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Yan Jingze made Su Moxiu the richest man after 5 years.

When the rich list came out, he took a screenshot and saved it.

Then on his account, he posted a message that really needed some spanking: “I told my family AXiu long ago that I want to make him the richest man, but I didnt expect it to be so long…Fortunately, AXiu doesnt blame me.”

“Haha, public display affection crazy devil!”

“Dad, Im your long-lost child! Now Im so poor that I cant afford to eat.

Dad, give me some money!”

“This guy is so unprofessional that even if he plays games every day, he could become the richest man.

Dad Ying next door, who is extremely hard-working, is about to cry.”

“Cough, dad Ying should be used to it, right He has been working hard, but he has been pressured by Kang Dad all the time.”

In the early years when Ying Jialang first accepted his fathers company, he had never fallen in love.

He had devoted himself to developing his career.

However, he is very pitiful.

He worked hard, his money became more and more, but it was not as much as Yan Jingze.

Of course, its fine if its just like this, however…When Ying Jialang became a big shot and frequently appeared in front of the camera, someone picked him up as Su Yanqings cheating partner.

Well, they broke up long ago.

What was even more shocking was that a certain media published a photo.

In that photo, Ying Jialang looked at Su Moxiu gently and showed a very gentle smile.

So messy, so messy! Your circle is too messy!

In short, after a while on the Internet, they found a lot of messy news.

They also found one where Ying Jialang once said in an interview: “The one I admire the most is President Su in Kang Corporation.

No matter what kind of adversity he encounters, he insists on studying and never gives up.

Hes worth learning from.”

A president, when talking about the person he admires the most in an interview doesnt even mention the elders who are very old, but a person who is younger than him and whose achievements are not as good as him…comment, comment, carefully comment!

Anyway, since then, everyone has quietly compared Ying Jialang and Yan Jingze together.

And then…They couldnt help pitying Ying Jialang.

Ying Jialang is very pitiful.

Although he works very hard, he is always inferior to Yan Jingze.

If nothing else, on the rich list, Ying Jialangs position has always been lower than Kang Xinhou, and…every time its only a little bit lower.

Sympathize with dad Ying! Cheer up, Dad! Knock down Kang Xinhou who shows his affection all day long and spends the day playing games on the sofa in Su Moxius office!

Many people even went to Ying Jialangs account for this: “Dad Ying, Ill comfort you.”

“I feel sorry for you!”

“Come on, Dad! Continue 9961Working from 9am to 9pm, six day a week! Maybe if you put more effort into it, you can kick Old Kang next door to become the richest man!”

“Dad Kang is really going too far.

He plays games every day, and he still bullies elementary school students online at such a young age.

President Su is so gentle with him that he even puts fruits into his mouth…Dad Ying, you must save president Su from him!”

Ying Jialang: “…” What with these young people He really has nothing to do with Su Moxiu!

Ying Jialang admitted that he liked Su Moxiu, especially in his previous life.

He was born to like men, and at that time, Su Moxiu was the adopted child of his grandmother.

He was very good and had a lot of contact with him, of course, he fell in love with Su Moxiu.

However, Su Moxiu rejected him.

He thought that Su Moxiu didnt like men and was a straight man, so he gave up.

As for this life…He didnt know Su Moxiu.

The reborn Su Yanqing acted pitiful in front of him and he acted like his previous life Su Moxiu, so he fell in love with Su Yanqing.

Fortunately, he woke up earlier.

However, there is also something that makes him very depressed.

He is reborn late!

Ying Jialang felt a little depressed when he thought of what happened before.

It was after Su Moxiu and Kang Xinhou were together for two years that he got the memories of his previous life.

After seeing his memories, he realized one thing – Su Yanqing and Kang Xinhou were both reborn!

Su Yanqing should have been reborn very early, and Kang Xinhou…Hes afraid he was reborn after committing suicide.

What Kang Xinhou did after his rebirth was normal, but what Su Yanqing did after his rebirth was really disgusting to him!

Su Yanqing in his previous life was quite unpleasant.

He was too sensitive.

When someone said a random word, he would think they were talking about him.

Ying Jialang remembered that he played with Su Moxiu and Su Yanqing once when he was a child.

