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Chapter 172: Twelve Bride Candidates


Incredibly, after becoming a hero-ranked baker, Yun Xi could also create a special personal-storage where he could store the bread he made.

The storage spanned a hundred grids and wasn’t in common use with his Stars System, which meant that he could only put a hundred loaves into it.


The bread he put in the storage would become increasingly perfect with stronger effects as time went by.

It would become one of his trump cards.


All the abilities he had obtained were solely for making better bread.

This was the greatest characteristic of hero-ranked baker.




Yun Xi hadn’t expected that he would obtain a storage space for bread.

It seemed that this was an exclusive ability of hero-ranked baker.

Just like “Bread Creation” which could form bread from nothing, they were all special abilities that surpassed the imagination of ordinary people.


Hero-ranked non-combat career and hero-ranked combat career were entirely different.


“Then let me set ‘fill one hundred grids’ as a starting goal.

I don’t have a more advanced recipe, so I’ll make a hundred butter loaves.” Yun Xi was in high spirits.


Today was Yun Xi’s happiest day since he became the so-called “Starchild”.

He did not need to consider anything and just needed to make as many loaves of bread as he liked.



At the same time, the loaves Yun Xi had made caused a stir in the village.

The villagers left three loaves for Lu Lu because she was the apostle’s fiancee.

Apart from that, all the remaining loaves were snatched unreservedly.


To the villagers who only knew how to make pancakes, bread was a magical food that had never appeared in Water God’s world before.

Moreover, the loaves they ate were made by a hero-ranked baker!


Most people bit their tongues the moment they bit into the bread.

It was too delicious! Its unprecedented, sweet, soft taste captured their hearts immediately.


The scent of fermented wheat blended with the scent of honey and cream.

This perfect taste could satisfy the most critical gourmet, not to mention these ordinary villagers.


“As I thought, the apostle is a man who creates miracles.” Lu Lu licked the white cream off the corner of her mouth and looked at Yun Xi’s room with reverence.





“Ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety-nine, a hundred!” After imprinting a hundred butter loaves without a break, a fit of dizziness came over Yun Xi.


He was exhausted.

As he had expected, “Bread Creation” wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

After making a hundred loaves of bread, his physical strength  thoroughly drained.

Even a child could push him down.


Fortunately, these one hundred butter loaves in his storage represented that Yun Xi’s efforts were not futile.


The storage would continuously save energy into the bread Yun Xi made, making these loaves become unique as time passed.


“If I get stranded on a desert island in the future again, food will be the least of my worries.” Yun Xi mocked himself as he wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

He remembered the biggest problem the girls on the island were facing.


No matter how ingenious he was, he couldn’t make bread without raw materials until today.

After the grain reserve they had collected from White Lotus was eaten up, they had to obtain raw materials from local sources.

Naturally, there wouldn’t be milk, flour, eggs and honey on the island, and after knowing that the island was a monster’s eye, Yun Xi didn’t want to eat any animal on the island.


Now, he was able to solve the problem perfectly.


“Bang! Bang!” The green slime gem jumped back and forth on Yun Xi’s hand, wondering where the sweet, soft loaves were.


“What Are you hungry” Yun Xi poked the naughty green slime gem.


What a fantastic being! He had collected thousands of slimes and they still kept their size so small, as if there was some core controlling the slimes to maintain the size.

Obviously, it had no brain, but it had a strong survival instinct.


After knowing that Yun Xi wouldn’t eliminate them, the green slime gem even became intimate to him.


“It’s hard to believe that you can finally evolve into a strong Sky Sword.

Look, you can eat this loaf.” Yun Xi squeezed out his remaining energy and created a new butter loaf, putting it in front of the green slime gem.


“Bang!” The green slime gem jumped to the loaf, which was dozens of times bigger than itself, and started to roll on it.


It wasn’t obvious, but Yun Xi did see that it was eating the loaf.

Yun Xi observed it in curiosity and found that it absorbed the butter loaf bit by bit in an unknown manner.


“You… are really incredible creatures… I hope that you will be harmless till the last moment.” Yun Xi slowly closed his eyes.


It was more tiring than he had expected to make the one hundred loaves.

However, in this case, he had finished preparing the engagement gifts for the Starwings Knight girls.

A hundred loaves were a little too much, but it should be okay since Yun Xi remembered that Starwings Knight girls all liked to eat butter bread.


The next ceremony would be soon.



“It’s too strange.

What a coincidence…” Yun Xi frowned as he gazed at the twelfth scroll in his hand.


It was hard to believe that each of the twelve villages in this area had an excellent girl like a crane standing among chickens.


Lu Lu, Ling Ling, Mei Lan… compared to the ordinary girls in the villages, their appearances and talents were apparently far above average.

It wouldn’t be surprising if there were only one or two excellent girls.

However, it was the same for all the twelve villages There must be some reason.


“Twelve bride candidates in twelve different villages…”


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