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Chapter 207: The Unsuccessful Proposal


Under the silver moonlight, the dark elf girl gazed at Yun Xi with a firm look, waiting for his answer.


This was just one small step for this world… but was a giant leap for herself.


She wouldn’t allow any failure.

At all costs, she must get engaged with this shameless, salacious bastard and obtain that position – the highest commander of the Mist Soul Army.





A stillness as if death hung over their heads.

Yun Xi looked at himself first, then looked at the dark elf girl in confusion.


“It seems that… we failed” Hesitating for a while, Yun Xi said aloud the truth.

He had proposed to the dark elf and she had agreed to his proposal, but the marriage contract still hadn’t been established.


In the list of the Side Quest Four “To love, Starchild!”, there wasn’t the 108th bride.


Yun Xi didn’t know how to describe his mood, because he knew the reason why: She wasn’t really willing to become his bride, just like the mysterious black-haired woman, the Dark Shadow Spider queen.


“Failed How can it be true! Shouldn’t you feel weak to any irresistible and charmingly beautiful girls” Black Obsidian sputtered.



Her plan all depended on whether she could control the Mist Soul Army.

If she couldn’t accomplish this step, then this world wouldn’t have a future!


Why This guy has had so many brides, why would he fail on such a simple thing


Am I not good enough!


Speaking of glamour, the dark elf girl had confidence in herself!


“It’s not my problem.

I am being forthright with you!” Yun Xi quickly shook his head.

He made up his mind to propose to the dark elf girl.

This was his most sincere proposal even amongst all his 108 times of proposal.


If she was one of the Starwings Knight girls, he wouldn’t hesitate such a long time.




To him, this dark elf girl “Black Moon” was special.

He wouldn’t be insincere, therefore, it wasn’t his problem, but…


“It’s not your problem.

Indeed, your character…” After Black Obsidian cooled off, she had to admit that the “Yun Hai” she knew wouldn’t resist her charm.


“So, it’s my problem…” After making a painstaking analysis, Black Obsidian had finally realized that she herself was the biggest problem.


“The common point of your 108 times of proposal is…” Black Obsidian gazed at Yun Xi with an unbelieving look.


How can it be true The 107 girls… they were all willing to marry this shameless bastard!


Weren’t they just influenced by his identity of Water God’s Apostle, so they couldn’t refuse him


How could they be so stupid! How could they make such a big mistake!


“Yes, they did so voluntarily.

None of them had refused my proposal.

If they didn’t really want to marry me, then my proposal would not succeed, and they wouldn’t become the members of my Mist Soul Army.

They must accept me from the bottom of their hearts,” Yun Xi said seriously, telling her the truth.


The Side Quest Four “To love, Starchild!” couldn’t be simply accomplished by agreeing to his proposal.


If the girls were being forced, the marriage contract would be invalid.


He had never forced any girl to marry him.

They were all volunteering!


“Wait… let me sort out my feelings…” Black Obsidian’s mind was in a mess now.


The things that were happening was already beyond her understanding.


One man proposed to 107 girls and achieved success – except the Dark Shadow Spider queen, all the girls were volunteering to be his bride.


Could such a thing be allowed Could such a thing really happen


What’s wrong with this world Has it been twisted


If so… it meant that if she wanted to be the Mist Soul Army’s commander, she must voluntarily marry this bastard too.


“Don’t push yourself.

It’s ok.” Yun Xi sighed.

He had prepared to face this failure.


The dark elf girl, Black Moon, wasn’t a member of his Starwings Knight nor a native girl who admired the Water God’s Apostles.


She was a beautiful dark elf.

How could she agree to a strange man’s proposal when they just met for the first time


Yesterday, they didn’t know each other.

If Yun Que didn’t bring her into contact with Yun Xi, they wouldn’t have met each other this night.


Let this night become a sweet dream! Since he could meet the girl on the romantic seashore, Yun Xi had felt fully satisfied.


“Why… how can it be… I… won’t give up!” Black Obsidian ground her teeth and pondered the conditions of success of Yun Xi’s proposal.


It isn’t his problem, the problem is that I must want to marry him from the bottom of my heart.

Can I do it


It was impossible.

She hadn’t had any idea on how to have a love affair with anyone.

Her fate and justice had determined that she must walk a lonely road.


Love was a luxury that she should never have.


But now, if she wanted to become the Mist Soul Army’s commander and obtain the power to change this world, she must love this man and marry him willingly.


“In normal circumstances, it’s impossible.” Black Obsidian gasped and thought deeply.


I won’t give up till the last second! Thinking, thinking, and keep thinking! Black Obsidian, you can’t be beaten down so easily.


For victory, you must find a method to accept this man’s proposal willingly!


If I can’t accept him when I’m under normal circumstances, then… a pinpoint of light suddenly flashed through Black Obsidian’s mind, like a lantern in the night.


Right! What if I’m in a abnormal situation! What if I can’t control myself and is in a confused state of mind


She remembered that night, which she preferred to be buried in the deepest side of her heart and keep it unseen.


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