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Chapter 165: Bride Expansion Plan


“Master, which girl in the village will you marry” Lu Lu looked at Yun Xi with curiosity.


Gee Why this reaction


Yun Xi thought that after hearing his words, Lu Lu would feel aggrieved and would probably cry.

After all, she didn’t remember that she was a member of his Starwings Knight and was just an ordinary girl living in the village now.




“Let me guess, except me, the girls in the village…” Lu Lu counted her fingers.


“No, she doesn’t belong to this village,” Yun Xi shook his head and said, “She is a girl in a nearby village, and her name is Ling Ling.”


“Ling Ling!” Lu Lu’s face changed.

She was surprised.


“Master, have you seen Ling Ling”


“No, not yet…” Yun Xi looked at Lu Lu awkwardly.


“Master, Ling Ling is a prideful girl.

If you want her to be your new fiancee… there may be some problems.

Do you need me to persuade her” Lu Lu threw out her chest, and the expression on her face looked as if she was saying “I can solve this minor issue for you.

Come on, praise me!”


What’s wrong with this world Why is my fiancee willing to help me propose to another girl


“Don’t you feel sad”


Yun Xi thought that this world’s tradition was totally different from the real world he knew.


“Master, you are an excellent Water God’s apostle.

It’s your natural obligation to marry a lot of girls.

It’s already my good luck to be your first bride.

So, I know I’m still naive and can’t be a match for you now, but I will do my best to let you enjoy a happy life! Master, isn’t a bride the woman who should support the person she likes” Lu Lu looked at Yun Xi’s eyes with sincerity.

Her eyes were bright, seemingly saying that she firmly believed that it was an honoured occurrence to marry a lot of girls.


“You… are a good girl…” Yun Xi could neither cry nor laugh.


In this world, it was a natural thing for a strong male to marry a lot of girls.

In the eyes of the public, Yun Hai was a great, hero-ranked apostle.

If he insisted that he would only marry a single girl… it would be regarded as a crime in their eyes!


“Even though Ling Ling was a prideful girl, she would feel satisfied to be the apostle’s fiancee.” Lu Lu thought in her heart.


“This thing… there is no hurry.

We don’t have to be hasty.” Yun Xi couldn’t stand Lu Lu’s innocent eyes any longer.

He felt that he was committing a crime!


Fortunately, he only signed an engagement with her.

As long as the star trial finished, she would return to the original girl in Starwings Knight.

As for proposing to Ling Ling, it was also a part of Yun Xi’s plan.


The side quest “To Love, Starchild!” was his only way to increase his strength in this trial world as far as he knew.


As a member of Water God’s camp, he was doomed to fight against the human’s camp, which would have Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword as their strongest combat power.

In that case, he must improve his power as soon as possible.


At the same time, he was also investigating the other quests.

He wanted to find out the secret hiding behind the endless mist, the existence of apostles, and the hidden quest, which would only appear after he had finished the three side quests.


Of course, he wouldn’t give up on completing the main quest.

Yun Que was looking for Water God’s brides through a wide range of investigations, and he would focus on the special girls he could find.


Lu Lu in the first village, Ling Ling in the nearby village, and the girls of Starwings Knight who would be found in other villages were all Yun Xi’s targets.


However, can they really become Water God’s bride candidates


Yun Xi felt that Yun Que and he had missed something.


Water God desired change.

It wanted to find a turning point to change the world.


Was this great god really looking for the most beautiful girl Would it be that simple


What did “Water God’s bride” mean to the world that was dominated by Water God


“Anyway, let me finish the first side quest.

I will name it as – ‘Bride Expansion Plan’!” Thinking over carefully, Yun Xi finally made the decision.


Since he couldn’t just see the girls of Starwings Knight becoming Water God’s brides, therefore, he would propose to them all so that they would be exempted from the list of bride candidates.


Lu Lu was the first.

Ling Ling would be the second.

Of course, Hua Yue, Xiao Cao, Mei Lan, and the other girls, none of them could be left out.

Since they were involved into Water God’s world due to him, he must take his responsibility.

However, there was an insoluble problem with his plan.


“Will they accept my proposal I am Water God’s apostle in this world, and they don’t know me.

Will they really accept a stranger’s propose”


Gazing at the pounding green gem in his hand, Yun Xi was at a loss.

The stars wouldn’t give him a quest that he would be unable to complete.

As the only side quest he could do currently, there must be a way to achieve it.

For this reason, even if they refused him, he must propose to them again and again, till he was accepted by them and obtained their powers.


“Lu Lu, can I do it” Finally, Yun Xi asked Lu Lu, the first girl who accepted his propose.


“Yes, master, you can do it.

You can believe in me.

You are an excellent, charismatic man.

No girl can refuse your proposal.

Please trust your wife!”


Lu Lu answered Yun Xi seriously.

She gasped her hands and made a decision in her heart.


She must do her best to help Yun Xi achieve his goal!


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