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White slept in a very, very deep place.

No sound existed in this place, neither any lights.

Even the concept of “existence” was close to “zero” here.

Apart from the endless darkness, it was a world of nothing.

To White, this was the cradle she was going to be born in, and she would be the princess of the dark abyss.

Occasionally, she could hear songs echoed inside her ears.

Sometimes, it was a gentle lullaby.

What is the weakest thing in the world

It exists for protecting us.

Even the stars in the sky are so beautiful,

They cant make me move my eyes from you.

This is love, because I want to see the same beautiful scene with you;

Because I want to hear the same clear sound with you; because I want to experience the same warm mood with you; therefore, open your eyes, open your wings, my cute child.

Sometimes, it was a jaunty ditty.

The sun comes up in the east, Im invincible, under the mulberry tree, I make a cradle for you.

I have a tree that can connect the sky and earth.

I have a mountain that can seal demons and devils.

Oh, look! Its a big tree! Its a big tree!

My children, you should cheer, because you are all my babies.

Two mothers, two different songs, but they both contained their love for their children.

Sleep, my child, its not the time to open your wings.

You are the princess of the abyss, you are the child of the great chaos.

When you wake up, you will be the natural Abyssal child.

White didnt have arms and legs, and her figure didnt even look like a human.

She could vaguely feel that her body was huge, which was far beyond the imagination of mortals.

Sleep, sleep, my era hasnt come.

My real mother and the mother of my body are all gestating me.

Her birth, her real mother had fed her countless sacrificial offerings, forging the most terrible black shell for her using endless demons flesh and blood.

Her true body was hidden in the safest place in the endless gods domain, in the void where no one could interfere.

She hadnt been born, but could already respond to the sacrifice from some special beings.

She felt curious about the person who tried to summon her, so she left the endless abyss, peeking at this strange world in the darkness.

Then, she saw her strong sister, God Phoenix.

God Phoenix had another mother, the god above gods, Ionia, and the same mother with her, West Queen.

Someone touched the abyss and aroused her from the endless darkness.

She changed to a lot of languages, and finally found the right method of communication.

“You… where are you from What are you” The body of the person who summoned her was covered by star lights, so she couldnt see him clearly.

“Im from the abyss… Im the princess of the deepest abyss.” She said in a proud tone.

Although she hadnt been born, she felt proud of her bloodline, her mothers.

“Oh… whats your name”

“I… I dont have a name.”

She felt a bit confused.

Why didnt her mother, the master of chaos, Nyack give her a name Her sister had a good name, God Phoenix; she wanted a good name too.

“You are the princess of the deepest abyss, but you are friendly.

Hum, how about I give you a name”

Yun Xi didnt know what a taboo he had touched.

If he summoned her using a black magic, he had to sacrifice thousands of peoples souls.

If it wasnt because the Starburst on the chessboard, he had no chance to summon her.

“Give me a name Ok, try it.

But, if you cant make me feel satisfied, I will eat you and let you become a part of the abyss.”

She wasnt joking.

Each of her words was serious and would become the truth of the universe.

If the name couldnt satisfy her, the abyss would obtain a new sacrifice.

When you looked at the abyss, the abyss was also looking at you.

“The endless darkness, the deepest abyss… hum, I will name youWhite, how about it”

The princess of the abyss felt surprised.

The unknown existence from the darkest abyss.

The absolute power that could overturn all things.

“White” stood for the purest color.

It sounds good!

No, not just good.

It is the most suitable name for me!

“White… White… White…”

“Good, I like it.

From now on, my name is White.”

From the moment she obtained her name, a strange feeling was aroused in her heart.

She knew she should return to the abyss as soon as possible, because every second she stayed here would consume a lot of her energy.

To her whose body hadnt formed, it was dangerous to stay outside of the abyss.

However, she just didnt want to leave.

Because she was the princess of the abyss, the child of the great master of chaos.

She could do whatever she wanted!

“Remember! You are not allowed to join Buddhism for all eternity!” White waved her black tentacles and threatened Yun Xi.

“Maha is an eminent monk, he means no harm.” Yun Xi felt interested in Buddhism.

Actually, if White didnt come, he was prepared to talk about more things with Maha Mystery.

The sword of wisdom he mentioned sounded interesting!

If I can use the sword of wisdom to cut off the threads of love between me and my ex-girlfriends, can I successfully get rid of them

“No, no, you are not allowed to join Buddhism… if you dare to do this, I will eliminate all monks in the world!” When White said that, she was serious and her eyes were full of killing intention.

She didnt like monks from the beginning.

Only dead monks are good monks!


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