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The small world that Yan Jingze picked this time was a new one.

There was a problem during the turning process, there was a loophole in the small world and it was on the verge of collapse.

Not only that, in this world, someone is sure to be reborn.

Thinking of the bad things he encountered in the previous world, Yan Jingze communicated with the ignorant little world.

He wants to know more about the plot before he enters.

At least he needs to know who was reborn, and what happened before this person was reborn.

The best public high school in T City is T City No.

1 High School, and the best private high school is W High School.

Many students in W High School have been studying all the way from kindergarten, elementary, and middle school, and such students are wealthy and respectable people.

Starting from kindergarten, the annual tuition fee is already in the ten thousand, plus various other expenses, which is not something that ordinary families can afford.

If nothing else, the school uniform fee for a year in W High School is more than 10,000 yuan!

However, W is really a good high school.

These days, the richer people are, the more they pay attention to education.

Those students in W with good family conditions not only have good grades, but they are also very self-disciplined and versatile.

Many of them, before entering high school, have already determined their future path.

When the students of ordinary high schools are still not familiar with domestic universities, they have already begun to apply for famous foreign universities.

On Saturday morning, the third-year students of W high school were dismissed from school.

A group of seventeen or eighteen-year-old boys and girls walked out of the campus laughing and talking.

Although they wore school uniforms, they were wearing sneakers costing thousands of yuan apiece.

Their wrist watches also cost a few thousand yuan.

However, more than those ten thousand and hundred thousands of yuan, their eyes were full of confidence.

One can see that they are different from ordinary people.

However, among these people, there is also an ordinary person in every aspect.

A chubby little fat man, wearing unbranded shoes and carrying an ordinary backpack.

This little fat man is quite tall and his facial features are also good, but his temperament is not very good.

Most of the students, who went out of the school, got into a luxury car and left, but some people got on the bus at the school gate or called a taxi.

The little fat man scratched his hair, but instead of getting into any car, he went east.

W High School just moved to a new campus not long ago.

In order to make the school bigger, the new campus of W High School is located in the undeveloped north of T city.

There are many construction sites near the school.

The little fat man looked around and walked to a certain building on one of the construction sites.

The houses on this construction site are almost finished.

For unknown reasons, they suddenly stopped working, and now there is no one near it.

The little fat man entered the tallest building, climbed to the third floor, and stood at the window looking out cautiously.

He looked for a long time.

It was very quiet outside, he couldnt even see a person.

The little fat man looked a little nervous, somewhat wanting to leave, but he hesitated for a moment, then he decided to stay in the end.

Time passed minute by minute, in the blink of an eye, it was noon.

The unfinished building was full of dust, there was not even a place to sit.

The little fat man found a piece of scratch paper from his backpack and placed it on the bricks.

He sat with his backpack in his arms, looking extremely bored.

At this moment, he suddenly felt the ground tilt a little.

No, its not that the ground is tilted, its the building thats going to collapse!

The little fat mans face changed greatly.

He ran to the stairs, but just as he walked to the stairs, the whole building collapsed.

The little fat man, who was standing on the stairs without railings, fell out and slammed into a wall.

Blood spills from the back of his head…


When Yan Jingze woke up this time, his head hurt and he was very dizzy.

This is normal, the original owner died after hitting his head.

The original owner this time was different from Kang Xinhou, who walked away cleanly and didnt leave a word, from before.

After finding out that he was dead, the little fat man was quite happy, so he agreed to let Yan Jingze use his body, though he had to agree to three conditions first.

These three conditions are to make Chu Qiyu suffer, run away from home and get rid of his mothers control and make his mother regret, and become a famous person.

Chu Qiyu is the one who lied to make the original owner come here…These three conditions are not excessive so Yan Jingze agreed.

After agreeing, the original owner left happily and entered the cycle of reincarnation.

At the same time, Yan Jingze also received the original owners memory.

This small world is more reliable.

When Yan Jingze was looking through the memories, he not only had little fattys memory of this life but also had the memory of his previous life that little fatty didnt know.

Coincidentally, Chu Qiyu, who tricked little fatty into coming here and killed little fatty, is the rebirth person in this world.

The little fat man that Yan Jingze transmigrated to was named Shi Chengying, W High School Senior Class 1 class president, and a top student.

However, this little fat man is completely different from the top student in many novels.

He…has a lot of flaws.

