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People in the room were touch by the boys perception of seeing things . They thought the boys were doing this to acquire more money in their bank accounts but no they only wanted to help the population to grow together in harmony which made some people to see another version of the Kim making them soft and less rude to them as usual but even tho they showed people the thruth about themselves there will still have haters whos going to discriminate them for no simple reason only push by jealously .

" I also like to read a lot so that makes me have a lot of ideas and inspiration too , to share it with you guys and for my brother its totally a different case cause he lived through those experiences so he knows how to deal with problems . " Nam happily said .

" Those things are just fake you just want to show that you don want money but you want it more than nothing all those things are boring just bull**s . " A random person said putting all of his hate through the words .

" Books are not boring sir they are just another different world its not everyone who understand it . " Nam defends polite .

" It will always be boring a bunch of words stuck together . " The same person replied .

" Its okay to disagree with me , I can force you to be right . " Nam half smile half smirk .

" You just want to use people as a slave cause your rich you can afford everything . " A random person said trying to create more chaos clearly not wanting the kims to reach the top where they clear belong to .

" My parents didn raise my brother and i to take advantage of people . Our intentions will always remain pure . " Nam responds calmly .

" Yes hes right shut the ** up you

e freaking boring . " Random person said disrespectfully to Nam .

" And what makes you so exciting . " Taehu answered rudely giving a cold gaze to the man and continued " you

e in our building disrespecting us under our own roof . If you don wanna stay and think what we are saying are just bull**s or just boring as you said our door is always open so feel free to leave . "

His blood boil for the way they are treating his brother and people in the room were stunned at the abrupt change of behavior . They weren ready for this cold defensive outburst . The man who said that was red from embarrassment , first time youll see this shade of red on someone .

" Yaa you

e mean it wasn serious . " The embarrass man said feeling the gaze of everyone on him maybe he was trying to search for some attention but got it by doing the wrong thing .

" Don forget you were mean a while ago with my brother . You have to know that you can play around with serious things , everything is not game . " Taehu defends his brother .

" Don you know that you

e making other people hate you ? By your attitude . " A random person said clearly not understanding the fact of Taehu not giving a ** .

" Do you think I actually care ? " He responds sarcastically and continued " If this person don know how to respect others and most especially the persons i know why wouldn it be correct to reciprocate the same energy back make them know that there is other people meaner than them I also keep it really cause im not afraid to make ennemies . " Taehu replied .

" You never care about people in usual thats why they hate you to . " A person says feeling a bit sad for him .

" Yes exactly they think your heartless until they see your point of view towards everything . " An another person supports having the same feeling .

" Im not heartless i just learned of how to use my heart less . Nobody gives a ** about your feelings . At first i cared but then i was like Nah ? Fuck it ! " He responds .

" Why do you act like you don care about peoples feelings ? " The same person asks .

" Its not an act . " Taehu responds .

Nam laughs and said " thats true he never cares . Remember that the truth is not always beautiful nor beautiful words the truth . "

" Unless your name is google stop acting like you know everything you

e just a stupid idiot whos reading quotes from a book to make yourself look good I do not even understand whats coming out of your mouth . " A hater bursts .

" I do not know everything . " Nam said lowly .

Usually people hate him because of how easily he learns things seriously people hates you for whatever **s that are not even important even for your poop that smells danm good they hate you , Hose seeing how Nams mood dropped he says " its not his fault that his smarter than you . "

Making Nam smiles a little and some people in the room giggled until Taehu says " of course he talks like an idiot ."

Nam glared at his brother and some haters and the room just laugh until he continued what he was saying " otherwise how would you understand him " making all the room blast from laughter .

And he continued " some people are like clouds once they are gone its beautiful . "

" Ohh do you mean when the haters are not here ? " Hose guesses .

Receiving a cheer from Taehu " Exactly besti ! " Everyone started to laugh all over again cause of the duo .

" And what do you wanna say to all the haters ? " Hose understanding what Taehu is doing ,

And he responds dramatically putting the palm of his hand on his chest and the back of the other hand over his head " Dear haters im flattered that im always a trending topic in your life . "

Making all the room laugh and the haters being mad some of them leave the room and some laughed . Taehu seeing his brother laughing made him warm in the inside he can stand to see the peoples he loves being sad even tho hes cold hell make his best to make them laugh .

People were amazed at the new change of the cold Ceo . But Taehu his self didn know he was changing he was observing kook so much that he unconsciously decided to take some example of ways to act with peoples nicely from him .

Even the greatest man in the world has someone they admire .

Do you think he could pull up all these dramatic answers just because he knew someone special was listening to the interview .

" What do you think about loving and kind hearted people ? " Hose asks .

Letting the cheerful Nam responds first " I think kind people are kind maybe because of their experiences that made them change to be a better person and some of them are quite when you do something bad to them , but remember they are not blind " some people laugh at the end of his sentence while he just reciprocate with just a smile .

" Does that mean im not kind ? " Taehu gasps dramatically .

" No " Nam said while laughing some people in the room just giggled at his reaction of misunderstanding " you

e another type of kind people . " Nam continued .

" And whats you

e thought about kind people Mr Kim Taehu ? " Hose asks while Taehu just glared at him , friends just glare at each other for no particular reasons at all thats weird isn it ?

" Be Nice ? Nah people just love to take advantage of that ** . Once you let mother**er slide they start to think they can ice skate , seriously ! " Taehu said folding his hands on his chest rolling his eyes making everyone in the room laugh all over again .

Thats the Taehu i knew . Hose thoughts .

" But one thing people need to understand about extremely kind nice and loving people is that the other side is just as extreme its the hell they survived that made them gentle don mistake their self control for weakness t-" cut of by Nam he said " the beast in them is sleeping not dead . "

Making Taehu smile a little and Nam said " you still remember this phrase from our parents this one always made me have chills . "

My Tae is coming back . Nam thoughts .

" Yeah . " he responds " but sadly they aren with us anymore . " A gloomy mood started to rise so Hose continued .

" Do you guys have a favorite quote ? If yes what is it ? "

Taehu being a respectable brother let Nam respond first " I realized that my mistakes don define me . How I react to them whether I choose to learn from them are what defines me . "

" And you Mr Kim Taehu ? "

He looked at the peoples in the room and started " you

e born alone and you die alone and this world drop a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts but I never forget . Im living like there is no tomorrow cause there isn one . "

People in the room cheer loudly at both of them .

Hose concludes the interview by saying " Thank you for being here with us the books will be out in our stores next week . "

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