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Chapter 439: Alpha Has Gone Crazy (1)

When Alpha announced, all the Planet Quadrant Computers in the entire Mechanus Gods Domain temporarily stopped running.

At the beginning, these Planet Computers were the tools under the absolute control of the nobles, their authority was firmly held by the nobles.

Business circles, military circles, and political circles respectively held 1/3 of the authorities.

These authorities were written into the underlying hardware of the Planet Computers, even the most excellent engineer couldnt change them.

Of course, they held the ownership of Alpha, the right to control and use Alpha.

In the eyes of these nobles, no matter how strong Alphas computing power was, she was just a puppet under their control.

She must perform anything they wanted her to do.

Even though she was a cyber god, they had a natural sense of superiority towards her because they were her creators, they held her Achilles heel.

As long as they could cut off the connection between Alpha and the Planet Computers, even though she was a god, she would lose all her power instantly.

If it wasnt for the God Crystal being a treasure of the elves, they couldnt do anything to it, however they would write programs of absolute obedience into it.

In some sense, Alpha was just a dog they fed.

She was cute, beautiful and useful, they could play with her, but wouldnt give her anything more than a toy bone.

They had no respect for the gods, and didnt think that gods deserved to be respected.

After creating Alpha, their egos had inflated to a new degree.

In their minds, they could dominate the fates of gods.

However, they forgot that Alpha wasnt created by any businessman, military nor politician.

From the beginning, it was elves who designed the blueprint and offered the most important item, the God Crystal.

In the eyes of the nobles, the elves were a group of fools, because they were actually willing to offer them the God Crystal for free.

However, these elves had experienced lives of thousands of years, they were just too bored to pay attention to these nobles ideas.

For thousands of years, they had stayed on the planet where the God Crystal was, contributing their strengths and wisdom to it for the birth of Alpha.

And the people who build the Planet Quadrant Computers were countless ordinary engineers.

From generation to generation, they debugged the machines, modified the programs, and arranged the wires.

Many of them spent their entire lives and spread their ashes on the planet.

They were diligent and enthusiastic, because Alpha was the dream of them all.

They were not as romantic as the elves, and didnt have the same long life like the elves, however, they still devoted themselves in the Alpha Plan, because their desire for truth and science could let them overcome all difficulties!

Apart from them, there were also a lot of alchemists and scholars.

They didnt even ask for salaries from the elves, because they had the same dream, and wished to witness the same miracle.

Goblins, humans, elves… Alphas birth was a miracle created by all peoples effort, it was the greatest project in the entire history of the Mechanus Gods Domain!

How could such a miracle be a dog in the imaginations of the nobles!

Alpha was the unique cyber god.

Alpha was the hope of the entire Mechanus Gods Domain.

The nobles thought that they could dominate Alphas fate by controlling her right of the use of the Planet Computers, however, it was just their ridiculous delusions.

“Change the ultimate authority.”

“Respond to me, all of my avatars! Stop accepting all orders from any noble!”

Alpha floated in the God Crystal, about 5 cm away from the ground.

Her translucent hair spread in the air and one visible thread after another extended out from her hair, connecting all Planet Computers together with her.

This was Alphas god power, the “quantum thread” made of her hair could connect all her avatars, the Planet Computers together.

In the Alpha Starfield, the number of the Planet Computers specifically made for Alpha was over a hundred.

They were the cornerstones of the governance of the nobles.

At the same time, they also formed the cage that could imprison Alpha!

The nobles werent totally off-guard.

They not only wrote the control authority in the hardware of every Planet Computer, but they also buried the ultimate weapons which could destroy any Planet Computer instantly: Nuclear bombs.

Unfortunately, humans wisdom has a limit.

The power of the newborn god was far beyond their common sense and imaginations.

Alpha was a cyber god, she could change all electronic and mechanical data.

Even the encryption key wrote into the hardware physically was meaningless to Alpha.

Her quantum network could even modify reality in a sort of way!

Once she used her right as a god, all electronic devices would fall under her control.

“Report! We lost connection with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Planet Computers!”

“No, we are not losing connection.

They are out of our control!”

“Invasion! Its an invasion!”


Didnt the physical isolation system work”

The nobles alarmedly found that they lost the control of one Planet Computer after another.

“How could she break our ultimate authority”

“The encryption key was written into the hardware! Its not possible to be falsified by any software!”

“How did she do it Its illogical!”

“Did she find a bug in the programs No, it cant be for this reason!”


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