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Cousin met a mishap

After the human trafficker incident, Ji Chen’ai would ask Xiao Qi to look up information about those two accounts and about Xu Yunchong almost every three or four days.

Xiao Qi’s ability in looking up information was ridiculously strong.

According to its own words – its maker specially made this ability as its golden finger.

However, in more than a month since Ji Chen’ai arrived home, there had been no movement from that side.

No one made transactions from or to that account number and no one reached out to that phone number.

However, it was normal upon thinking about this.

If after the incident, Xu Yunchong still continued using this number, that would be really stupid.

Ji Chen’ai had already gotten used to living at home.

Most of the time, his parents didn’t stay at home, and there was not much communication between them, so Ji Chen’ai did not reveal any big flaw.

The only thing was that Wang Zhixiu occasionally wondered if his tastes had changed, and he didn’t eat much of what he used to like most.

Ji Chen’ai casually found a reason to prevaricate the past, and did not cause any doubt.

On the contrary, the two parents were very pleased that their son was no longer withdrawn, and his character was not as irritable as before.

Because of Zhou Yaoqin’s character, they were usually very careful in what they said.

It seemed that they were afraid that if they didn’t say a word correctly, they would annoy Ji Chen’ai. 

Ji Chen’ai’s changes had made the whole family relieved.

Wang Zhixiu found a time when she was alone with Ji Chen’ai, she quietly asked him, “Xiao Qin, do you still like Xiao Yun”

Ji Chen’ai was chewing on a popsicle with his head down.

When he heard Wang Zhixiu’s question, he almost choked.

He coughed dryly and asked, “Mom … why are you asking this”

Wang Zhixiu’s eyes showed sad emotions, she said: “Xiao Qin, it’s not that mom doesn’t support you, it’s just that …” She seemed to want to say something, but couldn’t say it.

Ji Chen’ai said: “Mom, I don’t like him now.

Don’t worry.” Ji Chen’ai did like Zhou Yaoyun, but his like wasn’t love.

He had never met such a good person as Zhou Yaoyun in his life.

When he recalled Zhou Yaoyun’s gentle smile, he felt really happy.

Wang Zhixiu apparently did not believe in Ji Chen’ai’s words, she said: “Xiao Qin … at first you are determined to go to school with Xiao Yun, mother and father did not say anything.

But now Xiao Yun has gone home, I am afraid we will never see him again.” Wang Zhixiu was just an ordinary woman.

The most extraordinary thing she had ever done in her life was to adopt a boy abandoned beside the hospital one winter day.

The boy’s name was Zhou Yaoyun.

“Emm, I understand.”

Seeing this, Wang Zhixiu didn’t say anything more.

She touched Ji Chen’ai’s head and said, “Xiao Qin, in this life, it’s mother who’s wronged you.”

Ji Chen’ai watched Wang Zhixiu walk away and could only sigh.

It’s about Zhou Yaoqin’s memories.

In the month when Ji Chen’ai stayed home, another part of his memories was unlocked.

When Ji Chen’ai first entered Zhou Yaoqin’s body, why did his parents leave the older brother to be taken care of by the younger brother, who was still at school Busy working seemed to be just an excuse.

The ultimate reason was Zhou Yaoqin’s own will.

Zhou Yaoqin had to be by Zhou Yaoyun’s side.

Even though Zhou Yaoyun had been admitted to a distant university, he stubbornly refused to let go.

Wang Zhixiu and Zhou Yumian, who already felt guilty about their son, agreed to Zhou Yaoqin’s almost unreasonable request.

 It was only after the car accident that Zhou Yaoyun’s identity as an adopted son was revealed.

He became more sensible after he learned that he was not the Zhou family’s biological son, and at the same time, his biological parents came to the door.

Zhou Yaoyun could leave.

Although Ji Chen’ai didn’t know who Zhou Yaoyun’s biological parents were, he could also guess one or two from Wang Zhixiu’s words.

If he really wanted to leave this family, it was very simple.

However, in the face of Wang Zhixiu’s and Zhou Yumian’s pleas, and Zhou Yaoqin’s reluctance to let go, Zhou Yaoyun finally chose to stay and take care of his disabled brother.

Most of Ji Chen’ai’s time at home was very idle.

When the weather was cool, Ji Chen’ai would go out every day to pick up garbage.

Plus, he earned positive energy from the internet.

With both of them added up, he was only a few hundred points away from reaching level one positive energy.

However, there was a sudden trouble at home.

There was only a vague shadow in Ji Chen’ai’s memory about the person who had encountered the mishap.

It seemed to be Wang Zhixiu’s sister’s child.

Wang Zhixiu did not tell Ji Chen’ai what exactly happened, but he could tell from her expression that it was not a trivial matter.

 Ji Chen’ai tried to ask Wang Zhixiu about the details, but she stonewalled [1] him.

[1] delay or block (a request, process, or person) by refusing to answer questions or by giving evasive replies

As a result, within two days, Ji Chen’ai still knew what had happened, because Wang Zhixiu and Zhou Yumian, who had always been in a harmonious relationship, quarreled in the living room.

Wang Zhixiu’s voice was hoarse as she cried and cursed: “Is it useful to call the police What can we do if we catch that man Yuan Yuan’s life is still ruined!”

 Zhou Yumian sat on the sofa and smoked glumly, hearing this he said, “If you don’t arrest him, can it change what happened to her That criminal didn’t pay any price, how can Yuanyuan bear with this.”

