emojis and GIFs of himself.

Of course, these are not labeled with Kang Corporate.

The matching words areplease stop talking,kneel for praise,green grassland on your head and so on.

Will this increase his popularity

“This expression is amazing, I accept it!”

“President Kang is amazing.”

“I feel that President Kang is very optimistic, I hope you can get better!”

“President Kang, come on!”

Yan Jingze has a lot of comments here, and the number of clicks on the video is even more amazing.

On the other hand, the video posted by Su Yanqing has not been seen by many people.

Of course, some people still watched it more or less, and some of those people expressed sympathy: “Is anyone paying attention to Su Yanqing He has a terminal illness, and hes quite miserable.”

“Ive paid attention.

He has a terminal illness, which is very miserable, so I wont scold him, but his illness doesnt mean he can cause trouble for others.

We cant just write off what hes done just because hes sick, right”

“I only watch President Kangs ghost animal videos, I dont want to comment on anything else.

President Kang has already asked a lawyer to sue him.

Whats going on depends on the courts decision.”

“Thats right, I wont comment on this kind of thing…I will continue to watch the video.”

“I wonder whether Su Yanqing had a good discussion with President Kang, they made trouble together to advertise for Kang Corporates…Um, President Kang is so willing to let go, I will accept this advertisement.”

No matter what the netizens thought, after Su Yanqing did that, nothing changed except that everyone stopped scolding him.

On the other hand, Yan Jingze…popularity rose in an instant.

Netizens also dug up Kang Xinhous previous interview videos, photos, etc.

Kang Xinhous interview videos and photos are very normal.

He looks like a successful person, full of a model domineering president.

Look at his normal appearance, then look at that ghost animal video…This is a cute contrast!

It was a lively day on the internet.

That night, there were many people digging up Kang Xinhous past on the Internet.

Kang Xinhous thoughts were all on Su Yanqing.

He was ripped off like this, but theres still no dark spots.

Its only made many people think…This guy is simply a rare animal with a rare affection.

“Actually, President Kang has suffered psychological trauma when he was a child, and he is also a very rich CEO.

This is a proper male protagonist configuration…”

“I decided not to call President Kang dad, I want to call him husband!”

“President Kang, although you are a special ghost animal, I dont despise you.

Would you like to take a look at me”

“Husband, in order to support your career, I went to buy Kang Corporates electrical appliances!”

After Yan Jingze posted his ghost animal videos and emojis, he let people from Kang Corporates public relations department pay attention to the news on the Internet while he didnt care.

It is precisely because of this that he did not realize until the next morning that there were many people calling him husband online.

These netizens are really amazing.

He even posted his own ghost animal videos, but they still like him!

Yan Jingze sent a message: “Everyone should stop calling me husband, I already have an owner.”

“President Kang has an owner”

“Its not too long since they broke up, right”

“President Kangs statement earlier emphasized that he had nothing to do with Su Moxiu during his relationship with Su Yanqing, but the implication was that after the breakup, he had a relationship with him.”

“The class representative upstairs summed it up very well!”

“So President Kang went to Su Moxiu after breaking up with Su Yanqing Su Moxiu is still with his brothers ex-boyfriend Why does this look so wrong.”

“Su Yanqings accusation against Su Moxiu, it shouldnt be true, right”

When Yan Jingze said this, the wind direction was not very good, but soon, the wind direction became normal again.

Yan Jingze let go of his own case before, but at this time someone started to analyze.

After Kang Xinhou and Su Yanqing broke up, he was with Su Moxiu, it should be an empathy.

The person who analyzed it on the Internet was, of course, the one arranged by Yan Jingze.

In addition, some people, employees of Kang Corporation, said some things that Kang Xinhou did to Su Moxiu in the past.

They also swore that Kang Xinhou and Su Yanqing breaking up have nothing to do with Su Moxiu.

Of course, the most important thing is…Yan Jingze also released a lot of Su Yanqings black material.

When Yan Jingze first transmigrated over, he didnt know that Su Yanqing was reborn, so he didnt plan to say things like Su Yanqing cheated.

Therefore, at that time, if he wanted to cover up his relationship with Su Moxiu, Su Moxiu might be scolded if Su Yanqing wasnt blackened after the incident was exposed.

However, things are different now.

Now he doesnt have any psychological burden from blackening Su Yanqing at all.

Well, it cant be said that he smears him.

What he puts on the Internet is all real, theres no fake material mixed in at all.

For example…Su Yanqing was probably wronged by an assistant surnamed Zhang from Kang Xinhous side in his last life.

He once found fault with Assistant Zhang in Kang Xinhous company for no reason, and asked Kang Xinhou to fire this assistant.

Kang Xinhou…did as he said.

Of course, it was Yan Jingze who gave Su Yanqing a fatal blow.

He released the recording of Su Yanqings phone call to him for reconciliation.

He released the recording using his own account.

He didnt say anything other than the recording, but everyone can understand what he meant.

“So Su Yanqing cheated during their relationship, then he wanted to get back together after breaking up.

Wouldnt reconciliation be even more difficult after making trouble for President Kang online”

“Emmmm, its hard to say.”