Little fattys father is a wealthy businessman, and his mother takes care of him full-time.

Logically, he should live a good life without worrying about food and clothing, but in fact it is not the case.

His mother was very controlling and very demanding of him, making him miserable.

For example, from a very young age, he had no choice but to attend all kinds of interesting classes and extracurricular classes to learn various things.

He never has any free time.

Another example, as long as he missed a little in the exam, his mother would punish him.

She would slap him, lock him in the toilet, drive him to the balcony in the winter…anything.

In addition, his mother would turn over his backpack every day, and stipulate what he can and cannot eat.

Even the color of his underwear is determined by his mother.

On the other hand, he has to keep an account.

He would write down where every penny he spends went, then show it to his mother as soon as he gets home, which is a trivial matter.

Little fattys mother is very strict with little fatty.

Theres a somewhat good effect though, that is, little fattys grades have always been among the best.

After entering W High School, he also firmly occupies the top three positions in the grade.

However, likewise, under such high-pressure control, little fattys own character went wrong.

Not only does he look down on students with poor grades, he also loves to report to the teachers.

Everyone in the class didnt study seriously in the morning, everyone had snacks in class, and everyone copied homework…He would tell the teacher everything.

Of course, as he got older, he wouldnt tell the teacher in detail.

Generally speaking, only those who offended him would be stared at and get reported by him.

Chu Qiyu is someone who offended the original owner.

W High school is very strict.

Most of the students inside are very good, but it is a private school after all.

Since it is a private school, they can put people in.

So, there are some students in W who do nothing and never study all day.

However, the number of these students is very small.

They are wealthy and respectable, they will go abroad directly after graduating from high school so the school doesnt really care about them.

They are evenly distributed to each class.

Chu Qiyu is one of them.

Chu Qiyus family is very rich, and he also has an excellent brother.

When it came to him, his parents didnt care about him much.

He doesnt like to study, his grades are messed up.

Everyday is all about eating, drinking, and having fun.

He is in the same class as the original owner.

After the original owner entered high school, the number of reports to the teacher was less, but there were still some.

He was willing to help the teacher manage the class to discipline, which naturally made Chu Qiyu, a student who didnt like to follow the rules and simply came to the school to hang out, find him unpleasant.

After being stared at by the original owner, Chu Qiyu finds the original owner several times to make trouble for him.

Including but not limited to nicknames for the original owner, damage to the original owners work, etc.

The original owner went against Chu Qiyu.

Whenever Chu Qiyu does not follow the discipline, he would tell the teacher.

The conflict between the two became bigger and bigger.

During the final exam, Chu Qiyu asked someone to put constipation medicine into the original owners food, causing the original owner to have diarrhea, missing two classes.

He dropped from the top 3 in the grade to the 50th place.

This is just the final exam for the second year of high school, not the college entrance examination.

The teacher also knew that the original owner failed the exam because of diarrhea, so they didnt think there was anything.

It can be said that everyone is comforting the original owner, but for the original owner…the sky is falling.

He originally could go to stay with his grandparents for a few days to relax for the summer break in his second year, but because of his exams failure, his mother not only slapped his face red, but also deprived him of all his free time and kept forcing him to study at home.

At first, the original owner thought that the diarrhea was an accident, and he only regretted that he was greedy to eat.

Chu Qiyu found him himself and threatened him, saying: “Shu Chengying, youd better not mess with me in the future! Otherwise, next time I will make you take ten days to half a month of rest!”

When the original owner learned that it was Chu Qiyu, who caused his diarrhea, he hated him so much that he wanted to make Chu Qiyu suffer.

He also knew that because Chu Qiyu himself did not want to learn, the teacher did not care about Chu Qiyus study.

He told the teacher about what Chu Qiyu did, but unless it was something more serious such as beating someone, the teacher would not care.

The original owner temporarily suppressed it and secretly observed Chu Qiyu, wanting to find a serious thing that Chu Qiyu did, killing him with just a single hit.

Then, the original owner really discovered a serious thing that Chu Qiyu did!

Chu Qiyu likes men, and he also likes Shao Shenyang, a top student in the next class who, like the original owner, always hovers in the top three of his age.

Whether it was the original owner or Chu Qiyu, they all started attending the private school in kindergarten, but Shao Shenyang was different.

He was first place in the high school entrance examination in T city and was accepted to W High School.

His family background is not good.