He didnt know what happened to Su Yanqing, he suddenly cried, making everyone think he bullied Su Yanqing.

After encountering this kind of thing a few times, he stayed away from Su Yanqing, and even because Su Moxiu liked to take Su Yanqing with him, he stopped playing with Su Moxiu.

At that time, Su Moxiu had done absolutely nothing bad toward Su Yanqing.

His grandmother was not someone who would favor one over the other.

After Su Moxiu and Su Yanqing were adopted by her, they were treated exactly the same.

Even because Su Yanqing loved to cry, everyone did as he liked.

Su Yanqing didnt fit in with the group, so Su Moxiu didnt play with others and accompany him; Su Yanqings grades were not good, Su Moxiu gave him supplementary lessons; Su Yanqing cried for no reason, and Su Moxiu himself was still a child but he tried his best to coax him.

When they got older and Su Moxiu had money, he even bought a house for Su Yanqing.

He even donated his liver to Su Yanqing after Su Yanqing became ill.

One must know that donating liver is very dangerous, not one or two donors had died on the operating table!

As a result, after Su Yanqing was reborn, knowing that there was something wrong with the couple, he deliberately made Su Moxiu be adopted by them!

His intentions are clearly malicious.

And he actually fell in love with such a person…Ying Jialang felt uncomfortable when he thought about it.

Therefore, after he was reborn, he immediately cut off his relationship with Su Yanqing.

Even if he got the news of Su Yanqings death later, he didnt go to help collect his corpse.

As for Su Moxiu…

He had read some of Su Moxius materials given by Kang Xinhou.

Later, when Su Moxius adoptive father was arrested, he went to see that person once.

He knew that Su Moxiu had been abused since childhood and had a bad life, he had even fallen into such a desperate situation, however, Su Moxiu was still positive and never gave up…

After experiencing many things, he still has a good impression of Su Moxiu, and he also thinks that such a Su Moxiu is admirable.

However, Su Moxiu is already with Kang Xinhou…He can only give up.

He used to be a mistress because he felt that Su Yanqing was forced and didnt think he was a mistress, but now Su Moxiu and Kang Xinhou have a very good relationship, he has no face to be a mistress.

He then praised Su Moxiu when he was being interviewed.

As a result, because of this, everyone thought he liked Su Moxiu!

He did like Su Moxiu, but that was many years ago!

Su Moxiu and Kang Xinhou were separated by Su Yanqing in their last life, so they were not together.

They are finally together in this life, he really didnt plan to intervene!

Well, its mainly because he was reborn late and couldnt get in between…

In short, after so many years, now he is 45 an old man, he has long had a fixed partner.

It was the assistant who had been by his side and struggled with him.

He and his assistant have a good relationship the coming year.

They dont like to be noticed like Kang Xinhou, so they didnt make it public.

Now people misunderstand that he is interested in Su Moxiu…

Ying Jialang didnt know what to say.

Forget it, lets work.

Ying Jialang took out the document and was about to read it when his assistant and lover suddenly slapped the document he was holding onto the table: “Ying Jialang, do you still like Su Moxiu!”

Ying Jialang: “No! I really dont!”

Ying Jialang felt like hes losing face.

They are so old, and because his partner is jealous, he has to rush to the Internet to clarify those non-existent scandals…

Doesnt matter if Ying Jialang clarified it, Yan Jingze over there…He started another live broadcast.

He is now the richest man.

Kang Corporations products will not easily appear in his live broadcast room, and he will not casually introduce Kang Corporations products to others.

He has sublimated.

Now he only introduces the president of the Kang Corporation!

No, as soon as the live broadcast started, Yan Jingze took a picture of Su Moxiu, who was working hard, and sighed at the camera: “Im already the richest man now.

I have money to support my family.

I just want my beloved one to stop working so hard, its a pity my beloved is unwilling to give up his career, alas!”

“Ah ah ah! President Su is getting more and more handsome!”

“President Su really looks more handsome the older he gets! Heartbeat!”

“Actually, Dad Kang looks more handsome the older he gets…”

“Dont talk about Dad Kang, he looks like he wants to be beaten so badly that I just want to hit him! I wont say he is handsome!”

“Thats right.

I wont say he is handsome, lest he float up!”

