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Chapter 98 – Famous weapon duel between spear and shield

The host continued: “Now, our staff will distribute props to every audience based on the voting results just now, and it’s time to decide whether you can get to ** the famous weapon!

The audience at the scene quickly got a small paper bag.

Some people opened it excitedly, only to find that it was just a thin disposable airplane cup.

Si Li didn’t open it in a hurry.

He squeezed it inside, knowing that what he got from the staff was also an airplane cup until he watched a famous audience not far away take out a bronze coin that was different from others.

Then he held the bronze coin he got before entering the venue in his palm, opened the paper bag, and took out the bronze coin.

After taking it out, he stuffed the paper bag into his trouser pocket.

He has to say that his cousin also worked hard to get him to ** Yin Shuang Shuang.

“Now, let us invite the audience who got the bronze coins to the stage.” The picture of a bronze coin on the stage screen turned, and a female professor at the scene also began to popularize the origin of such bronze coins when the staff was preparing.

Si Li also left his seat and walked to the place instructed by the staff under the stage.

The staff sent each person a face mask and a condom.

Si Li couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows when he got the condom.

Did the program team even come up with such a retro thing

Some people don’t know how to use condoms.

The staff comforted them and said that someone would explain in detail when they came on stage later.

Ten audience members took off on stage under the instructions of the staff.

In the era of genetic optimization and the promotion of sexual intercourse culture, ten people have their figures.

However, the most eye-catching is Si Li, a sultry tendon, a crotch that stands upright, a thick and long purple and black meat stick, smooth, blue veins protruding, the glans is huge, and the column body is slightly warped.

Professor Sun smiled as soon as he saw it, “As soon as this episode of the program group is broadcast, the ratings will be ranked first.

This is a famous duel between spear and shield.”

The female professor, who looked a bit old-fashioned but very coquettish with glasses on the side, also glowed.

She was about to explain the usage of this condom to the audience.

She twisted her waist and stepped on high heels at the host’s invitation to get off the judging table.

She walked to Si Li, who had his entire face covered.

She said to the camera, “Many viewers who have not watched previous programs may not know the usage of this condom.

This condom was invented before the Second World War to control population development and prevent and treat sexually transmitted diseases.

Now let me demonstrate its usage for you.”

The female professor squatted and knelt in front of Si Li.

The curvature of her fat buttocks made some people itchy and unbearable.

When the camera turned to her face, she joyfully pouted her red lips.

She kissed his glans first, then opened her mouth wide and stuffed Si Li’s meat stick into her mouth with difficulty.

Si Li had been through a lot of battles and was naturally unmoved.

After the female professor used some techniques and didn’t see Si Li react, she could only give up the idea of wanting him to ejaculate in her mouth and reluctantly spit out the meat stick.

Put on the condom.

The host smiled and said, “It seems that our Professor Li can’t wait to start an evaluation program for famous men’s instruments.”

Professor Li smiled and nodded in agreement: “Yes, the program team remembers that this audience will be invited when the next appraisal of men’s famous instruments is held.

I just tried to tease it, but this audience was able to hold on.

I want to come today.

I should be able to come out undefeated against the famous instruments we selected.”

The host looked even more bloody when he heard this, “So we are going to witness a famous duel today.

This is an initiative that has not been seen in previous programs!”

“Now the audience and judges who are about to ** are requested to wear condoms.

In order to avoid ejaculation than affecting the judgment of the lewd water level later, and also for the smooth progress of the program, we will ask you to wear condoms throughout the process.

If you have any problems wearing them, you can seek the assistance of Professor Li!”

Professor Li immediately smiled and waved her hand in cooperation.

The host also said to the audience in the auditorium: “For those who have not been able to take the stage, we will also distribute a one-time aircraft cup sponsored by Fun Workshop this time.

If you can’t help it during the viewing process, you can use the airplane cup to shoot it out.

Please do not shoot semen on the scene, so as not to make it difficult to clean.”

The host took a look at the eight black boxes that were ready.

The eight pairs of smooth, slender legs were already exposed outside the box.

Each person had another table under her to facilitate the insertion of the box.

Some people had already set up a posture and opened their legs to wait.

Some people still co-folded their legs, and their legs naturally dropped, which was very relaxing.

Yin Shuang Shuang flexes her legs and crosses her ankles to cover the small hole below.

Her whole body is well maintained.

Her ankles are slender, and her toes are round and compact, which makes some people with foot fetish, or those who are particularly concerned about how women maintain unimportant parts, silently add a lot of impressions to their hearts.

But lying in the box, her mood was very complicated.

She also heard the host’s voice just now and knew that four male judges and ten viewers would insert their meat sticks.

This counts as fourteen meat sticks.

Within a day, she had to be **ed by fourteen different strange meat sticks… Even if she knew that she would have to face group sex or gang rape filming episodes one day, this day still came when she was unprepared.

She could only comfort herself silently.

The road to fame is full of sticks, just like the famous saying on the Internet before crossing: Life is like rape.

If you can’t resist, you must learn to enjoy it; work is like gang rape.

If she can’t, let it go.

She won’t let it go.

This path to fame has to come here.

She will only climb higher and higher for the freedom she asks for, and all difficulties will be overcome one by one and then left behind.

She opened her bright eyes, full of fighting spirit, and looked at the camera in the black box.

She propped her hands behind her, holding her chest tightly wrapped in a black and white striped blouse, and shook her long wavy hair.

In an instant, she was full of styles, with shyness and timidity between the corners of her eyes and eyebrows.

A pair of red lips biting her mouth was sultry and tight, making people itchy.

In front of the picture, the director couldn’t help but swallow at the moment, and he hurriedly confessed to the assistant that he must edit this picture.

After the host ordered the show to start, several judges and selected viewers walked to the black box they liked with their already erect sticks.

A circle immediately surrounded the No.

5 box where Yin Shuang Shuang was.

A male audience had already opened her crossed ankles impatiently, revealing the meat seam of the steamed buns that seemed to be tightly holding small holes.

Si Li watched coldly but didn’t worry.

He knew very well that if he went to ** Yin Shuang Shuang in the first place, he couldn’t tell if her pussy was resistant to **ing.

He waited until she was **ed away, and then he felt her firmness.

Only then can he know what price he should pay for this development project.

So Si Li held up his meat sticks and **ed other one by one in the order of the numbers marked in the box.

He was very restrained.

He pulled out his meat stick and left after no more than 30 pushes in front of each box.

Regardless of whether the woman in the box was about to orgasm, he just felt the coolness of each pussy before the orgasm.

Some more thoughtful audience noticed his move, and after a bit of thought, they knew that he was saving energy, and they followed suit.

No one wants to be like the unfortunate ass who **ed the No.

5 black box at the very beginning.

As soon as the meat stick is inserted, he feels the juiciness inside, like someone sucking his meat stick.

After being squeezed by that little pussy twice, he can’t help but ejaculate.

Now, he is still trying to get an erection.

As a result, a strange vacuum phenomenon appeared on the scene.

The surroundings of Black Box No.

5 looked like a restricted area.

All the men would instead line up in front of other boxes than directly challenge Black box No.


And those beautiful legs crossed again to cover the tender steam bum that was a little red after being **ed once, like Pandora’s magic box waiting to be opened next time.


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