Wang Zhixiu could no longer suppress her inner pain and cried out in despair, she said, “Old Zhou, what kind of sins did our family do How come these things happen…”

Zhou Yumian sighed and got up to embrace Wang Zhixiu.

At first, both of them were very excited, and did not notice Ji Chen’ai at the door of the bedroom.

Now they calmed down a little and saw him sitting in a wheelchair looking at them.

Wang Zhixiu knew that she couldn’t hide it.

She sighed: “Xiao Qin… Mother won’t hide it from you.

Your cousin… She… something happened to her.”

Ji Chen’ai just vaguely remembered the appearance of his elder female cousin called Lu Yuanyuan, and some trivial things.

Wang Zhixiu sat back on the sofa with a pale face and simply told the whole thing again.

Lu Yuanyuan was raped on the way home from the night shift a few days ago.

The person who did this was the security guard of her neighborhood.

After Lu Yuanyuan went to the hospital, her mother wanted to call the police, but Lu Yuanyuan was dead set against it.

Wang Zhixiu understood Lu Yuanyuan’s thoughts; she knew what Lu Yuanyuan was worried about, so she stood by Lu Yuanyuan’s side.

Zhou Yumian was more rational.

He wanted to persuade Wang Zhixiu not to mislead Lu Yuanyuan, but unexpectedly both of them directly had a quarrel.

Now there were two factions in their family.

One faction was to just let things calm down and minimize the impact of the matter, and the other faction wanted to seek justice no matter what.

After thinking about it, Ji Chen’ai knew that he wasn’t able to help with anything at this moment.

At most, when the prisoner was arrested, he can use ‘The end of the liar’ skill on him.

Because of this, the whole family did not speak again all night.

As a handicapped person, Ji Chen’ai could almost understand Lu Yuanyuan’s mood at this moment.

He also knew very well that at this time there was no empathy[2] for this thing, only the victim could understand their despair.

Verbal comfort could hardly play any role.

[2] the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

 But even so, the next day, Ji Chen’ai still went to the hospital.

Ji Chen’ai went with Wang Zhixiu.

When he was pushed into the ward by Wang Zhixiu, he saw a woman lying on the bed with an indifferent face, completely different from the cousin in his memory.

“You’re here.” Wang Zhixiu’s sister, Wang Zhiping, was sitting beside Lu Yuanyuan.

Her face was very haggard.

When she saw Wang Zhixiu and Ji Chen’ai, she barely managed to pull out a stiff smile.

Wang Zhixiu walked into the room and asked carefully, “Sister, have you made a decision”

Before Wang Zhiping could answer, Ji Chen’ai heard Lu Yuanyuan say, “Call the police.”

Wang Zhixiu didn’t seem to understand why things had changed so quickly.

She looked at Lu Yuanyuan in surprise, “Yuanyuan”

Lu Yuanyuan said indifferently, “Call the police.”

After listening to this, Wang Zhixiu lowered her head and no longer spoke.

No one wanted such a thing to happen, especially to the child that she had witnessed growing up to be wrecked like this.

She really wanted to skin that criminal beast.

Lu Yuanyuan added, “Mom, where’s my brother”

Wang Zhiping said, “I told your father to watch him.

Don’t let him do anything.” After saying this, she reached out to wipe her tears.

Lu Yuanyuan had a brother named Lu Baiying.

He had a good relationship with Lu Yuanyuan.

After knowing this, he immediately went to the security guard with a knife.

In any case, he was stopped.

Lu Yuanyuan stopped talking and just looked at the ceiling with dull eyes.

Ji Chen’ai looked at his available skills.

After hesitating, he used ‘the sun’s gaze’ skill and said, “Cousin, don’t be too sad.

Everything will be fine.”

Wang Zhixiu originally thought that Lu Yuanyuan would not pay attention to Ji Chen’ai, but unexpectedly she nodded slowly at him, signaling that she heard.

Seeing that Lu Yuanyuan could listen to him, Ji Chen’ai began to talk to Lu Yuanyuan using a low voice.

He vaguely remembered that his cousin seemed to like animals, so he lied and said he had picked up a big dog and asked if Lu Yuanyuan wanted it.

If not, he would send it to the rescue shelter.

This topic made Lu Yuanyuan react again.

She asked, “Can I have a dog” She was usually busy with her work and had no time for this.

When Wang Zhiping saw that Lu Yuanyuan was willing to speak, her tears came out again.

She said, “Yuanyuan, we can raise whatever you want.

Don’t mention one.

You can raise ten if you want.”

Lu Yuanyuan hummed and reluctantly smiled, “That’s great.”

Ji Chen’ai  also talked with Lu Yuanyuan about some relaxing topics.

Maybe ‘the sun’s gaze’ made Lu Yuanyuan open her heart to Ji Chen’ai, she would occasionally respond with a few words.

It was much better than her previous lifeless appearance.

When Wang Zhiping saw this, the big stone that was pressing on her chest was finally loose.

Finally, after talking for several hours and seeing that Lu Yuanyuan was a bit tired, Ji Chen’ai and Wang Zhixiu came out of the hospital.

Wang Zhixiu said: “I didn’t expect… You could talk to your cousin.”

“She also has suffered…”

Wang Zhixiu sighed again: “Our family is not peaceful.”

Ji Chen’ai looked at his leg and merely gave a bitter smile.


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