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Chapter 164: Yun Xi’s Decision


Looking at the green slimes who were basking in the sun and eating soil, it was hard to believe that these lazy and lowly creatures were a Sky Sword’s avatars.

Yun Xi hadn’t known that a nonhuman creature could become a Sky Sword before.

He imagined what kind of character this Sky Sword had.


At least, when Yun Xi caught a living slime and poked its warm and soft skin, he didn’t have any hostility in his heart.


Should he let go of these slimes


Anyway, according to what Yun Que said, as long as Shaya Longnis’s avatars appeared in the world, her coming was already an established fact.

In this world, only Water God was a match for Shaya Longnis.

From the beginning, they didn’t have the power to interfere in a war between two “gods”.

Moreover, Water God hadn’t commanded them to fight against the Sky Sword.


“Can there be a way to stop these slimes without killing them” Yun Xi was lost in thought as he looked at these green slimes.


In his previous trials, no matter if it was the green hippo or the furious stone soldier army, he had only needed to think about how to eliminate them with his maximum efficiency.

He hadn’t needed to think too much when he was struggling for survival.

“Cut across blood and death” was his only choice to keep moving.


However, it wasn’t a good choice in this world.

He didn’t have to kill someone here, because there wasn’t an enemy that was threatening his life – apart from the White Tiger when it was controlled by some unknown secret skill.


Even Shaya Longnis, the most terrible enemy in this world, was still just some feeble lower-level slimes at this moment.

He had various choices.

He had various futures.

Perhaps this was the real purpose of his star trial.

There wasn’t a decided result.

Every choice he made would lead him to a different future.


“In that case… although I’m in Water God’s camp, I don’t have to choose to hurt you.

However, I also can’t just let you keep dividing.” Yun Xi had made his choice.

He didn’t know which future this choice would lead him to, but he wouldn’t regret it.


If these slimes kept dividing, it would finally lead to an unmanageable result.

Since that was so, he would do his best to stop them.


As if there was a god that was arranging his fate in the unseen world, Yun Xi’s mask coincidentally could solve this problem.

His mask could let him control water, and 99% of these slimes’ bodies were water.

Naturally, he could dominate these feeble slimes.


Although Yun Que’s mask offered her stronger attack power, she couldn’t control these slimes, because they didn’t have blood in their bodies.


“Become a part of me!” Yun Xi reached out his hand to perform his ability.


A lot of mist flocked to these slimes.

Soon afterwards, these slimes became smaller and smaller, finally were compressed to dust-like particles.




Yun Xi didn’t kill them, but he had extracted the water out of their bodies.

Even though his ability was irrational and inexplicable in ordinary people’s eyes, it was indeed his hero-ranked power.


It was the reason why only a person who had crossed the barrier between the third rank and the fourth could be called “hero”, because the person had overcome all worldly thoughts and entered sainthood.

Only after that could one obtain their extraordinary power.


Magic, divine spells, taoist technology, alchemy… no matter what power you were learning and which god’s domain you were in, only hero-ranked beings could be recognized by the world and explore the greater secrets in the world.


The “Water Mist” Yun Xi’s mask offered him contained a part of Water God’s power.

It was a hero-ranked ability that could control mist in a wide range.


After being compressed, the polymer of hundreds of green slimes wasn’t even bigger than a rice grain.

Yun Xi held them in his hand and could barely feel their weight.


“Not bad.

In this case, the efficiency should be better than to kill them all.” Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief after making sure that the green, rice-grain-like polymer was still alive.


At first, it was just one of Yun Xi’s guesses.

He didn’t really expect that Water God’s Mask could let him do it.

No wonder that it was a hero-ranked ability.

It was too amazing!


After that, Yun Xi controlled the mists around him and compressed all the slimes he could see.


His efficiency was very high.

Compared to Yun Que, who had to kill slimes one by one, Yun Xi was ten times faster than her.


“Not bad.

It seems that you are not good for nothing.” Yun Que expressed her satisfaction with Yun Xi’s speed.


Although he was inferior, shameless, and salacious, and actually dared to reach out his sinful hands to his fiancee, but at least, his combat power was reliable.

His ability to eliminate all the slimes within a large area (in fact, Yun Xi just compressed and hid them) was a necessary ability they needed currently.


In that case, they should be able to greatly delay Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword’s arrival time.

Taking this opportunity, she needed to collect the information about all the unmarried girls in the nearby villages!


She didn’t have time to take a rest.

She must hurry! Time is life!



After making sure that Yun Que had left, Yun Xi gazed at a green gem in his hand with a curious look.

The green gem wasn’t bigger than his little finger.

It was the polymer of the thousands of green slimes Yun Xi had compressed.


He hadn’t expected that after he caught them all, they naturally merged together, and finally formed the beautiful green gem.

No, “gem” wasn’t a precise word to describe it.

It just looked like a gem, but wasn’t as cold as a common gem.

On the contrary, it was warm, soft and flexible, just like a girl’s skin.


How to describe his feeling precisely In Yun Xi’s memory, the most similar thing was one of the things on a girl’s chest…


Cough! Yun Xi shook his head.

He put the green gem into his pocket and returned to the village.


“Master, you are back!” Lu Lu was studying the etiquette of being a wife.

She immediately put down her pestle and ran to Yun Xi.


“In fact, Lu Lu… there is something I have to tell you…” Yun Xi hesitated, but finally said, “Maybe I will get my second fiancee soon.”



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