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My Little Fox Chapter 7: Should I Save you?

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Audrey was utterly frustrated when Chad put his foot on her face. She stopped struggling with the four bodyguards and became docile. She felt pain when Chad tried to dig into her face with his foot.

"By the time Im done with you, That sharp tongue of yours would be no more". She gritted her teeth. Why won this old man leave her alone? Doesn he have a wife somewhere?.

That was none of her concern though. Because her resolve was simple, she was getting away from this pervert, One Way Or Another!

She ignored the pain and the small trickle of blood that slid down the corner of her mouth. She focused completely on the men holding her. Two holding her hands to her back, one pinning her legs down. the one who held her head stopped when Chad replaced it with his foot.

She appeared completely calm and closed her eyes, one would think she had fainted. Once she quieted down, the hands holding her down loosened, letting their guard down slightly.

That was all she needed!

As soon as Chad removed his foot from her face, he noticed the blood and also the girl who seemed unconscious

"Come now, don tell me you fainted. I was only playing around with you"

She didn move. The guards loosened a bit more and thats when she countered!

Using her fast reflexes, she slipped one of her leg out of the mans grasp and swung her leg for it to connect to the side of his face. She couldn get a good angle and she wasn sure if it was even going to hit him so she used her full force.

It hit his jaw and Audrey could have sworn she heard his jaw crack!

He released both her legs as he fell to the ground. As expected, the two other guards got distracted, allowing her to forcefully pull out of their grasp and face them with her back to the ground.

She grabbed both their heads and slammed them into each other so hard, they both collapsed...

The last guard who tried to attack her got a swift jab to the throat which got his gasping hard from air. All this happened in less than 5 seconds.

She looked at the man who had the audacity to step on her face. she wasn a human rug!

Even though she couldn cause too much damage, He deserved some form of retribution!

So she did the simplest thing she could think of.

She punched him right on the face!

Mild strength, but it was still enough to have him fall to the ground whining like a baby.

"That was for stepping on my face. Be grateful, I would have preferred to break your foot instead"

Audrey was exhausted, her work here was done and it was time to run and get off that beach.

So much for her Birthday! And her sweet sixteen at that!. She wanted a fun day at the beach with her aunts but what did she get instead?

Instead she had a Birthday Brawl and played Bash-the-Bastards with Chad and his men. Great!

She was weak already and her legs were giving out. Despite that, she stood and turned to run in the direction from which she came. Unfortunately, she was surprised by what she saw next.

One of the first four men stood, blocking her path. a faint glow radiated off sone parts of his body as he positioned himself Infront of her, ready to fight

A Healer!, her eyes widened in surprise on realizing.

Gift rank: Self Healing.

It automatically heals any injuries inflicted upon a person. An Ability rank healer would be someone who could heal major injuries on themselves as well as others. Self-healers can only heal minor bruises, cuts and injuries.

She didn have the energy to keep fighting. She had taken some hits earlier. Trying to fight would only drain her more. Not to mention, He would only heal quickly.

"GET HER!", yelled Chad in a muffled tone.

Seems like that punch still hurts, thought Audrey.

On command, The guard shuffled his feet towards Audrey despite the fact that he wasn completely healed. Audrey really couldn take much more

"H-Hey do you even get PAID enough for all this",she bellowed. As if that wasn enough, another guard stood up... and boy did he look furious. He ran towards Audrey with full speed like a broke lunatic running after his debtors. "YOURE GONNA PAY!"

Ohhhhhh man, hes mad! RUN!. And with that, Audrey ran as fast as her legs could carry her in the opposite direction. And so, another chase began with one lady, two body guards.... and two amused spectators!!!

Audrey ran. She was panicking. How did the day turn out so awful?. Her chest felt heavy and she stumbled a few times but still got up and kept running. The memories of that day she got hit by a car resurfaced. That day, she ran just like this. people tried to stop her to ask what happened and why she was all bloody but she didn stop. she just kept running with one target in mind. Home!

She needed to get home. She was scared and confused. Her breathing was erratic and she looked awful but all she could really do was run.

Audrey tripped and fell hard. He feet were covered in bruises she hadn even noticed until now. The two men caught up to her. she couldn let herself get caught. If she did, with her current strength, she wouldn be able to free herself from their grip again.

Refusing to give up, She hauled stones at them while scooting farther from them.

"THIS BITCH. Why do you just STOP ALREADY!",They yelled.

why wasn she stopping? she didn quite know the answer. was it just her survival instincts? No, it was..

"isn it obvious why?", she yelled back.

" Im a fighter, Im stubborn and I Don Know When To Quit!"

That was it! she was too stubborn to let herself be caught.

August took off his glasses on hearing her reply. This girl... despite her tender looks and injured body, she still fought. she looked so quiet and meek. only that she wasn a meek lamb, she was a fox. And this fox bites!

As they got closer, she threw sand in their face and dashed past them hoping to once again try to escape in the direction from Which she came. However, her legs couldn take it any more and they gave out.

Just as she braced herself to hit the floor. she felt a pair of strong hands grab her and pull her up against a hard chest. She was still in her panic state. Thinking she had already been caught, her breathing became irregular and her heart palpated. She struggles in the arms of her captor before she heard his voice utter one word


That was all it took to calm her down. His voice sounded firm, reassuring and almost protective. she stopped struggling and her breathing and heart rate returned to normal. She slowly moved her eyes upward, unconsciously scanning the person who had caught her. She saw the finely tailored suit, tie, mask and then finally, his eyes.

His eyes.... they were the most dazzling shad of grey she has ever seen. The pair of eyes looked at her as though assessing her as well but she didn mind it. She stared deeply into those eyes, feeling as though they were pulling her, dragging her further into an abyss of mysteries and possibly.... danger.

She focused on his eyes until she heard Him say to her in a low tone

"Tell me right now. Should I save you?"

what kind of question is that, thought Audrey. she looked at the mans facials completely and not just his eyes anymore. she had never seen him before. He held her securely in his arm without letting go which made her feel like she could trust him. "Don forget, you should fear me more than you fear them. unlike them, once Ive caught you..." his voice got colder as he uttered "its over"

"now I ask again, do you really think I should be the one to save you?"

Audrey didn know why but this man... didn scare her. he was obviously passing a not so subtle warning. She understood clearly. This was another man that was even more dangerous than the first one.

His Aura at that moment could be described in one word, Scary!

A frightening Aura oozed out of his, but being this close to him, maybe she was only imagining it but there was something else. A faint Aura, warm and fuzzy overshadowed by the dangerous and scary one. it brought her comfort in a sense.

she was already on the verge of tears from the ordeal that she faced and the terrible memory that had resurfaced. that memory made her lay awake at night, terrified by the sight of herself covered in blood, peoples screams, the whole scene played out in her mind over and over again. tears began to flow out of her eyes.

August saw this and suddenly became guilty thinking he had scared her too much. he was about to speak when he heard her small voice say

"Yes....please". He was perplexed. he thought the girl was scared of him but with the way she held on to him tighter, that wasn the case. something else was making her cry, not him! "please", she repeated.

He stared at the girl for sometime before replying "Okay then"

Soon,it all went dark!

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