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Chapter 311: The Mermaid Girls Like NTR(1)

The Mermaid Queen was in a good mood.

She was different from the Caelian Queen, because she didn’t need to achieve any heavy mission and didn’t need to carry on the Mermaid Race’s line.

After all, the Mermaid Race was a long-lived race and was very popular with other races.

Even though the human race instinctively disliked sea races, when the sailors saw the beautiful Mermaids that were singing, they would be entranced and stupidly drove their ships into dangerous areas.

Of course, the Mermaids also believed in the Water God, they wouldn’t watch them die.

They would laugh at the sailors but would also send the sailors and their ships back to the safe seas.

Mermaids were carefree and blessed with optimism and enthusiasm.

In the Water God’s world, they were the sea race that was blessed by their god.

They didn’t have a terrible power, a strong body or a slender screw tail just like Lamias, because they didn’t need them.

The Mermaid Race didn’t have any natural enemy in this world.

Apart from worrying about the reproduction of their race, which was a problem that was also torturing the Lamia Race, they had nothing to worry about.

And this was the problem.

They were too perfect.

If they wanted to eat, they would go to the sea and start singing, then a lot of fish would swim to them and become their food voluntarily.

If they wanted treasures, the entire shallow sea was their garden.

They could find all kinds of priceless shell, agate and coral there.

The sea was their home, and their shelter.

As long as they didn’t go to the deep sea, where the Lamia Race’s territory, they wouldn’t face any danger.

In this world that all beings believed in the Water God, no one dared to hurt the Mermaid Race.

They were a rare race that was beloved by all races on the ground and in the sea, so they naturally became the crossing mind bridges between the ground races and the sea races, and it wasn’t a problem to them since their voice could move people’s souls.

To humans, life was a problem that needed them to make tough choices constantly.

To Mermaids, they had a long life and were loved by all races, life was an easy problem they could solve with their eyes closed.

Throughout the history of the Water God’s world, apart from several unlucky Mermaids who were involved in the Mist Tide and met the butterflies of death, Mermaids rarely died due to accident.

Therefore, do Mermaids feel happy

In the eyes of humans, they were happy, and Mermaids themselves also thought so too.

However, as time went by, Mermaids gradually found that their souls started to dry up.

Their happy lives gradually became awfully dull.

Gorgeous pearls, jewels and agates were their favorite treasures, but after obtaining too much, they got bored.

They didn’t need to hunt fish because they would come to their mouths when they felt hungry.

They got bored.

Boring, boring, life is too boring! They didn’t have any challenge and enemy in their lives, today was just a repeat of yesterday, and tomorrow would become a repeat of today.

The most perfect life also meant the most boring life.

They couldn’t find any surprise in their lives!

If everyday was just a repeat of yesterday, even if they had countless treasures and were adored by more people, they couldn’t find any meaning of their lives.

They couldn’t feel happy any longer.

They usually thought “happiness” was as natural as breathing to them, but in fact, they were not happy at all.

After realizing this, despair appeared in the Mermaids’ hearts.

At that time, the biggest reduction of the Mermaid Race began.

No, the Mermaids who died weren’t being killed by outside forces.

They just felt extremely disappointed about their lives and the world, they finally went into the deepest sea and returned to the arms of the sailing jellyfishes there.

It was probably the darkest time in the history of the Mermaid Race.

The number of Mermaids reduced down to one third, a lot of Mermaids chose to return to void after losing the meaning of their lives.

People didn’t understand why beautiful Mermaids disappeared one after another.

They offered various of gifts to Mermaids, trying to save their lives in this manner, but their effort was utterly useless.

In order to break this fate, the remaining Mermaids went out of their way and asked all races for help, finally they found the root of this problem.

The Mermaid Race was too perfect.

If they had a short life like mankind, they didn’t need to worry about this, because the life of dozens of years wasn’t sufficient for them to enjoy their short happy time.

Unfortunately, just like the Lamia Race, the Mermaid Race was a long-lived race too.

Their looks wouldn’t even become old.

Apart from the Mermaids who died in accidents, there was still no Mermaid that had died due to growing old.

As long as they didn’t go into the Mist Tide, they wouldn’t meet any danger.

Yes, they were too blessed.

This was the problem.

Because they didn’t lack of anything, the Mermaid Race didn’t have any motivation to move forward.

In this case, they even felt confused about the meaning of their lives.

No, this cannot go on!

However, they didn’t know how to solve it, because this world was too “Easy Mode” for the Mermaid Race!

Till one day, a Mermaid met a drowning prince.

At that time, the Mermaid just decided to die.

She would go to the deepest side of the sea and return to the arms of the sea in the lullaby of the sailing jellyfishes.

She just accidentally saved the prince whose ship just shipwrecked on her way to death.

Till now, nothing surprising had happened.

If the “accident” hadn’t happened, the Mermaid Race would still be struggling in their darkest time.

Maybe it was the mercy of fate, the prince dazedly mistook the Mermaid for his fiancee.

He thought that his fiance saved him, so he kissed her with gratitude.

However, after the prince completely woke up and found that he kissed an unknown lady, he showed a disappointed and sorry look on his face.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t kiss you.

I mistook you for my fiance.”


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