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My Slave My Property


Paul Morgan

The crowd cheered King Phillip on as he announced that he wanted to take Danika first.

Danika swallowed down the panic and humiliation shes feeling and tried to detach herself from the present.

When the king started playing with the strap of her flimsy top, she wanted to scream No but the words caught on her throat and couldn get past it. She took steps backwards without knowing that she moved.

His displeasure showed on his face. His hand shot out to her chain-collar and he dragged her back.

"Behave." he commanded curtly.

Danika nodded, not wanting more punishment to befall her.

He let go of her straps, but instead, he dipped his hand under her short skirt. He caressed her underwear, and Danika felt like vomiting.

"Get the clothes outta the way, Phillip. Weve got to see." Moreh grunted, toying with the collar of his own slave who melted into him.

Danika kept reminding herself not to react to this. To detach herself from this. It won end well if she disobeys or puts up a fight! It won be good for her at all! She has to endure---

Phillips hand went to her leather top and yanked hard on it, the material tore completely and her breasts spilled out.

Danika cried out, her hands shot out impulsively and grabbed the both of them, trying to hide them from view. The king hated such response from her and slapped her arm hard.

"Leave it!" He ordered.

She released her arms and tears filling her eyes. She lowered her head, so this people won see what they

e doing to her.

Danika wondered whatever made her think that she can survive this intact.

This particular experience....being used for sexual pleasure by three different men in the middle of a mini crowd, will break her.

Pretend its not happening, Danika. Pretend its not happening, she told herself.

"Holy creeps..." King Moreh groaned, "Shes a beauty."

"I know, right?" Phillip was feeling excited, he reached for her skirt to remove it, but Danika felt fear and mortification.

She told herself not to reach for her clothes! But she found her two hands grabbing the flimsy skirt and holding onto it, shivering in tears.

"What kind of slave are you training, Lucien?" Phillip asked, his displeasure and puzzlement apparent through his voice.

Lucien said nothing, but Danika could feel his eyes on her back. She couldn bring herself to look at him or anybody. Her blurry eyes just pinned at the floor.

"Here, let me take that." Phillip was saying as he walked out of Danikas view and she wondered what hes going to take and---

An electric shock so massive ran all over Danikas body, she cried out as the pain shook her whole body, her knees gave out and she fell to the ground. She jerked twice.

Holding her collars remote button, he walked towards her and dragged her to her feet. He yanked her to her feet and tore the clothes from her body.

Woos and Aaahs echoes all around them.

The men were in approval, most of them were already getting a blowjob from their slaves while watching the scene.

Its always normal in the Royal Court, even in her fathers. Always a place for sexual pleasures and orgies instead of decisions making. That is why her father never allowed her to come to court.

Most of the privileged familys slaves rose from the ground and began undressing like its the most natural thing in the world. Moans rose in the air and Danikas blurry eyes followed the sound of it to a master fvcking his slave at one side of the room.

Followed by several moans, and sounds of spanking. All seems to be in enjoyment, several sexual plays taking place in the room.

Detach yourself from here, Danika. Pretend you

e at your palace. In your room. Pretend as if Sally is telling you some funny stories.

Phillip shoved a finger into her. She gave no reaction. Its as if her mind has succeeded in distached itself from her surrounding.

Might be the help of the shock she just got from her collar.

He had her spread on the big center table in the middle of the room, and he fingered her roughly while his slave sucks his dick deep into her mouth, moaning in pleasure.

"F**k, its so tight in here." Phillip grunted, pushing another finger inside her.

It hurts so much, her body still bruised from last nights ordeal with the king. Her body hasn recovered from the collar shock so she couldn react. Tears left her eyes like water from the ocean.

Hands caressed her br**sts. Her eyes mindlessly followed to hand to see its owner. King Moreh was lustfully fumbling her br**sts while his slave sucks him off too.

Danika closed her eyes and tried to think of a world that was once hers. A world that no longer belongs to her.

She tried to remember her mother, but the image was very blurry, and not because of her tears. Her mother died when she was just five.