“President Kang is also very pitiful.”

This time, Su Yanqing didnt have the face to say anything online, or acted pitiful.

He didnt expect Kang Xinhou to record…After hearing the recording, his first reaction was to call Ying Jialang to explain.

However, Ying Jialangs reply to him was: “Ive heard it before.”

Su Yanqing suddenly realized why Ying Jialang was suddenly so indifferent to him.

Ying Jialang asked again, “Do you want to receive treatment at home or go abroad”

Su Yanqing was silent for a moment, and finally said, “Go abroad.”

He made a fuss like this, many people in the country already know him now.

If he stays here, he needs to bear those strange gazes.

He cant stand it.

For the sake of dating him once, Ying Jialang took Su Yanqing out of the country.

Yan Jingze knew about this, but did nothing.

Even if Su Yanqing went abroad to seek medical treatment, it would not affect him suing Su Yanqing.

Yan Jingze didnt want to spend too much time on Su Yanqing.

After Su Yanqing was no longer an eyesore, he began to speak for Kang Corporate online, and occasionally conducted live broadcasts to introduce Kang Corporates products.

Really dedicated!

A few years later.

Yan Jingze speaks wittily and humorously.

He is sharp when commenting on certain things.

After becoming popular on the Internet, although his popularity has dropped a lot, he still has many diehard fans and became a professional Internet celebrity.

In this regard, many people sympathized with Yan Jingze – a good CEO, but because of psychological problems, had to change his career to become an Internet celebrity, how pitiful!

It is out of this kind of sympathy that every time Yan Jingze introduces Kangs new products, everyone will buy them very strongly.

Of course, there are other reasons why they would buy it, that is, the various new products and designs of Kang Corporates after Yan Jingze resigned, all of which are much newer and very easy to use!

Cheap and high-quality domestic products, everyone is willing to support it!

In addition to supporting him, they would also advise Yan Jingze: “President Kang, its not a problem for you to earn money by being an internet celebrity!”

“Have your psychological problems been solved Do you want to go back to be a president Now if you become the president again, Kang Corporates stock price will definitely not fall!”

“Even if you dont return to the Kang Corporation, you can still start a business, President Kang!”

Fans were heartbroken for Yan Jingze, until at this moment, a certain rich list came out, and the name Kang Xinhou came out on the top ten.

Fans: “” Did they get it wrong

That Kang Xinhou, who spends a lot of time on the Internet every day, playing games instead of introducing goods during the live broadcast, and is still famous in the ghost animal world, actually overwhelmed so many rich people who are familiar to them, and ranked in the top ten on the rich list

Is this statistic wrong

Statistics are certainly right.

It was quickly revealed that at the same time when he resigned from Kang Corporation, Kang Xinhou invested in several companies and several scientific research institutions.

And then…these companies got more and more prosperous, and their stock prices soared.

How about scientific research institutions They got great research results!

Although most of those research results have not been finalized yet, they have attracted the attention of all parties, and Kang Xinhous net worth has naturally risen…

“President Kang is worthy of being President Kang.”

“Im so stupid, really, I actually sympathize with a giant!”

“Kang Corporate is delaying an investment genius!”

“Fortunately, President Kang has resigned, otherwise his ranking on this rich list would have dropped at least a hundred places!”

“I went to edit another video of President Kangs ghost animal! As long as I think that I can prank the big guy, I am satisfied.”

Everyone was talking, then they couldnt help but mention Su Yanqing: “Su Yanqing must be very regretful now, right”

Su Yanqing certainly regrets it now!

Su Yanqing is not dead, but his condition is much worse.

He now has reached the advanced stage of cancer.

After he went abroad, he entered a very good hospital for treatment with Ying Jialang help.

At that time, the doctor said that he had a good chance of recovering.

However, he always thinks about the events from his previous life.

He has always been worried that he will end up with advanced cancer if he is not careful.

In addition, he always hears domestic news, and he is often very angry, so his health is getting worse and worse.

Later, the court sentenced him to return Kang Xinhous 50 million yuan and the illegal gains he got from Su Moxiu, which made him half-dead.

At the beginning, he used the 50 million given by the Kang family to buy stocks or something, and he made a lot of money.

Even if he had been extorted 50 million before, he could still take out 50 million, but the money is given away, he has no money on him now!

However, he couldnt help it.

Although Ying Jialang broke up with him, he would occasionally come to see him and arrange a doctor for him…However, after knowing that he wanted to default on his debt, Ying Jialang immediately said that he would not care about him in the future.

Su Yanqing was frightened.

He is alone now, and the only one who is willing to take care of him is Ying Jialang.

If Ying Jialang doesnt care about him anymore, what will he do

Su Yanqing could only give the money away.

Since then, he has begun to regret, even the very fact that he was reborn.

If he hadnt been reborn…he had a successful operation at that time! His illness is cured!

Although he was abandoned by Kang Xinhou at that time, Kang Xinhou actually gave him a lot of money.

He is not short of money!