He could enter W High School because W High School has reduced his tuition and the miscellaneous fees, and W High School scholarship is also very high.

W High School attaches great importance to top students like Shao Shenyang.

Those who are the best in W High School are also very friendly to Shao Shenyang, and Shao Shenyang also has a good life in W High School.

The only fly in the ointment1The only bad/downside of something is probably that high school is a bit difficult.

Shao Shenyang, who has no money for extra-curricular remedial classes, occasionally fails the exam and is forced to study for 14 hours every day over summer break.

Furthermore, this is another person who loves studying.

However, that may be so, Shao Shenyang is one of the top students in W.

The kind that can get a scholarship.

Chu Qiyu likes him, but he concentrates on studying and ignores Chu Qiyu.

But then…It wasnt known what happened, he and Chu Qiyu got closer and closer.

The original owner was strictly controlled by his mother.

He didnt have a mobile phone and he had no concept of homosexuality.

At first, when he saw the two getting close, he thought they were friends.

Toward Shao Shenyang, an outstanding student who was mixed with poor grades students, he hated that iron was not steel but that was all.

Until one day, the original owner followed Chu Qiyu and saw Chu Qiyu and Shao Shenyang kissing.

The original owner immediately ran to report.

He instinctively felt that this was a bad thing, and that the teacher would take care of Chu Qiyu.

This is really not good.

The teacher asked Chu Qiyu and Shao Shenyang to talk, then told them to break up.

After Chu Qiyu refused to cooperate, they also asked the two parents.

It was messy after that.

Chu Qiyu didnt agree to break up and insisted on staying with Shao Shenyang.

Chu Qiyus mother hated Shao Shenyang to death, and said in public that Shao Shenyang seduced her son for money.

Shao Chenyangs parents felt disgraced, so they caught Shao Chenyang and beat him, directly breaking Shao Chenyangs leg.

This matter was very troublesome.

It finally ended when Chu Qiyu was sent abroad by his parents, and Shao Shenyang was forcibly taken away from the school by his parents.

Then less than half a year later, news of Shao Chenyangs suicide came.

When the original owner heard about this in his previous life, he was a little scared.

He didnt do well in the college entrance examination and failed to go to the best university in the country, so he went to a top ten school.

Well, being a top student is quite good.

Thats not all, when he went to college, without his mothers control, the original owner was addicted to online games and he almost couldnt graduate.

He was able to graduate because he had studied so hard before going to college, but after graduation…he played games at home every day.

He didnt go out to work.

No matter how hysterically his mother scolds him, he would ignore it.

As for beating…he will resist, so his mother couldnt beat him.

In short, at the end, the original owner in his previous life became a highly educated family squatter.

His weight also increased sharply to more than 300 pounds.

He lived in a mess, until one day his fathers company went bankrupt and their house was about to be confiscated, he finally walked out of the house.

As soon as he walked out of the house, he saw Chu Qiyu.

Chu Qiyu hated the original owners whistle-blower behavior.

He made the original owners fathers company bankrupt in business competition.

Now he came to look at the original owners joke.

However, the original owner was completely numb at the time, so he didnt feel anything.

These are the things that happened in the previous life of the original owner, and the original owner in this life…

The original owner is just in the third year of high school.

At this time, Chu Qiyu was not with Shao Shenyang yet, and the original owner just wanted to retaliate against Chu Qiyu.

Hearing that Chu Qiyu was going to fight with people here, the original owner came to ambush in advance.

However, he didnt see Chu Qiyu fighting with people, but the building collapsed and he died here.

Yan Jingze thought about it and knew that this Chu Qiyu was reborn.

The reborn Chu Qiyu still hated the original owner and knew that the building would collapse, so he deliberately said that he was going to fight someone to make the original owner come here.

The one who is reborn now, how ruthless…

Yan Jingze looked at the original owners memory in those two lifetimes, the events of the previous life…The original owner was indeed at fault, but it was not a big mistake.

Shao Chenyangs suicide is regrettable, but it cant be entirely blamed on the original owner.

After the incident came out, it wasnt that big at first.

Schools like W High School generally have an open atmosphere.

When students encounter this kind of thing, they would just say a few words to them in private, they dont care much about it.

The teacher didnt even want to call the parents at first.

They just wanted them to break up quietly.

Even if the parents were notified later…Whether it was Chu Qiyus parents or Shao Chenyangs parents, they didnt want to make things big at first, they just wanted to break up the two.

