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“Join Buddhism, you can obtain immortality.” Behind Monk Maha, Manjusri Bodhisattva picked a flower in her hand and smiled.

“Join Buddhism, form is emptiness and emptiness is form.” Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva clasped his hands with a serious look.

“Join Buddhism, you can witness 3000 paradises.” Maitreya Buddha patted his big belly and laughed loud.

“You are predestined to join Buddhism!” This time, it wasnt the persuasion from Maha Mystery, but the sounds from the three Dharmakayas together.

He was trying to influence “A Cloud in the Skys” mind using his theurgy!

“Gee Is it real” This time, Yun Xi had to believe Mahas words and was slightly interested in it.

“Sadhu! Sadhu! Join Buddhism, you will get rid of all troubles!” Seeing that Yun Xi looked interested, Maha Mystery was delighted and excited.

If Maha could persuade such a sophist to join Buddhism, he would obtain a great benefit.

It would be even more important than his achievement on the Starry Sky Chessboard! After all, he could barely obtain 3 star points, but “A Cloud in the Sky” even defeated that 7 star Cyber Elf Alpha and created the unprecedented Starburst!

Even though Maha only let him feel a bit interested in Buddhism, he could clearly feel that his merits and virtues were increasing rapidly.

How much benefit can I obtain after I succeed Even just thinking about it, Mahas body couldnt stop feeling electrified.

“But… I dont know much about Buddhism.” Yun Xi felt hesitated.

He put down his first chess piece onto tengen.

Monk Mahas body suddenly shivered.

A flake of flower dropped from the projection of Manjusri Bodhisattvas hand into Mahas body, a wave of occult Buddhist aura quietly appeared around Mahas body.

“The bodhi tree is not a tree, the mirror does no one reflect.”

“Clean and polish frequently, how could there be dust any more”

“The bodhi tree is not a tree, the mirror does no one reflect.”

“The mirror is clear from the beginning, why do we have to clean it”

“The bodhi tree is not a tree, the mirror does no one reflect.”

“Void it has been or is to be, no dust, nothing to collect.”

“We can find our bodhi in our hearts, why do you look for it elsewhere”

“Cultivate following my words, the paradise is right in front of your eyes!”

Yun Xi confusedly listened to the Buddhist allegorical words, and vaguely felt a trace of “Tao” from them.

“Do you mean if a person had the heart of Buddha, he could see Buddha everywhere”

“Therefore, even if he didnt know Buddhism at all, he was already a Buddha”

“Bodhi is in everyones heart, and everyone is predestined to join Buddhism”

Monk Maha spent a smile and nodded.

“Good, you have the heart of Buddha!”

The next second, Mahas body shivered again and put a serious look on his face.

“Nam-Myo-Ho-Len-Ge-Kyo! What is misery What is karma”

“I can give you a sword of wisdom, to cut off all threads of love in the world, so that you could enjoy the endless freedom.”

“I can give you Sharasojyu, so that you can keep your heart clean and be away from any evils…”

“Well…” Yun Xi was suddenly overwhelmed with anxiety.

Sword of wisdom Endless freedom Sharasojyu He suddenly had a bad feeling when he heard these words.

No, it wasnt just his delusion.

He could clearly feel something in the air changed when Maha said “a sword of wisdom”.

As if a lot of eyes suddenly paid attention to this place from nowhere, they made Yun Xi shudder.

“Amitabha!” Even the will that was possessing Mahas body couldnt withstand the gazes of the eyes.

It instantly left and let another will take over Mahas body.

“Go west! Go west! The sea of bitterness has no bounds, repent and the shore is at hand!”

“Remember! Go west, not just go to the Western Gods Domain!” Maitreya Buddha laughed and winked at Yun Xi, then disappeared in the air with golden lights.

“Hiss!” Maha Mystery gasped after realizing what happened just now.

Just now, the three Bodhisattvas and Buddha possessed his body and persuaded “A Cloud in the Sky” personally!

Gosh! What great luck!




Maha Mystery didnt pay attention to the chessboard at all, and his moves became disorganized.

Quickly, he was defeated by Yun Xi with a scared look on his face.

“Benefactor, you are…” Before leaving, Monk Maha tried to make the last effort.

However, before he finished his words, the sweat suddenly broke out all over his body and tricked down his back.

A gust of frightening aura suddenly rose up from the chessboard and tightly locked on Mahas body.

“Hum White” Yun Xi realized the aura of the abyss.

Isnt it the mysterious existence he summoned in his game with Alpha

“Bald monk… die…” White stared at the monk in front of her and felt uncomfortable.

She couldnt stop her killing intention from rising high.

“Amitabha!” Maha Mystery quickly quit the game, running away from the “evil”.

“Why do you come out Dont you need time to structure your body” Yun Xi looked at White.

Her body was still just a black figure now.

“Humph! I just hate him! I hate bald monk!” White looked angry.

If it wasnt because her body hadnt been formed, she had chased after Monk Maha.

As an unknown creature from the abyss, she didnt need any reason to eat anyone!

“You are too childish!” Although Yun Xi understood that White was an unknown creature, he didnt hate her at all.

Even though she didnt even have a human formed body, she naturally felt familiar.

The last time he had this feeling was when he met Mumu, the poor girl who ran away from home.

“Im not a child… why do I have to listen to your homily” White didnt understand her emotion at this moment.

What is this feeling

I dont even know his name, and he just gave me a name “White”, I was so happy and even chased after him.

I just heard that bald monks words, then I felt annoyed and wanted to kill him.

Since when do I be so impetuous

As the princess of the deepest abyss, I shouldnt behave like this!

I looked like a spoiled child just now!

It was too strange!


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