Why was he reborn

Even if he is reborn…If he doesnt harm Su Moxiu but walks his lifes road, can he live well

Even if he kills Su Moxiu…If he doesnt hook up with Ying Jialang and is single-minded toward Kang Xinhou, Kang Xinhou will definitely try his best to cure him, right

He had always disliked Kang Xinhou before, but this time…he started to miss Kang Xinhou.

However, the Kang Xinhou who loved him in this life has died.

The current Kang Xinhou does not love him but loves Su Moxiu.

He was reborn once and robbed Su Moxiu of his life.

He thought he would have a good life, but in fact…he had a worse life than his previous life.

Its Su Moxiu…

Su Moxiu became the president of the Kang Corporation.

Under his leadership, Kang Corporation developed better and better…more dazzling than in his previous life.

Now Kang Xinhou has even entered the top ten of the rich list…

Su Yanqings bowels turned green with regret!

However, no matter how much he regrets it, his life will continue.

The only thing he can look forward to now is Ying Jialang.

In two days, Ying Jialang will come to see him.

While Su Yanqing was regretting it, Yan Jingze was showing off his assets to Su Moxiu: “Dear, I am so young but I am already ranked so high.

One day I will become the richest man, and then you will be the richest man, are you happy”

Su Moxiu gave a lighthaha: “Teacher, you are quite amazing!”

Yan Jingze was stunned.

Seeing this, Su Moxiu couldnt help but want to laugh.

In fact, he found out long ago that the teacher Yan Jingze introduced to him was Yan Jingze himself.

He also knew about the investments that Yan Jingze made.

After all, in this circle, there are no secrets, and Yan Jingze has no intention of concealing it from him.

However, he had pretended not to know until now.

Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jingze, wondering how Yan Jingze would explain it.

Yan Jingze said: “You only know now that Im very powerful! Come on, lets go to bed, teacher will let you see something even more powerful!”

Su Moxiu: “…” He is still too naive…

Yan Jingze didnt even explain it, he went straight to doing something yellow!

Yan Jingze embraced Su Moxiu, letting Su Moxiu feel his power before going to sleep.

After a good nights sleep, he continued to mend the small world…

“Are you saving the world again” Su Moxiu woke up in a daze, kissed Yan Jingze next to him, and then opened his eyes.

Then he saw that Yan Jingze closed his eyes and his expression was a little ugly…He was a little anxious: “Are you uncomfortable”

“Im fine.” Yan Jingze opened his eyes, smiled at Su Moxiu, then cursed your mother in his heart.

He cant control the small world, but after the small world is repaired, he can know the plot of the small world, especially if it is related to him.

Just like when he once lost his memory, he can see what will happen next.

Just now, he got the memories of Kang Xinhous previous life.

Before Su Yanqing was reborn, it was Su Moxiu who rescued old lady Ying.

Su Moxiu did not leave his elder brother Su Yanqing, so they were adopted by old lady Ying together.

After that, Su Moxiu, who has always been very smart, has a good relationship with old lady Ying and even saved Kang Xinhou next door.

After saving him, he found that Kang Xinhou was in a very bad condition, so he forced Kang Xinhou to seek treatment.

Kang Xinhous treatment effect is not bad, but he is still very dependent on Su Moxiu.

After Su Moxiu became an adult, he confessed to Su Moxiu.

Of course Su Moxiu did not agree! He forced Kang Xinhou to continue his treatment.

As a result, Su Yanqing suddenly entangled Kang Xinhou and climbed onto Kang Xinhous bed by taking advantage of Kang Xinhous drunkenness.

This made Kang Xinhous mental state, which was finally getting better, worsen again.

Fortunately, Kang Xinhous mental state was already relatively strong at that time, so he could adjust.

Then…Kang Xinhou found out that he actually likes women more than men.

His feelings for Su Moxiu are dependence rather than love.

He proposed to break up with Su Yanqing, but as soon as the two broke up, Su Yanqing was diagnosed with cancer.

Su Moxiu didnt know much about the affairs between Su Yanqing and Kang Xinhou, he just thought that Kang Xinhou used Su Yanqing as his substitute.

Feeling guilty toward Su Yanqing, he agreed to donate his liver to Su Yanqing.

The surgery was a success, but it wasnt long…the world restarted.

Yan Jingze received the plot and felt that he was a little too kind to Su Yanqing.

However, Su Yanqing will definitely not be better in the future.

There was another reason why his face was ugly just now, that is, he spent some effort to make Ying Jialang recall the memories of his previous life.

He doesnt know what Ying Jialang feels now…It must be known that Ying Jialang in his previous life had a good impression of Su Moxiu and disliked Su Yanqing very much…

Yan Jingze hugged Su Moxiu: “AXiu, you are my sweetheart!”

“Why are you so sappy” Su Moxiu asked.

“You feel sappy at this point Let me say something else to improve your tolerance!” Yan Jingze immediately said.

Su Moxiu: “…” Hes looking forward to…

At the same time, Su Yanqing received a text message from Ying Jialang: “I wont see you again, goodbye.”

Su Yanqing was startled and tried to contact Ying Jialang again, but couldnt get in touch with him.

T/N: next is the extra for this world, more of Ying Jialang POV


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