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Chapter 166: Side Quest Four


“I hadn’t expected that I would need to learn how to propose someday.” Looking at the green gem on his finger tip, Yun Xi felt that there must be something wrong with this world.


He had prepared himself to die hundreds of times to challenge the most terrible monsters in Water God’s world.

However, there was no such monster that he needed to defeat, or at least, the enemy hadn’t appeared up till now.


Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword was still in her primary form.

Even ordinary people could kill the green slimes easily.

Using the power from his Water God’s Mask, he had easily collected thousands of Shaya Longnis’ avatars, and the green gem aggregated by green slimes was shaking on his finger tip.




“You are a part of the Sky Sword’s avatars It’s really hard to imagine.” Pinching and rubbing the green gem, Yun Xi felt that it had a very smooth feeling, like a girl’s skin.


The green gem jumped around in Yun Xi’s hand and seemingly it wouldn’t escape.

Probably its intelligence wasn’t able to support its understanding of the meaning of “escape”.


A slime wasn’t a creature that lived by its speed, defence, or attack.

It was simply because it could divide itself infinitely and could survive in any area.


One can find Ice Slime on ice-capped mountains.


One can find Lava Slime in lava lakes in volcanoes.


One can find Sand Slime in dry deserts.


One can find Deep Sea Slime in places that were ten thousand meters deep under the sea.


Thinking it over carefully, the slime race wasn’t strong.

However, no matter how harsh the environment was, the slime race could produce subspecies to suit the environment.


If it wasn’t because the slime race didn’t have too many strong individual units, probably they would be able to rise amongst all kinds of races.



In fact, slime race was rising because they had had their race’s child, Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword, who was already as strong as a god.

As a non-human being, she had been recognized as a Sky Sword.

This fact itself had shown how strong she was and what great talent she had.


In fact, it was too difficult for Yun Xi to deal with such an enemy now.

However, no matter how difficult it was, Yun Xi wouldn’t use it as an excuse to run away.




“So, if I want to survive, the only choice is to propose to the girls” Yun Xi thought again and again.


The meaning of this trial had gradually become clearer in his mind.

From the sleeping beauty in his newbie trial, to the princess imprisoned in the tall tower in his formal trial, then to the side quest in this trial… he guessed that the stars were teaching him how to love.


Unlike the previous trials, in this world, his goal had been expanded to dozens of times bigger.

This time, he had to propose to all the Starwings Knights.


“I can become stronger and stronger through proposing and there isn’t a limit” Yun Xi acutely realized the key point to achieve his quests in this world.


Yun Xi could overlap his power with other people’s powers infinitely.

This was a striking property.

Habitually, Yun Xi used his best-known unit, green hippo, as the measurement criteria.

A hero-ranked person could slaughter a hundred green hippos as easily as winking, but it didn’t mean that the person’s power was a hundred times stronger than the green hippo’s power.




Overlapping a person’s power to another person wasn’t simply equal to one plus one.

For example, it wasn’t easy for an ordinary person to beat the 10 second barrier in 100-metre dash.

However, if an ordinary person could overlap his strength with another person’s strength, the person would even be able to beat the 8 second barrier easily.


The change in quantity causes the change in quality.

If Yun Xi’s strength was two times stronger than the green hippo he faced in his newbie trial, then he could beat down dozens of green hippos at the same time.

Once the limit was broken, he could become an invincible god of war!


Yun Xi counted how strong he would become after he obtained all the girls’ powers.

He was shocked by the calculation.

He probably wouldn’t be strong enough to defeat Shaya Longnis at that time, but he would still reach a realm that was beyond his imagination.


Moreover, Side Quest Four didn’t have an upper limit, which meant that he could propose to as many girls as he wanted.

Theoretically, he would finally be able to fight against the Sky Sword.

Of course, it was just a theory.

Yun Xi didn’t know how strong the Sky Sword was, and how many girls’ powers he would need to obtain before he could defeat the Sky Sword.


At the least, it wouldn’t be sufficient if he only proposed to the Starwings Knights’ girls.

He didn’t know how many strong beings were in Water God’s world.

However, if there was a legend-ranked unmarried female and she accepted his proposal, he would stand a chance.


Is there really such a strong female existing in this world


“Isn’t this a bug” After obtaining Water God’s Mask, Yun Xi felt that the power he could use now was already very exaggerated.


However, Side Quest Four had let him realize that if he could understand how to love and how to propose to a lot of girls, even the fourth rank would become just a starting point for him.


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