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Chapter 262: Burn With Rage


Even if it was their misunderstanding, Yun Xi still made his choice.


“Sorry, I’m busy.

I don’t have time to chat with you.

Let’s finish the battle quickly, so that I can go to the next location earlier.”


After hearing Yun Xi’s words, the Sword Palace disciples were immediately provoked.


“You bastard, how dare you look down on us! We experienced hell like torment and died countless time, so that we can obtain such a strong power.”


“Yes, today we are no longer as we have been!”


“In the name of the great evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, we will punish you!”


“Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn!”


“Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!”


They shouted with their wrath toward the sky.

Especially Childe Yun He, he stared Yun Xi as if he was planning to kill Yun Xi with his eyes.


There was some strong emotion burning in his heart.


Why Why can this guy obtain the Water God’s blessing and marry a million girls


If I was the chosen one, I could do much better than him! I can do ten thousand times better than the so-called “White Emperor”!


Unfortunately, there was no holy animal “alpaca” in this world, otherwise, as the evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli’s chosen one, he could beat down the “White Emperor” without the power from Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword.


If so, the beautiful Mermaid Queen would undoubtedly become my bride!


When Childe Yun He first heard the Mermaid Queen’s song, his heart had been tightly captured by the non-human Queen of the Sea.


“Yun He, don’t be rash.” Childe San Quan shook the feather fan in his hand.

As the evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli’s first Apostle, he could instinctively sense that this world was very strange.


The scene in this world was too beautiful, like a garden of the rich, which was too weird as a natural world.

Plus the endless mist and Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword who suddenly appeared, Childe San Quan had an ominous presentiment.


“Who cares.

Since we have obtained the new power, let’s just use it!” Compared to Childe San Quan, Childe Si Nian’s idea was simple.


“I also found someone who deserved my love in this world, but she was snatched by the White Emperor! How can any man endure it!”


Yes, although Childe Si Nian was a Battle Mania, he also fell in love with someone in this world: the strongest High Priestess in this world, the Lamia Queen!


No word could be used to describe his feeling when he first saw the Lamia Queen.

As if his Bloodline had a natural response, he fell in love with the Lamia Queen at first sight.


When he gazed at the Lamia Queen’s slender screw like tail, his heart experienced an unprecedented impact.


For the first time, he realized that he wouldn’t “like battle better than a woman”, it was just because his taste was “special”, so that ordinary females couldn’t make his heart move.


He had a very special “sex obsession”, which was undoubtedly different to ordinary human, but compared to Yun Xi who had married so many girls of different races, his special interest was trivial.


The Sword Palace disciples who were surrounding around the three Childes had all lost their dream lovers due to Yun Xi.

Why wouldn’t they feel angry and sad


“I will kill the White Emperor, if he dies, the Lamia Queen would realize how weak he is and fall in love with me.” The green eye twitched on Childe Si Nian’s forehead, and the strange things squirmed inside his skin as if they would break out at any time.


Maybe it was because of Childe Si Nian’s excellent physique, he absorbed the most energy from the weird green eye.

Amongst the Sword Palace disciples, he was the only person who had perfectly synchronized with his green eye.

When other people’s hero ranked power still had obvious weakness, he had considerably approached the real hero rank.


“You are still too naive.” Looking at Childe Si Nian, Childe Yun He, and the other Sword Palace disciples who stared at Yun Xi with anger and jealousy, Childe San Quan sighed.


“San Quan, don’t you like the Caelian Queen Don’t you want to punch the White Emperor’s face” Childe Yun He asked back.


As if it was their fate, the three Childes had all fallen in love with one of the three Water God’s High Priestesses.


Childe San Quan also had a passion for the Caelian Queen’s intellectual beauty and saintly beauty.


“I like her, but it’s impossible to have the thing you can’t have.

Well, so I said that you are too naive.” Childe San Quan shook his head.


Probably no one can understand me, because my life path has determined that I will be lonely forever.


As the evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli’s Apostle, I have offered my whole life as a sacrifice to the god.


I will enjoy the beautiful scenery I can see, but I will never try to possess them.


My goal is to help the evil god take back its power.

Before that, I won’t be controlled by my personal emotion!



I won’t shrink back like you.” Childe Yun He was also the evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli’s subordinate, his goal was specific from the beginning.


Power! I want power! Only after having the strongest power, I can dominate and possess everything! Kill the White Emperor and let the Lamia Queen become my bride!


This was what Childe Yun He was yelling in his heart now.


“Yes, kill him!” Childe Si Nian rubbed his fists and wiped his palms.

After obtaining the hero ranked power, he was in an over confident mood.


“It seems that they all want to tear you into pieces.” Yun Que could clearly see the angry expressions on the Sword Palace disciples’ faces.

She shrugged her shoulders and stepped back, letting Yun Xi handle this situation alone.


I will treat you to dinner after returning to the real world, so, don’t blame me! Anyway, you guys won’t really die.


Yun Xi murmured, then waved his hand.


The Mist Soul Army started to rush to the Sword Palace disciples.


The people who had ever experienced a war would never be able to imagine how frightening it was to face an army of one hundred thousand.


Especially under the Dark Elf Mist Soul’s command, the Mist Soul Army paraded down the way as one man.

The scene was undoubtedly thrilling.


When the Sword Palace disciples looked at the Mist Soul Army eliminating the Slime Armies from the mirror, they would never imagine that it was so stifling to face such an army.






“I’m not scared! I’m not scared!”


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