Even Shao Shenyang wanted to break up.

It was Chu Qiyu, who had eight grade syndrome, flared up, wanting to fight against the whole world, refusing to break up whether life or death.

Thats how things get worse.

Chu Qiyus mother was so angry that she didnt choose her words, directly insulting Shao Shenyang and Shao Shenyangs parents.

What about father Shao and mother Shao Their family is very poor, they have no education themselves, but their self-esteem is very high…They couldnt accept this kind of thing at all.

They were pointed by the nose by Chu Qiyus mother and said that they were coveting Chu family money by letting their son sell his butt and so on…In one second, he approached and broke Shao Chenyangs leg.

After that, they didnt let Shao Shenyang continue study.

They kept Shao Shenyang at home, not allowing him to go out.

The tragedy happened because of this, no one is innocent.

Later, Chu Qiyus business brought down the original owners fathers company.

Yan Jingze felt that it wasnt a big deal, after all, it was a legitimate means, but in this life, the original owner did nothing, but Chu Qiyu wanted to kill him…This is too much.

Whats worse is that he is still trapped in this building and has no strength to go out.

Forget it, anyway, he just transmigrated.

He cant die in a short period of time, so he should just lie down for a while.

He doesnt know who his AXiu turns out to be in this world…

The half-built building suddenly collapsed is big news!

At first, because the neighborhood was relatively desolate with few people, and people feared that other buildings would collapse so no one came to see it, but after a while, people came one after another.

There are also reporters here to get news.

Then…they found someone in the building.

Yan Jingze was on the news in T City just like that.

Yan Jingze was sent to the hospital for treatment just like last time.

He fell asleep at once, It was already the next day when he woke up.

Although there is no mirror, he can feel that his head is tightly wrapped.

Besides…his hair seemed to be shaved during the operation yesterday.

He is really pitiful.

He not only transmigrated into a fat man, but the fat mans head was also shaved.

However, this body doesnt have an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, and hes still very young…Its pretty good.

As for being fat…He, who is in his 70s and 80s, can still maintain his body shape.

Losing weight is nothing to him!

Yan Jingze was thinking about losing weight when he heard a female voice accuse: “Why didnt you go home yesterday but go to that kind of place!”

Yan Jingze turned his head and saw a middle-aged woman in her 40s who did not wear makeup or accessories.

Her hair was simply tied at the back of her head.

Although she looked good, she looked a little haggard.

This is the original owners mother.

The woman who even knew how many times the original owner went to the toilet a day.

One of the original owners wishes was to run away from home and get rid of his mother, so that his mother would regret what she had done to him before.

To be honest, Yan Jingze admired the original owner quite a bit.

It was probably because the original owner had to get used to being controlled by his mother since his childhood, and even lived in such a depressing and suffocating environment.

Yan Jingze looked at the woman and said, “I want to commit suicide by jumping off the building.”

The woman was stunned and looked at Yan Jingze in disbelief.

The middle-aged man next to him said at this time: “You want to commit suicide Why do you want to commit suicide when you are so good You were served delicious food everyday, and you still wants to commit suicide!”

Yan Jingze said: “Yes, I want to commit suicide, but I didnt expect to not die this time… Next time, if I have a chance, I will continue.”

Of course Yan Jingze didnt want to commit suicide.

Life is so beautiful, why should he commit suicide

He just felt that his parents are a bit too much, so he resisted…The original owner was destroyed by his parents in his previous life.

As for why he didnt say that Chu Qiyu harmed him…He has no evidence.

The original owner followed Chu Qiyu and heard that Chu Qiyu wason the phone with someone and made an appointment to fight in front of the building before going there, but what Chu Qiyu said, no one else heard except the original owner.

Even if he said that Chu Qiyu was going to kill him, no one would believe it.

Even if someone believed it…Chu Qiyu insisted that it was a prank, and he didnt know that the building would collapse, what could he do

No matter how badly he made trouble, it wouldnt hurt Chu Qiyu, so he would find a way to deal with Chu Qiyu in the future.

“What kind of disgraceful thing are you talking about!” The original owners father reached out, about to hit Yan Jingze.

However, the nurse stopped him: “Are you crazy! He has a head injury! If he is hit at this time, he will die!”

The original owners father froze.

However, Yan Jingze smiled: “Ah, its that good Sister nurse, dont stop him.

Let him hit me!”

1The only bad/downside of something


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