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Chapter 366: One Day in the Life of the Maid “Mei” (1)

In the White Lotus Sword Palace, the beginning of “Meis day” started from the first light of the day shining on his bed.

“Puff… its time to get up…” There was no clock in his room, but his body naturally understood what time it was.

3 oclock, he returned from Casinas room.

After that, he rested on the bed for about three hours, therefore, it should be 5: 45 a.m.


“Woof!” The big sister of the three sisters, Star Thunder, ran to him and licked his face.

He had gotten permission from the dormitory attendant so that he could keep the three puppies in his room.

“Good morning, Star Thunder.” Yun Xi kissed the little puppy.

“Woof!” Star Fire retorted with a vague bark.

Although it still laid on the bed and didnt want to move at all.

“Good morning Star Fire.” Yun Xi picked her up from the bed and kissed this naughty little rascal too.

“Oh, and you, dont stay up late.” Start Snow didnt sleep all night, because she was trying to practice a special meditation.

In order to let the dormitory attendant allow him to adopt the three puppies, he really did a lot.

Finally, all the girls of the Starwing Knights and Hua Huo interceded for him, so he could obtain the approval from the dormitory attendant.

Originally, students were never allowed to keep pets in the dorms.

“Come here and eat bread.

Be good today, dont make any troubles.” Putting bread and water into their dog dish, Yun Xi looked at them with a smile.

Star Thunder was sedated.

Her speed of eating and drinking was fast, just like a natural knight.

Star Fire drank the water in a hurry, then picked up the bread running around in the room.

It was hard to understand what she was thinking.

Star Snow quietly bit the bread, behaving like an aristocratic miss.

After they finished eating, there was still 5 minutes left before 6 oclock.

Yun Xi started to check his clothes.

The maid uniform could clean itself automatically, therefore, he didnt really need to wash it even after it became dirty.

“Its… not like me…” Looking at the mirror, Yun Xi sighed.

The girl in the mirror cant be me!

The disguise was so perfect that even he himself couldnt see the difference.

After practicing the three styles he learned from Casina, his “Soft Body” became even better, which also made his “natural beauty of life” became more gorgeous, but it wasnt good news to him at all!

“It doesnt matter, Yun Xi.”

“You are just pretending to be a maid, it wont be a long torment.”

“The Sword Palace is just a starting point.

Once I understand how to master the power of the hero rank, I can escape from this place.”

“Be patient, be patient! Dont divert your attention to the White Lotus Secret Treasure, just leave it to Hua Huo.”

“Once I obtain the power of the hero rank, I can obtain my real freedom.

I wont need to worry about being found by my ex-girlfriends.”

“Yes, this is the plan.

Just keep going, Yun Xi!”

He patted his cheeks and pumped up himself, speaking his great plan loud in the silent room.

At the beginning of the day, his first quest was to perform his most important task of staying here – at least, Hua Huo said so – that was to wake up his childhood sweetheart every day.

“Hua Huo, are you awake” Knocking on Hua Huos door, he didnt hear any sound.

He sighed and pushed open the unlocked door.

He had expected it.

As long as Hua Huo told him to wake her up, she never got up before he came and never locked the door of her room.

In the eyes of other people, Hua Huo was a perfect genius.

Only he knew her graceless side.

“Hoo… hoo…” He could clearly see that her childish nightclothes was inside-out, and her sleeping posture was also very strange.

Half of her body was on the bed and the other half was on the floor.

Yun Xi didnt understand how she could keep sleeping in this strange posture!

“Confess leniently, resistance severely… Little Xi… did you play with other girls when I wasnt watching!” Hua Huo murmured in her sleep, which made him break out in a cold sweat.

Hua Huo was like a prophet when it was about his relationship with other girls.

When Yun Xi was going to leave their small town stealthily, as if she had predicted it, Hua Huo came to his room and stopped him.

After that, he had to be her maid “Mei”.

“Goo… hey hey… Mei, you are my possession, no one can take you away.”

“Beating down all the disciples in the sword palace and announcing my ownership of you, then no one would dare to get close to you… what a perfect plan…”

Hey, Hua Huo, I heard what you were saying!

Of course, Hua Huo didnt really try to hide her childish plan from the beginning.

“Puff… puff… Little Xi, dont leave me, dont go anywhere…”

“Otherwise… otherwise… even if you run to the remotest corner of the world, I will catch up with you.”

“Oh, what can I do I dont know what to do with you.” Yun Xi poked Hua Huos soft cheeks with his fingers and woke her up.


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