“I really didnt expect these two to be sweet for so long.”

“President Kang is really a good man.

Even if he is so rich, he honestly plays games in President Sus office every day and never goes out to mess around!”

“I believe in love again!”

“It was okay in the early years, but in these years, President Kang fed me dog food every day, but I have endured it!”

Su Moxiu did not want to give up his career.

In fact, he always felt that he had not focused on his career enough.

Look at 996, sometimes even 997, Ying Jialang, who works hard every day, and then looks at himself who arrives at the company at 9 oclock every day and leaves work at 5 oclock, and exchanges feelings with Yan Jingze from time to time during get off work…

He felt guilty about the company!

However, if hes guilty, hes guilty…it was the biggest shareholders who prevented him from working, its none of his business!

Moreover, he did a good job, after all, he works very efficiently.

Su Moxiu thought so, and glanced at Yan Jingze again.

It just gets captured by the camera.

“Ah ah ah! President Sus eyes are so gentle!”

“Every time President Su look at President Kang, he looks very gentle!”

“Love, love, it would be great if I also had such a President Su!”

“Come on Dad Kang! Kiss him!”

Yan Jingze said: “You young people cant do this.

The office is sacred.

How can I kiss in the office At least the live broadcast has to be closed before kissing!”

After Yan Jing finished speaking, he closed the live broadcast.

Netizens: “…” You are too willful, arent you Even turn it off!

Be careful about losing fan!

Well, he is the richest dad, he is not afraid of losing fans.

When Su Moxiu was 50 years old, he resigned and started traveling the world with Yan Jingze.

They walked together and had never let go of each others hands.

They have also been insisting…on feeding people dog food in the live broadcast.

Young netizens: We are really sick! Unexpectedly, we didnt go to see the handsome teen idol brothers, but came here to see the two old men show their love!

However, their relationship is really good.

Even if they are old, they are still handsome old men!

Anyway, their grandmother has been a fan of these two for a lifetime, and now though she is old, her heart is still blooming every day.

Their mothers are like them, squatting to watch the live broadcast, and show disgust to their father by the way.

What about themselves So sweet!


As soon as Su Moxiu left the small world, he regained his memory.

When Yan Jingze saw him recovering his memory, he hurriedly said, “AXiu, its all my fault! I accidentally made you suffer!”

That damn little world, its not stuck sooner or later, but stuck just at that time!

Su Moxiu: “…Its okay.” He knew that what Yan Jingze meant was that after his rebirth, he didnt have a good time.

Actually, it was nothing to him.

His reincarnation time and time again in the small world is equivalent to experience, it is normal to encounter some troubles during the experience.

Its even good for him and makes his soul stronger.

Moreover, Yan Jingze will find him, that is to say, he will always be happy.

The sweetness that comes after the bitterness is even more memorable.

For him, what made him depressed was actually another thing…

“Yan Jingze, can you not be so quick to pop the horse next time”

Yan Jingze: “Whats wrong”

Su Moxiu said: “I want to make it more difficult for you!”

“Are you sure you dont want me to pop the horse when I encounter such a situation in the future” Yan Jingze asked again.

Not popping the horse wont really make it more difficult for him, after all, his family AXiu must have fallen in love with him at first sight…the biggest possibility from not popping the horse is that his family AXiu will have to struggle for a while…


“What are you…thinking about” Yan Jingze asked.

Su Moxiu is very good at overthinking things.

If he doesnt pop the horse in the previous world, staying with Su Moxiu would make him feel like hes being used as a substitute, and that would make him sad for a long time.

“I love you, and you love me too.

What does it matter if I have to think about it for a while” Su Moxiu asked rhetorically.

A complete love relationship has a sweet and sour taste in love! When he recalled the small worlds he had traveled with Yan Jingze.

He recalled, what left him the most impression was the world that he could indulge in flights of fancy2to let ones imagination run wild.

The key is……

After Yan Jingze popped the horse, he kept eating the vinegar of himself, who was with Yan Jingze before, and secretly ate it for a few years.

Its hard to say this!

He doesnt want to eat his own vinegar anymore!

T/N: Next….Yan Jingze, the little snitcher.

1Working from 9am to 9pm, six day a week2to let ones imagination run wild


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