She tried to remember the worst days of her life before she became a slave, and she remembered the days her father forced her to oversee slave tortures, just to make her strong.

She remembered that one session..... King Luciens torture session.

King Lucien.

Her eyes found Lucien still sitting on his throne, saying nothing. Doing nothing. His eyes were on her.

Their eyes met and held together. There was no expression to his face.

No hate. No revulsion. No pleasure at what is happening to her. Nothing.

But his eyes were pinned on her and somehow, his non-pleasure gave her a little hope.

Danika made an impulsive panic-filled decision then, to send him a message. A plea.

Please.... Danikas teary eyes implored his.

Please....save me from here.

Ill do anything you want.... Everything.

You can f**k me anyhow you want.... Do anything you want.

Just...save me...from these....people.

Danika implored him in her mind, her eyes holding all the emotions as these people played with her body.

She knows hes the only one that can save her, even though she doesn deserve it.

She remembered clearly, his torture session she was forced to oversee and guilt watched over her. She can never get that particular image out of her head.

Its the first time she saw him and the first time, he saw her...

She was suddenly jerked back to her reality when she felt a big nudge on her womanhood.

She started twisting and struggling mindlessly when she noticed that King Phillip was trying to penetrate her.

"No...no..." Her voice was barely heard amidst all the sexual commotions. She twisted with all her might, the hands on her breast tightened with bruising strength as if to still her struggles.

"Thats enough." Lucien didn shout or even raise his voice, but everywhere stilled immediately, even Phillip who was trying to ** her.

Tears of gratitude spilled from Danikas eyes because she suddenly felt safe from all this. She didn understand the ridiculous feeling but it was there.

She rose from the table and ran towards him, she hid behind his back, clutching his kingly garment tight.

She doesn care that this man is her captor. She doesn care that hes the reason shes here in this place. She doesn care that shes breaking all the rules of Master and Slave. She doesn care that hes going to punish her for this later. She doesn care that he hates her deeply.

All that matters is that hes saving her from this. From these vultures that wants to devour her.

"Whats the meaning of this." Phillips face was flushed red with anger.

Lucien got up from his throne and made his way towards them. "I said to keep things at a minimum."

Phillip scoffed. "We all knows that means

ot more than 6 people fvcking her or

ot to fvck her ass. Surely, it doesn mean that no one will ** her!?"

"Thats exactly what I meant." he stated matter-of-factly. But Danika has the feeling that hes lying...for her.

"Thats a lie! That is not what you meant, we all know how much you hate her and when we heard shes your new slave, it got us in anticipation." he picked his lips eagerly, "Weve waited for so long to ** Cones daughter and its her introduction as a Kings Slave, we have a right to ** her!"

Almost ten men nodded their head in support, even as they played with their own slaves.

Danikas hand tightened and she pressed more closer to his back as if she wanted to dissappear into him. She whimpered, feeling overwhelmed.

"King Phillip." Lucien called in a low deadly voice.


"You have more than twelve personal slaves. On their Introduction, did I ** any of them?"

"No. But thats because you weren there."


e right, I wasn there."

"Thats right! And thats because you were enslaved...by HER FATHER! Her family!"

Lucien stiffened and Danika knew she has lost this battle. Hell throw her to them now and let them devour her like wolves. Hell watch and laugh with them.

The silence stretched and Phillip was smiling triumphantly, seeing victory within grasp.

Then, Lucien started close to Phillip. Danikas hand on him only tightened and she kept walking behind him, his big muscled body shielding her from the world.

Lucien stared at Phillip and all the expectant faces of the others. He didn shout when he began in a low but authoritative cold voice...

"She is my slave. The Kings Slave. I own her. I give her out when I want to, and not before, to whom I want to and not to whom demands. Shes my property. My possession. I claimed her. She is mine."

Gasps of people filled the air.

With that, he turned towards the door and walked right through it in that measured charismatic strides filled with authority and power.

Of course, Danika was still pressed behind him, clutching him tightly, shielding her nakedness with his big body and matching his steps

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