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Resurfaced Chapters Of My Life Chapter 4

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With a scoff Aguelo starts talking " Come on Amelia, stop kidding around its not funny anymore" he says with an eye roll. "Please Mr Fabian tell them Im not this woman they keep saying I am... My name is Janelle Black, daughter of Margaret and Steven Black" I say with a whine and fake tears with a little bit of act of innocence, "Go look at the mirror and come back and tell us that you don look like me" says the witch sister of mine "okay thats enough leave Jane alone, she isn Amelia even I once suspected it but the DNA test proved that she isn my Amelia" Fabian says looking at them "excuse me, what?! what DNA?" I ask shocked, "you did a DNA test without my consent?" I ask shocked looking at him.

Fabian sighs looking like hes about to faint "wait Jane..." I just turn around and head for my room as he tries to explain. The moment I was in the comfort of my room I locked the door and started crying, crying hard. Just seeing my family opened wounds that were finally healing, the trauma of being raped by my father, the anger I felt towards my brother for trying to sell me to his friends, my hatred towards Anatalia for always taking away my happiness and the cry of pain and anger my mother caused me by killing my son. I cried till I passed out.

Two months later and I am still dealing with the horrors of seeing them in the house everyday, they

e still here trying to get Fabian to marry Anatalia but their advances are all for a fail.

Today I woke up next to Fabian, my hormones made me do it and Ill admit that I also missed sleeping in his arms. I woke up and quietly went to freshen up and downstairs and found Mr Castillo having breakfast with the Familia, I went over and took a seat next to him "Good Morning father " I greet smiling at him "Morning Jane, how did you sleep" he asks wiggling his eyebrows and I eye Fabian whos coming down the stairs looking like a hot mess.

With a yawn," well I couldn sleep last night because a certain someone who was too tired was snoring away like a pig all night long" I say, Anatalia chokes on whatever "Pshh me?snore? you are the one who was snoring all night long, I mean I know you

e pregnant but damn my poor ears woman" Fabian says pouring himself a cup of coffee, "I want coffee too" I whine "well you can " Fabian says rubbing my shy swollen belly,its just so small "then stop drinking coffee infront of me" I say glaring at him .

"wait balance me here, Fabian you slept with her? on the same bed?!" shouts the angry bird bitch Anatalia.

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